What are easy, accessible breakfasts? I’ve been having poached eggs and toast for months now, and it fills the void, but it does get quite boring (and I’m worried about having potentially more protein than my body can process).

Katja F.
Why don't you try having some porridge with some fruit! And a cross ain't! Then maybe you could make a breakfast plan! And try something different everyday! It worked for me .
Taylor N.
I usually eat a lot of oatmeal but i try to change it up every morning. I sometimes do toast with peanut butter and bananas and strawberries on top. Or i will do a bagel with cream cheese. Or you could make your own sausage egg and cheese muffin. It taste a lot better homemade than the ones at mc donald’s haha! I still struggle with things to eat in the morning because i usually don’t have a appetite but i try to eat at least something even if i had it yesterday morning. All that matters is that you’re putting good food into your body for the day!!!
Camryn P.
Bagels are quick and easy! You can have a half or whole one. Add cream cheese, jelly, peanut butter, or just butter. You can try other types of eggs too. My favorite is scrambled with cheese. But you can hard boil them the night before so it’s quick for the following morning. There’s also over easy or over hard. Toast waffles are always a nice way to switch it up too. Peanut butter and syrup are good for adding some nutrition. Oatmeal cups are cheap and only take a minute in the microwave. There’s plenty of good options 🙂
Musab N.
I eat everything morning; eggs with Emmental cheese and rice brea, that set because I'm trying to reduce the lactose and gluten in my body as my doctor requested to protect my body health and also to keep healthy and fit as much as I can
Timeo O.
I totally understand this struggle lol. I don’t think you should be worried about taking in to much protein, but I would say if you are not doing anything that involves muscle building, cardio/ HIIT, or sports on a regular basis then your body does not need as much protein. My favorite breakfast is oatmeal. I am an athlete and oat meal is a healthy source of protein and fiber. Obviously I do not eat it by itself because it’s bland. I add things like peanut butter, fruits, and nuts. I eat that pretty much everyday because you can manipulate the flavor for your cravings. Another good breakfast is a protein shake. I believe it is important to have protein in the morning but you definitely do not need it everyday. Try to incorporate more protein into other meals and give yourself a protein break in the morning especially if you are not terribly active. But, if you are active try to eat protein with most of you meals. But you do not need to eat an egg every morning.
Dena U.
Well ,you can make your breakfast joyful and healthy , and that by planing a day ahead or the night before, and almost everyday you can plan a healthy and existing meal full of protein and love.
Vicky J.
fruit with yogurt, chia seed and milk, avocato toast, smoothies, banana pancakes, milk with oats, avocado with fried egg inside and spices, halved bell peppers with omelet or fried egg and spices inside, honey toast
Bertha Q.
Seasonal fruits, nuts and milk are good alternatives. I would also change my eggs'recipes and include pancakes, fried eggs and omelette.
Fatima O.
If you like them, granola bars, oatmeal, healthy cereals, or even just a cup of fruits and nuts can be good and quick. There’s also these bottled smoothie things that you can buy at most grocery stores that’s nice and portable.
Frida Y.
Every morning I have three options which suit me, I go between salmon slices coated with a bit of lemon and pepper (you can buy the ready to eat packages at any supermarket) I also enjoy a plate of scrambled eggs with some strawberries on the side as well as some wheat toast, or i enjoy a nice bowl of yogurt with granola! all very healthy and easily accessible!! Switch it up a bit so it doesn’t get boring. 🙂
Gilbert Y.
I've been having smoothies for breakfast for at least 8 years now. They're easy, versatile and delicious. You can pack them with as much or as little protein as you want. I usually use natural proteins like cottage cheese or nuts instead of powder proteins. I can also add yogurt for probiotcs or oats for fiber.
Jackson J.
You can actually eat that every day just make sure you get vegetables in there you can have vegetables for breakfast I normally do some type of artichoke bell pepper or onion you can also just have a green beans which is a wonderful addition to a poached egg and if you do an hour of cardio every day you don’t have to worry about getting too much Protein And that breakfast you can make up for it by having less protein throughout the day if you feel like it’s too much
Swetlana U.
Oatmeal and eggs. Oatmeal and eggs are full of protein so it fills you up and oatmeal is a more healthy option, healthier that cereal and other carb and sugar packed things.
Gertraut Y.
Hey! I’ve been having porridge for quite a while now, it really fills you up and you can make it in so many different ways ways it’s hard to make it boring. From salty to sweet, together with a fruit and a cup of tea, I can’t imagine a better breakfast.
Laila F.
Try a grilled halloumi cheese sandwich. Full of protein and low on fats. You can also try having some greek yogurt with whichever fruits you enjoy and some oats.
Vignette N.
I’d suggest brainstorming what you want to eat the night before. (It will also give you something to look forward to). You could have something that you made the day before and froze or something fresh, but if you plan it then it’ll be easier and you’ll stop with the poached egg/toast stuff.
Mary T.
try things like granola bars or poptarts, or even a small bowl of cereal. also toast with peanut butter on is very good, or invest in toaster strudels
Shawn U.
I don’t cook too much myself (I am learning though) so accessible breakfast is definitely priority to me. But, oats with fruits or yogurt in addition to eggs and toast may work. Maybe some turkey bacon as well. Things like that or a combination of those (and that combination can be switched up) have been my go to’s. But I am new to this so I can only tell you what has worked for me so far. Hopefully this helps!
Beverly Z.
Breakfast can really be simple and easy and is not restricted to “breakfast” food. A super easy fix is a portion of leftover protein and veggies from dinner the night before. But if you want a more traditional breakfast try oatmeal with fresh fruit or a little sugar-free fruit preserves. Do a little food prep and make breakfast sandwiches or egg bites with meat, veggies and a little cheese that can be frozen and heated in less than 2 mins. A yogurt parfait is another quick and easy fix. There are truly endless possibilities for a healthy breakfast with lots of flavor and variety.
Brvvkix N.
what i typically eat in the mornings are raspberries or some kinda of fruit. mainly because i tend to get nauseous in the morning especially when i eat to much then my body can take in mornings. I would say some eggs with some fruit would be good for almost anyone! it has protein and then whatever else fruit gives you.
Brinkli C.
Easy breakfasts really just depend, I myself am a very picky eater and have to have my meals prepared a certain way but for my family there are many things I like to make in the mornings, starting with eggs, as long as there’s no oils or and excessive amount of fatty foods with it, you can have eggs any way you want, I personally scramble them and eat them with cheese and ham. You can also have a parfait which is yogurt, fruits and granola. Again you can do just about anything with fruit, and one thing that may not be the easiest but is definitely worth it is finding a healthy mug muffin online, there are some recipes that will fit your food lines. (And be delicious)
Wyatt E.
I do feel kind of bored when I eat eggs every day, try not to repeat, but sometimes I feel like I run out of ideas for breakfast !
Amalia O.
I try to change every day the style of eggs I’ll make in the morning between poached, fried and boiled. The I apply with protein, between steak, salmon, chicken and shrimp. I always add a little fruits on my breakfast as well.
Lola F.
I’ve been eating apples with peanut butter because I don’t like eggs that much. Some other options are: mixed nuts, apples with smoked salmon, kale with humus.
Maja Z.
You can make overnight oats the day before, it's easy to make and you won't have to spend time on it in the morning. You can also eat yoghurt with plenty of fruit and maybe some nuts on top. Bread with avocado or rice cakes with avocado are also very good.
Wladimir X.
Have boiled and lightly seasoned veggies. Saute veggies with tofu or paneer. Fruit platter. A side of mixed soaked nuts. A chapaati soaked in glass of dairy free or normal milk. Vegetable or plain Porridge.
Anas N.
I actually don't like eggs. You can eat cereals or salad for breakfast. You should not worry about over protein if you are not eating same things over and over again. You should have a balanced diet.
Mitchell C.
Hey, porridges are cool! Corn, oats, rice, buckwheat – they're great for breakfast and you can cook a big portion for a few breakfasts so you won't have to worry about what to cook next. Also, everything with fermented milk works great.
Edgar T.
You can try oats, there's many things you can add to it to vary. Or think outside the box! Japanese breakfast is rice and grilled fish, so anything is possible!
Isaak O.
I've been making menemen lately, which is basically eggs and tomatoes with some spices and peppers. It's very quick to make and filling. Sometimes I prepare extra tomato mixture so I can just crack an egg for the next time.
Louella S.
I would recommend oatmeal, also you can have things like waffles and turkey bacon. Just make sure to practice only making serving sizes so you can properly gauge what amount proteins and things that you are intaking
Noga X.
You can eat a salad, avocado toast, or just a yoghurt with some fruits.
My breakfast at home is not that big, sometimes it’s just like yours and sometimes it’s just a small yoghurt (if I’m not that hungry).
Try to think of many breakfasts and make yourself every weekend a “schedule” of what you should eat for breakfast every day (per week). Try to use Google, Tumblr, We Heart It, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest for ideas and inspiration.
Hope I helped! <3
Blake C.
You could try having oats with different toppings like nuts and fruits. Fruit smoothies are also quite easy and delicious to drink. Using different methods to cook the egg could add variety too(btw fully cooked egg is better than poached egg)
Mart F.
Another great option is oatmeal, you can make it the night before and leave in in the fridge or make it in the microwave when you wake up. I also recommend trying some toasts with fresh cheese and maybe avocado.
Elli W.
Try having eggs in other ways like omelette or boiled, it can really shake things up. Also, oats are a personal favorite, easy and customizable since you can choose whatever you like to eat, from banana oats to porridge, and it's very nutritious and energetic. Yogurt with fruit and granola is a personal favorite and different kinds of smoothies, again, customizable, every day you can have a different one. Lastly, pancakes are amazing and feeling, preferably with blended oats and banana, but you can again choose what's best for you. Really, just, improvise and see what you like, what keeps you full and what makes you excited to make. A healthy meal isn't a boring meal
Johan C.
Healthy cereals are always a great option but personally I like yogurt and granola. Sometimes making a smoothie or whipping up some pancakes (if time allows) is ideal. Breakfast burritos or wraps are similar but can mix your morning routine up!
Amelia Z.
I don’t keep track of how many kcal’s I’ve burned off. Personally to me beauty looks like health. I try and eat things I like in healthy portions at meals, I snack during a long day when I need an energy boost. I find that doing some form of exercise feels really good for my body! So, no I don’t keep track of calories, but I do take the time to mindfully access how my body feels and what it needs. A healthy body is a happy body and that leads to a beautiful body!
Mia N.
Im no nutritional expert, but I think you’d have to eat a lot more to be concerned about eating too much protein. Eggs generally have about 6 grams of protein in them. You’d have to eat like 20oz of chicken breast each day before you should start being concerned. I’m actually on a high-protein diet myself right now for exercising reasons and Muscle building and I’m loving it! Also, I get all of my recipe and breakfast ideas from Pinterest!
Hana O.
My go to is oatmeal with fruit. Usually apples or banana with cinnamon in the winter and berries in the summer. It’s nice cause the base is simple and filling but you can really mix it up with the toppings to keep it fresh. If you want more texture, get the steel cut oats. If you want it more mushy and homogeneous, get the quick oats
Janette C.
Another recipe for eggs can be french toast. I usually have them with beans on top too. However, if your worried about the protein thing I would recommend pancakes but prep then the night before. I also have parathas these are like pancakes but a little different. You can find them in most supermarkets like asda in packets. All you have to do is put them on a pan you don’t even need oil. they only a few minutes to prep and taste awesome with some melted chocolate and some strawberries on top. Hope this helps.
Roxanne O.
Oatmeal is a really good, quick, healthy option too! You can mix in a lot of fresh flavors and fruit with toast and fruit or just with bananas/syrup/honey/spices. I love mine with toast and butter too.
Clemm N.
I ALWAAYYSSS drink either a latte or tea in the morning but notmally its tea, and toast with pb and honey and maybe fruits, to add a little to that if i want i have a yogurt!! it always makes me feel full, but of course it depends in what you're doing in the day
Ashley O.
I personally eat oatflakes+müsli with some plant-based milk alternative (almond/oat/coconut/rice) almost every day.

