What happens if you want to fast in the morning, it feels like this habit conflicts.

Daniel Z.
Just delete this habit from your Morning Routine and add it to Afternoon Routine or Evening Routine.

Eat a great breakfast after fasting period. Habits should work for you, pal. Play with it.

Eli O.
I really don't know the answer but I think if you are following 16 hours fasting kind of thing then u need to have your dinner as early as you can, which will reduce the time of fasting in the morning.however, if you feel hungry during the hours of fasting you can make yourself a drink for example grean tea or any juice.

Elizabeth T.
I would either not fast and just eat a healthy balance meal in the morning, or maybe try to wake up at a different time??

Rebecca P.
I don’t like to fast because I am a growing teen. If I do choose to fast, then I can replace my breakfast routine with a contemplation on why I am fasting. I spend my breakfast time returning to my reasons for fasting and I will dive deeply into them.

Alexander G.
It is better to fast in the evening or afternoon cause breakfast is essential but if ur doing it duo to religious reasons like if ur fasting Ramadan it is ok I guess cause u cat change that.