What is your experience eating yogurt and dairy in general for breakfast? Is it too heavy or slows you down?

Sofia N.
I've never thought about quiting dairy. I personally haven't experienced bad outcome by consuming it in different form whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner. I don't find it heavy or bad for me in any form.
Vincent Y.
no I find that yogurt can be a very filling breakfast and very good for you, especially when you fill it with fruits and granola. Personally it's one of my favorites.
Destiny N.
I typically don’t enjoy eating in the morning because it makes my stomach hurt and makes me want to use the bathroom so I don’t really enjoy eating dairy in the morning either. It only makes it worse for me.
Zeynep Q.
İt is Okay if they are lactose-free but not prefering tp eat yogurt for breakfast. I dont wanna consume dairy at all actually. Wanna consume plant based ones.
Joana N.
I have no problems whatsoever with yogurt and dairy in general. I eat yogurt and cheese on a daily basis, but not always at breakfast and I feel good with it.
Sonja N.
I can't eat dairy or yogurt for breakfast. It makes me nauseous and it messes up my stomach. I can only eat it at or after lunch. I try to stick with eggs for breakfast since it gives me much more energy and I stay fuller for longer. Dairy and yogurt leave me feeling hungry, less energized, and nauseous.