The meal can be made more interesting by mixing different müsli and milk variants, adding chia seeds, flax seeds, some berries, bananas, maybe even chocolate. This way you will not get bored of it.

I believe that there is no thing such as too much protein and that it would be harmful (as long as you have enough fat and carbs as well).
I think that if your body has too much protein, it will use how much it can and the rest will come out of you later:)

Idalina G.
Having poached eggs is not going to put someone over on their protein intake. However oatmeal, meal prepped frozen breakfast burritos (capable of adding a plethora of vegetables), and yogurt with granola are my other go easier on track breakfasts.
Rita T.
My personal favorite is a a yogurt parfait with plain yogurt, dairy or not, with fruits, a drizzle of honey and and hand full of nuts – on the side or crushed up inside. You can dress it up with flaz seeds and or chia seeds. If you need a little more some multi-grain toast with peanut or almond butter is good. You can replace the side of or crushed up nuts with granola in this case (if you're worried about you daily servings of nuts). Hope this helps!
Emilie W.
I’ve been having
millet porridge with mango, cinnamon and honey for aged now. I still love it, especially when the buckwheat honey gets back into stock. I am a bit doubtful about how many suger is in it, but it’ll get me through most of my morning.
Zen Bia C.
I’ve been having avocado toast with loaf or bagel toast. I sprinkle my avocado toast with salt, pepper, and chilli flakes. I also have a glass of milk with it. I sometimes put egg on top of my toast when I have time to cook it and when I feel like making the effort.
Milton A.
It isn’t good to have the same thing for breakfast everyday. I should change it up a bit so it is healthier for my body. Food even makes me happy when it tastes good!
Joy F.
Try overnight oats or breakfast casseroles. They are easy to put together and can be done the night before so u have little to no work in the AM.
Michiko N.
i love adding whole grain cereal and fruit to yogurt for an easy parfait! i’m always in a rush out the door and it’s a breakfast i can make easily in the morning and take in the car if i’m running late. if you’re looking for a savory breakfast and feeling adventurous, i love a traditional japanese breakfast of rice, miso soup, tamagoyaki (egg) and broiled fish. it’s so satisfying and a comfort meal i grew up with 🙂
Katie U.
I love pancakes made of bananas and oat flour. They're light, fast to make, not too sugary, and are delicious with blueberries inside. The recipe is from ProHomeCooks.
Clifford Y.
Many nutritious, healthy foods and drinks are also easy to prepare in the morning. These include fruit, whole grain toast, eggs, green tea, coffee, and protein shakes. I also feel much better consuming such healthy breakfast in the morning to start my beautiful day ❤️
Emily U.
I like to have avocado toast, you can even put avocado on your bagels to! I also recommend fruit bowls too.. those are really good! 🙂
Jonathan X.
An avocado toast, yogurt and crunch (you can add fruit), fruit salad, tomatoes and peppers cut up in big pieces and a toast with butter, TEA
Meabh P.
I'm a big fan of special k or any kind of cereal that isn't high in sugar. weetabix are really good as well, you can add different fruit to it to spruce it up. even fruit yogurt and granola can be very interesting
Maja Y.
It depends on if you’re not regularly a morning eater. I’m not as an example and in this case, it’s better to begin little by little. But you can eat oatmeal porridge. Or again, you can prepare your breakfast the day before. And also, smoothies are a good idea.
Charlotte C.
I have been having protein banana pancakes with chia, eggs or chia protein pudding! Banana pancakes I have if I’m not ina rush in the morning. They consist of smashed banana, egg, cinnamon, seeds and protein power mixed together and cooked for about 2-3 mins each side in a pan. For chia pudding I have it has a on the go breakfast. I fill glass jar with it milk mixed with protein, big scoop of chia seeds, oats and fruit. Close it and leave in fridge over night and will turn into a pudding! Perfect for eating in the go. Add vanilla for extra sweetness or blend the milk with a protein powder + fruit to make more flavourful
Scott C.
I usually pick something I would usually have for breakfast. Like a bagel with cream cheese or a bowl of cereal. Then from there I fill the missing food categories with excess foods like yogurt or eggs or a protein/energy bar. A glass of milk. Anything I can find I try to put them together to make a complete breakfast. Also don't forget to get your sugars, something like juice or jam is still relevant and completely allowed. Hopefully that helps some 😂. Goodluck
Maggie U.
I feel like sometimes when having the same thing every day and the same rountine, gets kinda of boring. I like trying new things and sometimes its great and sometimes its not for me! Find what fits you and what you want to do!
Pascale Z.
Personally, I eat cereal for breakfast and add some fruit. Make sure the cereal is healthy, muesli is one of my favourites, and you could get some fruit juice to go with it (preferably one with no sugar)
Cecilie A.
I personally try to reduce the amount of food coming from animal as much as possible, so cereals and fruits are always the best for me! Some cereals do contain proteins but you cannot really go overboard with it unlike with eggs or meat!
Andreas C.
I started having fruits and nuts with a smoothies. This give me a combination of sweet sour and salty tastes. The nuts gives me protien with out the risk of having more protein than my body can process.

Fruits, nuts, and smoothies in the morning is easy to digest. None of the ingredients are processed or require cooking like poultry or bread. The body is just waking up, it reduces the stress on the digestive system.

