I don’t eat breakfast and normally fast until lunch and stop eating at 8 pm. Anyone else do that?

Rhia N.
the first thing i do is get out of bed and have a glass of water, after i feel refreshed and either start my workout or get ready and do some work
Claire X.
I have a hard time with my appetite in the morning as well. What i’ve found to help is have small healthy options available and eat those. Don’t feel pressured to have a whole meal, just a little something to get you though the afternoon and until lunch is all you need. I remind myself that this is my decision to help make myself more energized and healthier. Positive reinforcement is also a good way to help motivate yourself to do this everyday and feel good about it. If that doesn’t work try working out before breakfast to try to speed up your metabolism and make you hungrier. It will get easier if you stick to it and make a habit of this everyday.
Philip R.
Now at days a lots of people are unable to carry out this performance when it’s has to do with fasting with no breakfast until launch……..therefore ,my opinion on this great and special aspect is to encourage both men and women to put this on duty trust me it’s reduce a lots of body weight and stress and however you are empowered in the most highly commended power of the lord.
Alyssa E.
I don’t. But my parents will get mad if I do. I have breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner and sometimes snack again mostly snacks depends on what time we finish dinner.
Aditya F.
It's wrong.
You should skip your breakfast,
it kickstarts your day.
And if you sleep around 9 pm then it's is ok not to eat after 8 pm.
Fabien Z.
Yes, i usually do that. Some days i feel hungry in the morning and then i’ll have something to eat, and same thing for the evening.
Francis Z.
I don’t do that! I need to eat during the day, eating on time with the right amount is very crucial. Good luck with you food journey!