What should I eat if I’m meat, eggs,

Alessandro A.
Tofu scramble is great for breakfast. I make a big batch & use it all week, or freeze it for later use.
Crumble extra firm tofu into skillet and stir it occasionally while it cooks over medium heat. After 6 minutes, add seasonings. I use 2 Tbs. Nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic powder salt pepper and a dash of turmeric. Stir in veggies like chopped onion, mushrooms, spinach, broccoli or any others you like. Let them cook a few minutes and serve. I like salsa on top, with a little avocado.

Margaret Y.
In order to have a balanced diet, it's important to have different nutrients on your meals. Oatmeal is a great choice, because it has fiber, is delicious and with some skimmed or almond milk and a cup of your favorite fruit, you'll get a healthy and filling choice that nourishes your body.

Irma S.
A good source of protein is beans and legumes. Unfortunately you can't really stay away from carbs with those dietary restrictions, so I'd recommend making sure you have enough fiber to kind of balance the sugar.

Olivia F.
If its protein you're after, then tofu might just be up your alley. I cut it real small and marinate it in siracha, honey, and soy sauce for 10 minutes. Then you just pan fry til brown on every side!

Lynn F.
We enjoy whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce. Also, a pesto dish is a good go-to. Needless to say, tofu and tempeh are family favorites. Many recipes are easily obtained online. Virgin olive oil is a great substitute for butter. All veggies, cooked or raw are excellent with garlic or MRS Dash seasoning and pepper. We also like oatmeal, quick & good. PB & Jelly is what the grandkids like, and they tend to prefer Vegetarian over Vegan. We splurge on Tofurky for Thanksgiving. Also juice bars are a good summertime treat.Have fun and eat happy. If you slip and get a slice of Veggie pizza once in a while, don't guilt yourself out. The cows will still appreciate your best efforts.
Try to eat good whole grains and organic veggies when possible. Lots of good recipes online & in books. Vegetarian Times magazine online now, no longer printed I think. Be Joy Filled and do your best, None of us on earth are perfect. Love Your Mother Earth, less chemicals & more natural products are awesome, LIKE YOU!

Eliane E.
Carbohydrates are fuel, you need them. Balance is key. Complex carbs with HDLs, fiber and protein is your best bet. A single slice of whole grain toast with avocado is amazing. Or dipped in a pesto oil or with a single serving of nut butter are great as well.

Konrad Y.
Try steel cut oats. They're a little better for you than quick oats. I add fresh or dried fruit depending on what I have available and also flaxseed, chia seeds, and chopped pecans/almonds. I I also like to have a side of whole grain vegan seed bread toast with it. ('seedsation' from whole foods) This meal has a decent amount of protein and variety and a pretty good glycemic index. And it's vegan!

Soham F.
Protein-wise things like quinoa are really good. Oatmeal is definitely ideal for breakfast, but you can up the protein count by adding Chia Seeds too. Carbs are fine in moderation, just try to choose wholegrains.

Debbie I.
Well as much as i know there is no better, cheaper and easier to prepare grain than oat. Oats are stuffed with fibers, slow releasing carbs so they are great for you. There are many way you can prepare them for breakfast. Is it a smoothie with almond milk and fruits, typical oatmeal and my favourite, granola.

Terry Y.
I don't believe in restricting diets… A healthy balance is best… But if vegan, I would try a better mix of veggies or quick smoothies are always good, filling, and quick

Heinz Q.
Oatmeal is a great option! It's full of fiber to keep you full. You can always add fruit and nuts instead of sweeteners to make it healthier and keep you full longer.

Nanna W.
You can follow the vegan diet.You can take different dried fruits, soy drinks, yoghurts, beans and pulses etc in your breakfast.

Theresa J.
Just eat a well-balanced diet, if you don't have celiac disease or a particular allergy, don't buy into the gluten-free hype. Just eat home-cooked food, not too much and mostly plants. You do you!

Gwendolyn E.
Oatmeal oatmeal cooked with almond milk and some nuts and or seeds like sunflower or pepitas. Add some chopped up apples and or bananas to. Chopped dates are great on oatmeal.