Te fruits and smoothies have an added benefit of hydrating the body. Since there is waste from the day before, this light and easy to digest breakfast nourishes the body without adding waste.

Natalie R.
I like to have yogurt with granola and fruit (like bananas blueberries and/or strawberries) or if you’re not that hungry some nuts are always good
Julio S.
I personally love yoghourt with fruits and granola! Its an healthy and easy breakfast! And I also love smoothies, it’s also healthy!
Liva W.
Yogurt, granola and chopped fruit allows you to change up your breakfast while also being quite easy to make in the morning. Depending on the yogurt chosen, it can provide a good amount of fat and protein.
Nancy Z.
I literally live on eggs really. Oats with nuts and fruit is other choice. I know it sounds strange but I really like fried rice or noodles for breakfast and you can throw anything in with them.
Emma F.
If you are looking for something a bit sweeter, oatmeal is a good option! It is quick, easy, and you can try different fresh fruits add ins. I personally like to add brown sugar, cinnamon and apples. If you are looking for a bit more protein, like eggs, but your option is getting a bit boring, you could try breakfast burritos, with eggs, bacon, and other toppings you would like. The best part is you can make them the night before, pop them in the fridge or freezer, and heat them up in the morning! I hope this helps!
Peter U.
Hi, I’m going to the gym so I’ve been eating high protein foods. I usually have fruit granola, Greek yogurt and peanut butter and fresh fruit (usually strawberries or blueberries). This wouldn’t necessarily address your protein concerns, but I find it starts my morning off very well.
Taylor N.
This week I’ve been trying breakfast parfaits, I use vanilla Greek yogurt, strawberries, blueberries and vanilla granola. I premake them at the beginning of the week so I can grab them when I’m rushing to work in the mornings, plus it’s delicious 😊
Lina S.
I like oatmeal with some peanut butter, cocoa and honey. But on days that I don't feel like it I also am a big fan of Huel (www.huel.com) it's super easy, delicious and nutritious
Sophie S.
Overnight oats are great as you can switch up the toppings so it doesn't become boring. And it reduces prep time needed in the morning.
Seleste K.
I’ve been having oatmeal and yogurt most days, or else toast and jam or cereal with oat milk. Oatmeal and yogurt gives me the most energy and I feel full until it’s time for lunch
Jesus Z.
Hey there, to make my breakfast different sometimes i make hummus with black or red beans and combine it in a tortilla with lettuce, tomato and/or avocado its very yummy
Adosindo N.
I sometimes make a microwave omelet for a change. Add a little cheese or tomato or ham or salami and have it with avocado. Also heat some muesli with milk for me coconut milk and serve with a handful of blueberries or yoghurt. I mix omelet one day, muesli next then poached eggs occasionally bacon & eggs with toast or spinach & avocado
Teodora T.
You can eat anything simple, but healthy. Sometimes i like to eat yogurt with fruits or some fresh cut vegetables with cheese. It's up to you 🙂
Eva O.
I like making a batch of egg cups to keep in the freezer. They can be thawed in the freezer and eaten with toast.

My everyday go-to is instant plain oatmeal though. I can add flavour through jam, maple syrup, frozen berries or brown sugar. I don’t seem to get bored with it.

Maeve Q.
Nuts, warm milk, yogurt are great options and you can find vegan ones too. If you do not care about calories I'd advise this. If you want the calories to be less try tea and biscuits or a morning salad
Isaltino T.
What I normally do is some fruit with honey I know it’s not the healthiest but it does the job and if I’m more hungry I’ll do some toast with butter on the side hope this helps!
Enchantress M.
You could have things like Branflakes cereal with fruit (cranberries, raisins, grapes), or toast with humous and cucumber.
Cecil Z.
I keep apple sauce packets, granola bars, meal shakes, pop tarts, and stuff like that as the most accessible, easiest for when I’m low on time or energy. The next tier would be cereal or oatmeal or fruit. Then, when I’m feeling the most functional and have the most time, waffles, pancakes, ham/cheese/egg bagels, toasted bagels with cream cheese, omelets, biscuits with butter, stuff like that.
Dennis P.
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day because you can experiment in so many different ways! You can maybe search different and new recipes up that you have never tried before or just create your own that will fill you up and has enough protein and energy to last you till lunch.(but never miss out breakfast).
Claudia F.
Maybe try some avocado toast: fill it with your favorite veggies or add a poached egg if you feel it’s too different from your regular breakfast. I also make veggie omelettes with mushrooms, bell peppers and onions. If you don’t want egg you can make pancakes or maybe something salty like quesadillas. Hope this helps!💕
Norma Z.
Because I’m always running out the door yogurts are really easy to eat on the go. Also granola bars and every now and then I eat the jimmy dean mini biscuits.
Christine J.
Some sort of fruit; apple, orange, etc adds to a balanced breakfast. Hard boiled eggs, protein bar, or nuts are quick but protein filled options for breakfast.
Ria U.
I try to have something different each day of the week.
When I need something quick I’ll have a simple fruit salad, toast, cereal, porridge, yoghurt and oats.
When I have enough time I google healthy breakfast recipes.
At the end of the week treat yourself to pancakes or waffles.
If your worried about not getting enough vitamins then buy the tablets or gummies, I’ve heard that works.
Hope that helps.
Ed Q.
Hi I wouldnt worry about having to much protein, it is possible but it won't have a negative affect. Overnight oats are my go to. You can find tutorials on how to make them on Google or YouTube but long story short you just put some oats and milk or water in a container and by morning the oats have soaked up all the liquid. The oats alone are good but usually I add some fruit or yogurt to sweeten it up. Good luck!!!
Marcia O.
Eggs cooked in anyway, with pancakes or waffles, or you can get cereal, or make porrage, it’s simple to make, or make an egg sandwich, BLT sandwich, or grilled cheese sandwich. Just look into your fridge and try out some combination of food and condiments, and enjoy yourself while doing so!
Lydia W.
I like having avocado's on brown toast, its easy to make and really healthy, or some times I like having oats and yogurt with fruits
Rene Z.
There are multiple breakfast that you can swap out. If you are staying with protein avocado toast, a nut mix, breakfast bar and/or oatmeal with fruit are all good options. It would be best to swap out protein out for fruit like apples, oranges, and bananas ever once in a while.
Cl Ment U.
You can have oatmeal, you can have a plate of fruits like bananas, watermelon, apple or you can have potatoes, plantains(oil-fried or air-fried) and a nice sauce
Pallavi O.
I've been having warm milk or tea and roti and sabji for morning breakfast or 2 or 3 biscuits . I'm really feel full after eating and feel so energetic 💪🏻.I would like to try so new recipes 🍘🍣🍝🍥but I got paper now so I think I can't right now .but after a week I definitely .😁✌️
Marcus G.
1. porridge with a plant based milk (can be done in the microwave, adjust the time and amount of milk to your preferences), when ready add a fruit, nuts or seeds, cinnamon, and anything you like. 2. Smoked salmon with toast.
Sevil N.
Well, I don't know if it's easy or not but porridge is a life saver option for us. Oatmeal, milk, banana, cocoa powder, honey, peanut butter, coconut powder, and nuts, put it all together in a way you like, and you are ready to go.
Ravindu H.
Well, I eat rice and curry 🍛 for my breakfast. And I feel full. Eggs and toast are good for breakfast. you can add some fruit too. milk is also good.
Dora S.
i like to have smoothies or smoothie bowls bc they don’t take that long to make and i love them. for a smoothie i use about a cup of fruit (fresh or frozen) and a cup of milk, and maybe protein powder or honey/other syrups. and for smoothie bowls i use about a cup of frozen fruit and half cup of milk and then whatever extras i feel like having. for other things so i don’t get bored i also like to have eggs, pancakes, bacon/taylor ham, a bagel, oatmeal, or avocado toast. hope this helped 🙂
Marta O.
Oats with milk or jogurt, nuts, honey and fruits. Or orange juice, bread and avocado with some fresh cheese. Or fruits with lemon juice and a piece of apple cake
Vanessa M I.
I personally go for a porridge with gluten free oat, chia seed for protein and good nutrients, vanilla powder, a bit of turmeric and ginger, coconut milk and an apple or blueberries + pumpkin seeds ❤️
Gustav N.
bagels are perfect, you can toast them or eat them as is and spruce it up with fun toppings like cream cheese or old fashioned butter. Also try yogurt with granola and fruit on top. Yum! Enjoy your breakfast:)
Pauline T.
idrk i usually have to go to school white early so i just get something quick and easy like fruit toast or greek yogurt or fruit or breakfast bar. if your bored get small but filling and healthy so u have lots of variety:)
Casey X.
Hmm… well, I’ve been having a variety of different breakfasts over the past few days. A simple one would be toast with almond butter and some fruits – it takes only a couple minutes to prepare, and not that many dishes are needed to be washed afterwards.
My personal favorite, however, is a peanut butter and banana smoothie. I found the recipe on the website A Couple of Cooks, and I absolutely love it.
You could also make yogurt parfaits, overnight oats, berry smoothies, etc. There are plenty of recipes online for fast, healthy, and delicious breakfasts. All it takes is one google search.

