How do you make time in the mornings to prep a hot breakfast?

Kashfia N.
I am not a full adult yet. I still go to school and live with my parents. They prepare the breakfast for everyone. But 1 tip I have is to prepare something like oats cookies or overnight oats. So if your late the next morning you can just grab your breakfast and leave. That way you are not missing your breakfast. If you want a hot breakfast you can prepare the ingredients the night before like leaving the ingredients on the table or prepare the food the night before and put it in a hot pot. A hot pot is a pot is like a thermos. It keeps your food warm for about 6 hours
Herminia P.
I do some prep work ahead of time, making quinoa and keeping it in the fridge. Then I make some eggs and put them on the quinoa. The whole morning process is less than 5 minutes.
Gladys N.
I would just say wake up at least 30 mins earlier but I also just start playing morning playlist to make it less annoying and a bit more fun to do so.
Emma P.
I don’t really eat anything hot for breakfast, I drink smoothies and yogurt and stuff. Maybe I should make pancakes for lunch
Tanya U.
I think the way i put the alarm clock to the side me for starting and remembered all the works that i had to do. Moreover, I always keeping it my mind to. Do the same thing all the day. I wanna have a healthy life and also for my mind. Clear the toxic and negative thoughts away.
Ubiara C.
I make sure I have enough ingredients, and a mental list of what I can do with these ingredients, and the time it takes me to prepare each. I don't like to decide what I'm going to eat ahead of time, but that mental list gives me several options to choose from as I see fit when it's breakfast time each day.
Becky U.
I wake up 10-15 minutes earlier. But if you dont want to get up earlier, you could prepare your breakfast from the day before and just heat it up in the oven or microwave. You can look up for this kind of recipes, there are lots of them!
Idalina E.
Usually I will cut up any necessary ingredients the night before, then put it on the oven/ in the toaster when I start my coffee. Then I’ll go brush my teeth and by the time I’m back, it’s usually ready or almost ready. I’ll get my coffee and put the hot breakfast together (peanut butter /banana on toast or omelet onto toast) finish getting ready, then eat in the car on the way too work.
Mara J.
I take time to do eggs and coffee. The rest I don’t need to have warm. I do things simultaneously and plan the time well.
Michelle I.
I will usually wake up earlier so I can work out and have breakfast but if I don't have enought time I will prep last night
Lilio R.
most of the time, i don't. i give myself thumbs up by only eating a banana, or a quick sandwich and a coffee. you don't need time, you need to take responsibility on feeding your body.
Mark N.
To me it's not so much about making time but having the urge and mood to prepare a breakfast. Waking up earlier though always gives me this creative vibe to make something nice for myself and my body that only I will enjoy.
Flavie Y.
A melhor forma de preparar um bom é que te pequeno almoço é levantar mais cedo e começar bem o dia bebendo água, de modo a que a fome não seja tão intensa que não haja forma de esperar que algo seja concebido. Um truque pode ser deixar o máximo possível de ingredientes preparados no dia anterior para que seja feito apenas o essencial pela manha.
Fara A.
I set the alarm the night before and plan the day ahead. After I wake up in the morning I do some stretching and afterwards make breakfast while listening to an upbeat song.
Sarah F.
well making breakfast in the morning it is not that hard personally I put aside time and every morning and and I plan all my meals before the next day of my breakfast making and sometimes I prep the ingredients before I go to bed or I prep just after I am up and I'm ready to make breakfast
Tracy S.
Well prep the night before or give yourself adaqute amounts of time to not feel rushed.

Stick to a regime where you get up and not feel rushed. It's not easy but a routine is needed as much as it's boring at first.t.