I hope this was helpful!

Francisco P.
I’ve been having a toasted bagel with Dijon mustard, turkey, Brie, and mixed greens. Super quick to throw together and tasty :))
Marvin S.
Idlis and dosas make the best breakfast. Dosas can be customized to one's preference of taste an nutrition and there are a zillion recipes online. Hope this helps!
Sofia B.
I make oatmeal with a table spoon of honey and peanut butter. On occasion I'll cut up some fruit or add a handfull of nuts to the mix.
Gilda R.
I usually have breakfast with some cappuccino and a piece of toast bread with the Marmalade on. If you don’t think that that’s enough, take 2 piece of bread! Hope that I helped. Have a nice day! -Viola from Italy
Kennedy N.
Personally I enjoy eggs and toast as well but i do switch it up. smoothies, breakfast wraps, yogurt parfaits and oatmeal with sliced fruit are great options. If you think any would be too time consuming you can always have them pre-made as well!
Reece E.
Avocado toast is great to fill you up, and you can add other toppings like eggs, tomatoes, hot sauce, etc if you get bored. Or waffles with fruits
Madi G.
i love a bagel in the morning. i usually just eat a plain bagel with cream cheese and everything but the bagel seasoning, or an everything bagel with just cream cheese. i also
Gesa F.
Hmmmmm, I don't know. During my 3 days of having a good breakfast every morning I kind of cheated. I had cornflakes one day, Weetabix the next day, and finally jam on toast the last day. Not the greatest but it's better than nothing.
Gavin F.
Don't worry, your body can handle the protein, and then some! I have found that a nice juicy steak for breakfast is a great way to start the day and not boring at all!
Kasper U.
I switch from eggs, to ptotien bars and a Banana, I go back and forth, weekends I treat myself to breakfast out somewhere
Nicholas P.
Maybe try eating some fruits with a fruit drink like mango juice or orange juice and try to change what your eating like maybe today you might be eating poached eggs and toast tomorrow you can eat fruits so try that 😊
Brandy J.
You can prepare yogurt bowl with fresh fruit, for example I put an apple or a banana with some almonds and chia seeds or cooked apple and nuts, I love also have porridge for breakfast, is the fullest and complete breakfast, you can make that in many different versions. Sometimes I prepare also scrambled eggs with a carrot and I enjoy also this type of breakfast. At least there are many ideas for a easy but full breakfast and I hope I've help you.
Susan C.
Personally I prefer a couple of fruits & a protein bar. It’s a great way to pack in nutrition & these can still be eaten on the way to work if I am running late! I can also mix up the different fruits & bar flavours each time I shop to get some variety in.
Abby W.
I don’t know enough about nutrition to tell you what you should eat, especially because all body types are different. But for me, I also tend to get tired of eating eggs every morning. So I switch it up for a smoothie bowl, or something with chicken or fish to supplement the protein you get from eggs.
Marius U.
Maybe you could have some fruit and berries every once and a while so that it isn’t as repetitive. You could also make a simple smoothie.
Kimberly Z.
I'm afraid I don't have an answer. But you can search on Pinterest. I'm sure that you'll find a lot of ideas for your next breakfast.
Cilly U.
I don’t know how this will do on the protein front and might still be a bit much, but I’ve really been enjoying Greek yoghurt with honey, peanut butter and a bit of granola to top it all off. I probably need to get a bit more creative too
Simon C.
Apples are a great go-to! There are many flavores and options, and they are scientifically proven to energize you better than coffee!! Add them to your fruit bowl in you kitchen, and grab one on the way out! Apples sertainly fill me up 🙂
Deimant T.
some porridge, pasta, sandwiches or a couple of fruits. Whatever you find in your fridge. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don't keep yourself from eating as much as you want.
Tia N.
I can relate with getting bored from eating the same thing everyday, I like to have a breakfast plan to different foods that I can eat every morning besides eggs and toast. You can have a fruit bowl, Breakfast sandwich, or You can have foods that contains eggs and bread but also other ingredients like spinach, peppers, sausages, and a fruit on the side. Smoothies can be healthy so if you aren’t the one to eat actual foods in the morning, I like to have a mango smoothie every now then so you can give that a try or oatmeal is really good.
Gundula Z.
For breakfast, eggs and a choice of cheese would be the typical everyday meal at our home. It would be better if we could broaden our choices.
Ami O.
I always try to make something different everyday I eat poha(Indian item made of rice), oats, dry fruits, sandwich, pb&j sandwich, beetroot juice, chikoo juice, chilla(Indian gram flour item)etc etc hope it was helpfull..
Aubin E.
I have yoghurt (whole milk or greek) with a small amount of muesli. I add some nuts and fruit (Apple, banana pear, peach, nectarine, or a mix if your are sharing breakfast). I also have my stash of blueberries that I prepare in advance. I heat them up on the stove with a little honey or sugar plus water and some maizena. Once they start to boil and "bleed" you can turn off the heat and let cool. Put them in a jar and you have a nice mix to top off your breakfast bowl for a number of days (500g of blueberries prepared this way can be kept a week or more in the fridge). also nice, you can heat them up in the microwave before adding the yoghurt.
Brennan T.
I’m a big fan of eggs because they’re so versatile! My go to easy breakfast is scrambled eggs with toast or an English muffin but you can do over easy, hard boiled, etc… oatmeal is another good easy breakfast with lots of protein! If you want something a little more fun Kodak brand has this protein pancake mix that is delicious and packed with protein!
Self Made X.
I’ve been eating boiled eggs, bacon, & French toast. I switch up my eggs from time to time, from scrambled whites to fill me up.
Rosalia U.
Fritters (tempeh, vegetables, banana) etc. I can't eat more than 2 eggs a week (acnes problem) so I have to diverse for breakfast. Oatmeals, banana, fritters, porridge, I survive in those
Katy O.
Add 2-3 different breakfast dishes during the week to ensure you’re getting the right amount of nutritions and to keep your meals exciting! There are many easy recipes online, that take less than 10 mins to prepare, like overnight oats, fruit bowls, banana pancakes, Avocado toast, chia pudding..
Valdin Ia F.
I like overnight oats with cinnamon and honey also additional chia seeds and nuts and fruit to help fill me up until lunch.
Brianna U.
Overnight oats are what I eat for an easy breakfast. I make three in one night and then put them into the fridge and they are ready for me to eat in the morning. Over night can last 5 days so you can make them in advance. There are also a bunch of different topping you put on them like fruits, peanut better, nuts, and many more. This make it so that you do not get tired of them because you can change up the toppings.
Arc Lio Z.
You can just buy instant rolled oats or any oats of your choice and boil them in milk and there you have a yummy breakfast. Also, don't forget to add dry fruits and fruits. Hope it helps!
Luzia P.
Try eating more fruits during breakfast, it gives you natural sugars, benefits your health, and adds a little color to your plate. Having fruit and eggs or some other source of protein is my favorite way to start the day.
Lauren U.
well I eat scrambled eggs and toast a lot but sometimes I just eat toast or just eat some strawberries blueberries etc in a fruit salad kind of thing
Angie E.
I’ve been eating the same breakfast for a long time and it does get boring eating the same thing over and over again, but I always add something new to it. I eat eggs and add some fruit to the side, it can be really anything. I also like adding some almond crackers. Sometimes I add a protein yogurt as well.
Logan N.
I’ve been having honey on toast before I go to work in the morning. It gets me to lunch or until I can find a healthier snack.
J Rgen F.
i think too much breakfast is something super carb and sugar heavy. I enjoy a fruit or bagel. I also like have avocado toast. I tend to go for something fruit related in the mornings so I don’t feel weighed down. I’ll have 6-8 oz of a protein shake every other morning as well if I feel my body needs it. I use Fairlife milk as it has extra protein. I know that isn’t what you’re looking for but if you opt for a fruit it can be beneficial
Savannah Z.
I like to have a quick waffled egg, (I use a mini waffle maker and make a sunny side up egg :>) on top of toast, you can also have some fruit and nuts, or some apples and peanut butter, or just a protein bar 🙂
Ma Lys E.
I like two slices of brown bread with some peanut butter. So some fiber, protein and fats. And a glass of water for hydration
Liz O.
For me, I'm not super hungry when I first wake up so I eat yogurt and fruit if I'm craving something sweet. I sometimes just drink a protein shake. I hear people rave about avocado toast, but I'm more of a smoked salmon on wheat bread kinda girl.
Peggy T.
Your body can process all the protein you eat.
You can make protein oats, protein pancakes, sandwiches, etc for breakfast
Johanne U.
Hi, I would recommend eating different types of foods so your meal doesn’t become boring. I suggest eating cereals, bacon, eggs, toast, fruits, Etc. it’s good to have different things because when all I ate was cereal I got tired of it.
Cory U.
Oatmeal is great for your health and is really easy to make. Bananas and apples are my go-to if I'm busy and have almost no time for breakfast. French toast is easy to make but I wouldn't recommend it every day seeing how it has a lot of sugar. Cereals without a lot of sugar, like Corn flakes, is a great option if you wake up with almost no motivation. Hope this helps!
Kristen Z.
Oatmeal is great. It warms you up and makes you feel good all while keeping you full for extended periods of time. You can also have a lot of fun with it – adding fruits and other toppings to change up flavors and textures. My favorite thing to do is add some cold fresh berries with some peanut butter or even Nutella plus some coconut shreds or dried fruit. It added a pop of coolness in the warmth of the oatmeal and tastes amazing. There are endless possibilities here and you can take it with you!
Akshitha G.
How about trying oatmeal? Either hot or cold overnight it’s would add some spice to your daily routine of eggs and toast. If you are worried about protein, there are various recipes including eggs into your oatmeal and if you don’t like that, try adding protein powder 🙂
Mara Y.
Sometimes I eat a fruit bowl (apples, bananas, etc) My go to if not eggs and toast is Cinnamon Raisin Bagel with Peanut Butter and Banana
Amber P.
Oats with yoghurt are never boring! You can add whatever you want to them – frozen or fresh berries, banana, bits of dark chocolate, honey, etc. You can get very creative if only you want to! You can also buy pre-made musli mixes, or flavoured yoghurt, or vegan yoghurt, or vegan and flavoured yoghurt. Another thing I like to eat for breakfast are sandwiches – most often with cheese, tomato, and some sprouts. And if you're running late and need to eat something quickly, just grab a banana 🙂 Hope this helps!
Jean Z.
Sometimes I like to have some porridge. Or some toast with banana and peanut butter. You don’t always need to have a healthy breakfast and sometimes having a break from that is good too. You do need those other days and processed foods in your body. I would only suggest you have these sometimes, because these processed foods can imbalance your healthy diet. Only have these maybe once or twice a week, otherwise reframe from eating these
Phoenix Z.
Wouldn't worry about the protien, eggs are pretty small! I like to combine granola bars with peanut butter and have some fruit with it when I'm in a hurry. Oranges usually bc vitamin c is energizing. My mom also loves ro make biscuits or croissants sometimes and i usually make some sausage to go with that. Ususally try to get protien and healtheir sugars in me so I am satisfied until lunch!
Stephanie Y.
My breakfast vary between scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and green onions and a spoonful of beans and oatmeal with Chia seeds and made with oat milk, you can also make protein pancakes made with eggs and banana and oats
Jade B.
A great way to start could be with a salad bowl Or some muesli and yogurt – egg whites make for a great omelette and roast veggies go great with that.
Shahad O.
You can have a fruit salad, the best about it that it can be prepared at night and eaten right away in morning and you canq boiled egg instead off poached one and you can also have oatmeal l don't like personally but you might.
Enes F.
Try an avocado toast recipe with a cup of tea. It will energize you and possibly give you a fresh start on your journey. I hope you enjoy it. I know I love it when I first gave it a try.
Mihaela T.
try different types of fruit or vegetables. it’s all about the season. you will not catch me eating a watermellon in february.
Ritthy S.
I've experienced the same thing honestly and the best thing to do is this: first you make a breakfast planner for each day for a week.and the you also do two more of these.and you can use a different one each week.you can put an unhealthy breakfast every like Wednesday or like just once every week. NOTE: you can always use Google to search for healthy breakfast with a little less protein.
Oguz N.
Hi, I totally understand your point. A healthy and quick breakfast can be sometimes challenging and eating always the same things gets boring for sure. Maybe you can try to make a list of things you like and come up with new ideas for breakfast and shop accordingly. I personally alternate my breakfast, if one day I had scrambled eggs next day I either skip eggs and go for a banana and nuts or I cook eggs in a different way like boiled eggs for example. Sometimes I take a small cup of greek yoghurt and add some nuts, fresh cut fruit(s) depending on what I have in my fridge and also a teaspoon of honey.
If you’re worried about your protein intake and if you think it’s excess you can also note protein amounts in each favorite food of yours and check how much of it you’d need a day for your body proportions then you can adjust your eating plan/habits.. Usually if you don’t have a kidney disease a high protein intake shouldn’t be a huge problem but you also have to consider the fact that in the foods we eat there are other nutrients as well, especially if you have a history ofcardiovascular diseases in your family or have underfunctioning thyroid or alterred blood lipid profile you should be monitoring your fat intake as well.
Jaelyn O.
Although I don’t think too much protein is something to worry about unless you add tons of extra protein throughout the day (on top of already balanced meals), I sometimes like to switch it up with overnight oats, chia puddings, fruit w/peanut butter, baguettes etc. Now, where I live, open faced sandwiches are also popular, and I think those are a great alternative as you only really need a slice of bread, preferably fresh or whole grain, and toppings like spreads, cheeses or deli meat.
Coco A.
I like to have a few options that I can switch up during the week to make it interesting. Also, it depends on how much time I have in the morning. If I am up early I can make eggs and toast, but if I am feeling a bit lazier I'll have instant oats and a handful of nuts. Try experimenting with what you have and come up with a few of your own recipes to make breakfast interesting!
Aarohi O.
I’ve been an eggs and toast girl for a long time. Ive switched up the egg, the condiments, added proteins. When I’m sick of it I switch to avocado. I’m not a big oatmeal person, but there are certain flavors that I can’t get enough of, especially if I add walnuts, pecans, and honey. Ultimately it depends on if I want sweet or savory. My carb heavy special breakfast is definitely grits and eggs. I love grits with a little salt. Go for some carbs!
Erika U.
I nice breakfast would be oats with oat flakes and nut mix in a bowl with almond milk. This is my personal favourite because its healthy and gives you energy for the day! Tip: you can add a little bit of cinnamon for extra flavour or eat it with a banana
Melanie U.
I sometimes make pasta, so I tend to save and make a salad out of it for the next morning. Some fruit salad and nuts work quite well as well!
Monique X.
– avocado on toast
– butter on toast
– peanut butter with syrup and banana on toast
– cereal
– overnight oats (look up recipes they’re actually really yummy)
Catherine Y.
Too much protein is never a bad thing you actually need 1g/lb in a day which is a lot harder to achieve than you’d think. When eggs get boring I pre make baked oatmeal so it’s easy to have in the morning! Other options are being more creative with your eggs like having veggie scramble or just regular oatmeal. Hope this helps
Utz E.
Yogurt, oats and frozen berries prepped the night before for a nice paradise in the morning. Takes like dessert and great carbohydrates protein and fat balance. Plus a handful of berries daily is recommended for antioxidants
Ewa S.
For the past few days I’ve been eating simple thing like pancakes,waffles, and ramen. I haven’t been eating any meat because of my plan to go vegan, but I’m concerned about my eating habits and would like to have something that would energize me throughout the day.
Ernest O.
Peanut butter toast with banana and maybe some fruit on top is easy, healthy, and yummy! I would definitely recommend 🍌🍓
Addison J.
I always enjoy a quick bagel and humus. I toast the bagel any bagel is good and put humus on it sometimes I have cherry tomatoes on the side and its easy to take on the go!
Mille G.
I’ve been having vanilla yougurt with lots of fruit with it with a side of milk and later in the day I have 2 over easy eggs
Mia W.
I’ve been eating oatmeal with peanut butter and honey the last few days. It has plenty of fiber and I get some protein as well.
Victoria O.
My favorite prepared breakfast has to be overnight oats. There are many ways to eat them in the morning: hot or cold, sweet or savory, on the side or as the main meal. My go-to recipe is old fashioned rolled oats with some plant based yogurt and plant based milk, a heaping spoon of peanut butter, chia seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, and agave. It takes five minutes to make the night before, and in the morning I hear it in the microwave while cutting up apples and bananas to place on top with granola or nuts for texture. Heating it up with the toppings is recommended too, if you want a really warm comforting meal for breakfast. If you have more time on your hands, freezing premade breakfasts can be nutritious and convenient. Think of making a few of your favorite breakfast sandwiches instead of buying out, or create portioned smoothie packs that are easy to throw into the blender without having to measure out what you need.
Sabina N.
french toast, acai bowls, smoothie bowls, yoghurt and granola, cereal, basic toast with peanut butter and banana on it. also with water
Roxana Z.
You can try eating a fruit salad in the morning, some smoothies. I was also eating yogurt with a mix of nuts and oat flakes.
Jay U.
I usually eat oatmeal in the morning. You could put bananas or strawberries or any other fruit you like. You could put milk or water eat it hot or cold. I hope this helps 😚
Sophia N.
Well, for me, I like to have different things so that I don’t get too sick of a certain meal. I eat lean, frozen breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, rice cakes, and cereal. If you eat different things throughout the week you don’t get sick of it and you don’t get to much of one certain thing. 🙂
Cassandre T.
I have been eating bagels and they are able to fill me up in the morning. I also recommend eating a banana because those are always very filling. I also sometimes have some breakfast potatoes that a very filling as well.
Jacob C.
I personally sometimes I do a spread of avocado on the toast put on fried egg over a meeting with other to be a shives I suggest your girlfriend granola chocolate granola with strawberries delicious good luck in your journey
Charline G.
Toast with jam and a piece of fruit is definetly my way to go. You have carbs and fiber that will power your body and you can change the piece of fruit everyday possibly, so that your breakfast is not the same everyday.
Leszek T.
Throughout the week I’m a big fan of overnight oats – there are tons of different recipes on Pinterest and the convenience factor makes them great for early starts. I tend to make a big batch on a Sunday evening so that I can just grab a portion after my workout before I log on for work. You can mix them up so it never gets boring – fruity oats/ peanut oats/ coffee oats, sweet oats – switching it up is also a good way of incorporating more fibre/ protein/ different nutrients dependant on what your body needs that week. When I fancy a change from oats or I’m low on stock I like fruit and yogurt with live active cultures to switch things up – it’s another nutritious but convenient option that you can prepare the night before. If I have a little more time in the morning I might treat myself to a a fun topping on toast ( im a fan of balsamic tomatoes and hummus on nice toasted bread) but generally throughout the week I want something quick and nutritious that doesn’t require much morning prep. On the weekends when I have a bit more time I try to make breakfast more of a moment. Some of my favourite breakfasts to whip up on a weekend are a simple poached eggs on toast, sweet potato hash with a poached egg, shakshouka, spicy baked eggs, salmon and cream cheese on a whole grain bagel, feta, tomato and spinach omelette or a spinach, egg and feta wrap , banana or protein pancakes (so many different recipes for these and they are all delicious) -I try to mix it up where I can but generally as a single person im also trying to use up ingredients so I may have a spinach and feta omelette one day – and then the next use those ingredients in a wrap. The wraps will then be used for tomorrow’s lunch when I’m back on my midweek oats. Check out Pinterest for inspo when you want a change from your go to eggs 🙂
Just A.
I feel like oat flakes are really good tasty and healthy, i also eat cereals which is not that healthy but ik. Or some toast, sandwiches, scrumbled eggs, heathy banana pancakes 🥞
Alas F.
Eggs are the best thing to have in the morning but you are right. It does get boring. Try making avocado on toast with some salad mix and some vegan meat. My second option is porridge with some fruits on top like strawberries, banana and blueberries.👌simply delicious.
Nadyah N.
1. Eat cereal, think that it has already milk in it and lots of nutrients.

2. Sometimes I make ramen noodle too, the organic-healthy one I can find in the nearest minimart.

3. Here in my country, Indonesia, normal to have a fried rice for breakfast so I sometimes makes one too.

4. You could also always have pasta and mashed potato.

5. Try to have omelette which you put champignon inside it

Jordyn N.
Well for breakfast you could have potentially a smoothie or a protein drink in the morning instead of eggs and toast.(That what I usually do in the morning)
Ramona N.
I tend to differ every morning. Monday: porridge with raisins and Apples and pecans, tuesdays : cornflakes with whatever fruit i have in my house. Wednesdays: toast with marmelade and fruit. Thursdays: porridge with bananas and nuts. Fridays: toast with whatever You want, saturdays and sundays: eggs and toast with whatever You want ( ham, cheese, jam,…) . Every day i start with a glass of warm water and Lemon juice. Seems healthy enough to me.
Capucine T.
I usually eat cereals for breakfast. The milk is bad for my stomach but good for my bones, the wheat is also good for me and the chocolate gives me sugar, which gives me energy.
Rosa Q.
I find that a bowl of cereal and a glass of juice are very easy, accesible breakfast, and if you get tired of it, just change the cereal, or the juice, or add some fruit, whatever you want it's up to you.
Eva N.
You should have oatmeal with cinnamon that will taste good and with your breakfast you should have milk but if that’s to much for you just put cheese,salt, and pepper on your eggs. You could also make scrambled eggs or boiled
Anna F.
Hello! I advise you to start changing your eating habits, step by step. I used to be there as well, but next time when you will go to the store, try getting more greens than you usually do- avocados, tomatoes, whatever is available to you. I’m very far away from being vegan, but trying a plant-based diet for like a week could help you with inspiration. About easy breakfast that you can make – try breakfast burrito, I usually make it with leftover rice and veggies, you can also make scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes, but my typical go-to is a pack of yogurt with granola plus fruits because I usually don’t have that much time in the morning. Also, give a chance to a simple green salad! I’ve been obsessed with that one salad recently, it’s simply just kale, peaches, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese and lime + pesto + olive oil dressing. You can also add avos and protein of your choice and I don’t know if people usually eat that kind of food for breakfast but I can live off this dish
Hermelinda Q.
Oatmeal is one of the staples for me. Very easy and very customisable to your liking. Another option is fried rice (a little more Asian but tasty and comes in hundreds of different tastes) with any veggies and or proteins you have in the fridge.
Ghost N.
You could add Bacon or hashbrowns with you eggs which is what I normally do or make a smoothy bowl and put granola on top, those are my favorites and to be able and make the smoothy thick add frozen banana or Greek yogurt. 🙂 I hope that helps
Angelo F.
Then, Grab a light breakfast like with fruits and maybe some nuts and almonds will do the job. And You can just grab an apple and banana and eat it while you go to work.
Sophie S.
How about replacing the toast for oats and enjoying some savoury porridge? There’s loads if recipes on line, and it’s pretty creative! I love steamed spinach and eggs with a dash of soy sauce on mine! See where your experiments take you!
Prwinwess G.
I like to have blueberry muffins and some orange juice or apple juice. You can make some on Sunday or when you have time and put them in the freezer and throughout the week you can just microwave it and it’s already done and ur ready to go!☺️
Iola P.
I must admit, I am struggling with finding good breakfasts too. If you ever have even just 15 extra minutes to make breakfast, pancakes can be really quick and easy to make. Also, you can put whatever you want in them. One day you could have something sweet such as lemon and sugar or maple syrup, and the next day you could have fruit or berries to be healthy
Tha S O.
I like to bake muffins, scones etc on the weekend so then I can quickly grab it in the morning. Baked goods may take longer longer to make, but they are really good and filling and easy to grab when you are in a hurry
Madalina P.
I went to a nutritionist and got this for the morning routine (maintain weight, female, 55 kilos)

-oats with milk or vegetable milk if you're lactose-free, a green banana and your favourite fruits on top, a teaspoon of peanut butter if you are trying to build muscles

– chia pudding with fruits

– spinach with eggs and a bit of cheese (try emmentaller if you are lactose intolerant)

– rice cakes with peanut butter and a bit of maple syrup if you are craving sweets

– make your own smoothies, add spinach to your smoothies for iron

Noah Z.
I would suggest adding some avocado to your daily toast! Avocado Toast is something I’ll have often for breakfast and it’s perfect with a poached or fried egg on top. Oatmeal can also be a great and easy breakfast. You can add some fresh fruit and honey.
Angie W.
I use Orgain protein drinks when I’m in a hurry and fried in real butter sunny side up eggs with cheese when I have time
Nina O.
I don't know really. But IF YOU wanna change maybe you could try, I don't know, tea and biscuits.. or milk with cereal..?
Noah A.
I ate different kinds of fruit whit some toast in the morning. Sometimes I also eat yogurt. I hope it kind of helps and answers your question:)
Duane P.
Id say assortment of fruits, oat meal, porridge or a bio yoghurt are great breakfast materials that give you substantial energy in the morning that lasts the whole day. Also they’re great sources of various vitamins important for the function of our bodies
Anna Z.
I really like smoothies. You can add any supplements you want or none at all and it can be any flavor so I tend to not get sick of them. Also I wouldn’t be too worried about the protein in your current breakfast. The average egg is 6-7g of protein. I’m assuming you’re eating one or two in which case your protein consumption is well within reason
Arnold B.
I’m sorry to hear that and I do agree that eating the same food over and over again gets quite boring. I usually try to get my protein from a protein cereal from my nearby shop or I have bagels with cream cheese and butter with mixed nuts on the side for my protein. You could also have porridge/ mixed oats with fruit on the side or even a protein bar. Hope this helped!
Monique X.
Avocado on toast – gives you a break from protein in the morning
Or have cereal – but so it doesn’t get boring, try a new cereal every week or after you finish a box, try a different cereal
La S C.
Overnight oats – base is always the same and always quick and easy but you can keep the meal new and exciting by trying different flavour combinations – even using whatever is on hand in the fridge/pantry. Egg based meals as well – so many different ways to cook eggs and frittatas or freezer wraps/breakfast burritos are great for meal prep.
Daiara F.
If you’re in a hurry, something instant is easy, such as an instant smoothie/other healthy drinks or instant oatmeal. When you aren’t in a rush you can always make bagels or toast with fun spreads. I love fruit too for breakfasts. You can look up some great recipes online as well.
Fatima N.
Hi there! An easy and accessible breakfast Is one you prepare beforehand; like a night before.
Imo you should switch towards oatmeal if you’re getting bored with eggs and toast. And by adding a seasonal fruit, you’ll never get bored.
Manoj X.
Hi, by a good breakfast, I mean a breakfast that has all the nutrients. be digestible and readily available.You can also include sprouted grains, moong dal, seasonal fruits and bread and eggs in breakfast.
Godofreda S.
Typically in the mornings on a week day I grab a fruit, like a banana or apple, and some assorted nuts. It is a quick and filling thing for me that gets me to lunch. On weekends I try to eat a little more. I go for scrambled eggs and bacon, maybe a piece of toast. Smoothies are also really great!
Brian R.
So these few days I’ve been experimenting with oats. Especially apple crumble oats(recipe on TikTok) I find spending an hour or two looking for recipe inspo and making a meal plan gets me motivated to eat kewl new things while keeping it interesting. Hope this helps❤️Good luck on your journey
Baylie N.
Acai bowls – I like to prep the fruits by cutting them up and dividing them into bags and freezing. The night before I will toss one in the fridge to thaw. Then in the morning I can pour it all onto the acai with granola, nut butter, chia seeds…etc. Prep and combine as much as possible into bags!

Breakfast Taquitos – I like making these ahead to freeze and then pop in the air fryer for a few minutes in the morning. Good with guacamole! I usually include eggs, turkey sausage, hash browns, and green bell pepper inside. If you don’t want the tortillas you can throw the mix over some spring mix for breakfast taco salad!

Quiche or any kind of breakfast casserole.

Pancakes, fruit, and frozen whip cream on top!

Geraldo A.
Some things I recommend are overnight oats, omelets, and a smoothie to go with it, or you could have a day every couple weeks to have a at home buffet!
Pamela Z.
Egg muffins, baked avocados are simple to make and very filling. You can look up the recipes online and at the end adjust it’s to your liking.
Making yogurt parfait Is supper good and simple. Avocado toast is really delicious too! I think creativity with food is very essential to no get bored of breakfast so quickly but I hope this help as to getting some ideas
Wade J.
Ahh yes!
I do understand that little problem every morning on deciding what to have for breakfast. Some easy ideas i go for are milk and cereal, fruits, steamed broccoli (vegetables) and broccoli. You should try these too!
Masha Z.
Hi you could have cereal and a yogurt with croissant with butter or with cheese or a salad for example with tea and milk or a milkshake and a toast with ham and cheese and the second one with peanut butter and jam or honey and butter. Or you could make yourself buttermilk and have it with black pudding!
Daryl G.
I have vector cereal with fruit or scrambled egg on whole grain English muffin. I also have an omelette with pre chopped peppers or I’ll have a smoothie
Terrence P.
First don't worry about eating too much protein. Very few people eat enough protein. In fact adding a non commercial double smoked bacon IMO would decrease the monotony. Omelet with onions, garlic, spinach, any cheese, slice of bacon in a wrap. Boiled eggs mashed, mayo, pickle relish, dijon mustard with a Romaine lettuce leaf or left over ceaser salad in a Spinach, wheat or corn Tortilla.
Rachel J.
Add some avocado to the toast, or change the way you cook your egg! You could try omelettes with peppers and onions- those are quick and easy to fix. I also like to eat yogurt with berries, nuts, granola, honey, sometimes almond butter. And don’t forget about throwing frozen berries in a blender with some protein powder or peanut butter! Smoothies are easy and a great way to add in a bunch of veggies. You’re doing great! Don’t be afraid to experiment 🙂
Juhane Q.
I don't follow the same breakfast every morning,but my breakfasts could be one of the following: fruit & yogurt parfait, oats with almond milk,seeds and blueberries, eggs and soldiers or sometimes even something as simple as toast with apricot jam and cheese with a cup of coffee 🙂
Stefania C.
So honestly, I don't know what to tell you. But I can just say that I try to eat everyday a different breakfast. For example, a yogurt and a banana, a slice of strudel and almond milk, a chocolate vegan muffin and soya milk… everything you want! I don't think it's bad to eat the same thing everyday, but maybe changing a bit the food might also give you a different kind of mood to just "taste the food differently"!
Cole F.
What me and my husband do is usually eat cereals or fruits like apples and bananas. Another good option is breakfast drink mixes like carnation. It's really fast in getting you nutrients if you have milk to mix it with.
Erol S.
I feel the same way! Overnight oats are a really good breakfast to switch things up. Get some rolled oats, chia seeds, milk of your choice and your toppings and sweetener. You can look up a recipe but it’s mostly just throwing things into a jar the night before and digging in when you wake up! Fruit is another really good breakfast! If you don’t have the energy or resources to go shopping for new things try putting avocado on the toast, or doing your eggs a different way. Even swapping out the savory flavors you might put on your toast for a sweet honey, peanut butter and flaxseed combo! Hope this helps ^^
Gaby I.
Its best to always change your food up a bit, its also not amazing having to much of one thing too. Having healthy cereal , avocado on toast , porridge , fruits + more are easy to make and make you feel less hungry because you ate enough! I recommend eating the same thing for 1 week than change it!
Abigail N.
Avocado toast, yogurt fruit and granola, a banana and a protein bar, a breakfast burrito (eggs, tortilla, cheese, black beans, avocado, tomato)
Gaspard A.
Overnight oats have been my go-to for a while! You don't have to do anything for preparation in the morning but can just take them out of the fridge. Plus you can always vary how exactly you prepare them, for example topping them with different berries or other types of fruit.
Claudio N.
you could try to vary a little. Chop a banana and mix it with Greek yogurt, eat an apple and almonds, avocado slices on a toast with some honey, peanut butter and strawberries on whole wheat bread … each of these variants contains proteins, carbohydrates and fat and it takes a short time to prepare (don't worry about excess protein, fat and sugar are usually more dangerous if you don't have a very sporty lifestyle)
Rosie Q.
Eggs with toast is good. So is a fun flavored rice cake with peanut butter. Or a banana with peanut butter. Today I had healthy protein French toast with raspberries, peanut butter, and a little powdered sugar on top. Another good one is an English muffin with cinnamon honey butter and blueberries on top.
Jamee Z.
My easy breakfasts are a cream cheese bagel and a few pieces of bacon, French toast, pancakes, egg and cheese on toasted bread, and a few hash browns patties and some fruit.
Rafael Z.
Umm… Just eat something easy to power up your body like a bowl of cereal or you can take a glass of milk and some fruits, depending on your mood. You can experiment wirh various foods and find something that suits you.
Mia E.
Something with a little bit of everything, including dairy, fruit, grains and protein! If you get bored of having the same thing everyday then try adding extra little things in it. Like herbs with the poached eggs and maybe instead try something new like a smoothie!!
Elis F.
I always like to start my breakfast with something filling and easy to digest like oats. You can pour müsli into your favourite plant milk or you can make oatmeal with lots of fruit!
Micaela S.
A easy sandwich 🥪 with butter spreaded all over and some slices of onion, tomato and cucumber with some salt and pepper along with a midium glass of milk 🥛 easiest ever.
Orhan X.
Eggs are one of the best things to eat everyday without worrying about, egges are very good for your body, you can have about 8 eggs per day 3 for the breakfast and 5 at launch or whatever you want to
Roxana O.
I am also a fan of eggs at breakfast, you can cook them many ways, omlette where you can add veggies, sunny side eggs, scrambled, with a lot of nice cheeses selection. You can boile them also. You can replace the eggs by avocado with toased bread, or crunchy peas tahnini, or a home made peanut butter from unsalted peanuts and coconut oil, blended, with a pinch of salt. Magic. Don't forget the vegetables aside the egg dishes. Or simply you can make a variety of sandwiches, based on your preferences.
Manon S.
I dont think you should worry about that! Poached eggs and toast sounds like a great breakfast. But I agree that it can get boring. I like to boil my eggs, and put it on homemade bread or buns. If you want to change for something other than eggs, you can for example eat oatmeal with fresh berries, or yoghurt with granola. If you don’t fancy a big breakfast you can make a smoothie bowl. Or maybe just go for a normal / nothing special- breakfast, you can eat crunch bread with cheese, eggs, jam, or (my favourite) butter and sliced cucumber.
There’s soooo many options, and remember that you don’t have to stick to one type of breakfast your whole life!
Zeneide P.
I suggest trying out things like avocado toast, bananas, yogurt (if you're jot lactose intolerant), oatmeal with different toppings, plain english muffins, or even just regular granola bars. Those are only a few ideas; hope this helps!
Dora P.
Menemen Cheese oil honey halva toast jam rosehip jam Cheese oil honey halva toast jam rosehip jam molasses halva honey oil toast egg bread
Andrea A.
I would suggest having a variety of options for your breakfast. Having oatmeal is a really good alternative, especially when you can add your own flavors to it like peanut butter, honey, fruits, etc. Having fruits or veggies can also help balance your diet with the protein you're in taking. These are just the few things that make a difference in keeping breakfast exciting! Hopefully this helps!
James T.
You could always switch it up with plain Greek yogurt with lots of different varieties of granola and fruit. A banana and peanut butter is always quick, easy, and healthy. Also, if you prep some veggies in advance – you can make a variety of omelettes or even something like avocado toast relatively quickly and easily.

A good rule of thumb is to just try and get lots of colors in your diet. Best of luck to you – and remember, variety is the spice of life!

Sara E.
Have you ever tried oats? I tried it a few months ago and since then it's always been my choice when I'm out of ideas, add it with water or milk, heat it up and eat it with whatever you prefer (banana, apple, chia seeds, chocolate). Cereals are always an idea too!
Sim O S.
For me I went through the same thing. Foods definitely got boring after a while. What I started to do was look through food magazines and online what new foods I could try. I found a lot of good easy recipes and I’d plan what I was going to make the night before. I’ve had a new breakfast everyday and sometimes their so good I make them again!
Caroline Z.
i like to add avacados, bacon, fruit and yogurt sometimes. oatmeal is good too, as well as using different types of bread like croissants and baguettes 🙂
Maureen U.
Oatmeal with any combination of fruits, nuts, and a little brown sugar simmered with fresh milk or heavy cream fill me up for hours.
Lenka N.
I love quick but healthy breakfasts – for example avocado toast or – a favourite of mine – oatmeal with berries and some added protein/superfoods 🙂
Timmothy S.
Having eggs are always a good option but I do understand that they can get boring. So having them every now and then is better. Another healthy but tasty breakfast option is porridge. It takes two minutes in the microwave and you can add any toppings or additives that you want such as fruit, syrup, or seeds. Other things that are good are toast and jams or even avocado on toast. Hope this helps!!
Megan W.
I love having overnight oats! They are surprisingly delicious and easy to make. All you need to do is search up a recipe and make it the night before, and in the morning it’s ready to go! All you need to add is some toppings – I like banana, raspberries, or granola ❤️
Rose Marie U.
Idk about proteins or so but I usually have porridge witch is extremely easy to do or like Baked apple or yogurt with granola or other fruits
Arnold F.
Hi. Hope you had a great day till now. I rocemmond you eat oat meals and bananas or greek youghrt. Dont forget coffe or tea. By
Mille G.
Why not put some spinach,salmon,bacon (or anything else that takes your fancy) on the toast aswel and add a little hollandaise sauce for a treat
Benita N.
I don’t know where you’re from, but would you be open to a more “Indian” breakfast?😄I usually have ‘dosa’ in the morning, with any good chutney, made out of coconut, or tomatoes, or mint leaves. It’s really refreshing in the morning, and has great flavor. You could also try watermelons before breakfast, to cleanse your palette and refresh you, and have steamed vegetables. This morning, I had steamed tapioca and broccoli.
Ray G.
You can switch it out for oatmeal with nuts, yogurt and fruit or a banana with peanutbutter. You can do overnight oats the night before. You can also make quiche cups in a muffin tin the night before. You can do avocado toast
With boiled eggs. Or just swap out the eggs with hummus, greek yogurt or peanut butter if you're tired of eggs
Mohsen U.
معمولا تخم مرغ یا پنیر و کره یا شیره انگور میخورم. گاهی هم کره بادوم زمینی یا کله پاچه یا شکلات صبحانه میخورم. دلم میخواد پروتئین صبحانه‌م زیاد باشه. مثل مکمل یا سینه مرغ
Liesa J.
Hey! Thanks for the question! I understand that your breakfast can get boring over time, maybe try and switch some ingrediens. Or you could try something new, smoothie, oatmeal with berries, sandwich and a lot more. Also dont worry about eating too much protein, eat something you like and what you feel for! Good luck 🙂
Cassie N.
Just having apples or bananas are good for you I’m the morning, but if you wanna make something I have some ideas! You could try making smoothies, salads, or even making toast and picking a jelly you want! Even souls a very comforting thing, and healthy thing that is very yummy!
Anthony U.
I actually don’t like eggs! So hopefully these are some helpful ideas for you:
-Homemade smoothies! If you have a blender, put in about a cup of two different kinds off fruit, then add enough milk until it’s filled almost all the gaps in the fruit. You can also add a bit of greek yogurt to make it more creamy. I find this works best with one portion frozen fruit and one fresh fruit, because the frozen fruit makes the smoothie cold and the fresh fruit makes it easier to blend. My favourites to do are frozen blueberry and fresh mango or frozen blueberry and fresh banana! You can use whatever fruit combination you want though, it’s fun to play around! Although avoid apple. Tried it once and it was REALLY bad. I had to throw it out.
-Toast with nut butter and avocado! My friend introduced me to this one. It’s pretty good!
-Similar but kinda different: peanut butter and banana on toast! I had this as a kid and it was one of the only ways I’d eat peanut butter. I still like having this once in a while today!
-Shreddies (preferably the honey glazed kind if you want some added sweetness) with yogurt and fresh fruit. Same friend introduced me to this one, and it’s now one of my FAVORITES. I like to use strawberries with strawberry yogurt, but bananas or blueberries or peaches or really any fruit you want to try could be good too!
-An apple with some cheese and/or peanut butter. I usually use this as a snack, but it could work for breakfast, too! Might sound a bit strange, but I found it to actually be quite delightful.
-Those quick mix oatmeal packets, but buy extra quick oats and then use only part of the package with some plain oats. It prevents the overly sweet packets from rotting your teeth out, and from eating plain oats!

Since not all of these are high in protein, I’ll usually just add a spoonful of peanut butter or nut butter.
Additionally, remember you can pack snacks with you, like some fruit, or mixed nuts, or a granola or protein bar (I like crunchy granola bars!). I don’t like eating breakfast early in the morning, so usually I grab something small and then pack extra food to eat later.
Hope this helps! Good luck finding other breakfasts to fill that void!!

Nathan Q.
I have been eating bananas for most of the time. So I don’t really know but maybe cereal, yogurt, Muffins, fruit. Those could be other foods you eat for breakfast, I don’t know if any of that helps but you could also search up other things you could eat that don’t have so much protein in them.
Maria Z.
Maybe yogurt with granola and fruits, prepared the night before, an avocado toast or oats with fruits/jam or maybe just a fruit salad and some biscuits
Andrea U.
I often make a breakfast sandwich. I toast and English muffin, fry an egg, and put a slice of cheese, the egg, and a slice of Canadian bacon on the English muffin. It’s quick and filling and yummy.
Galilea N.
Oatmeal! I know a lot of ppl things it’s plain and bland but you can add stuff like fruits or another breakfast idea is yogurt with frozen berries and granola with some coffee or tea
Mariara Z.
I always eat yoghurt (goat yoghurt is even better) with fruits (banana, appel, kiwi or pear) , muesli/granola and seeds such as chia seeds and flax seeds!! It is very healthy and it fills your stomach.
Grace Z.
Oatmeal with some fruits on top is always a yummy and exciting breakfast! Try adding some peanut butter or Nutella as well. You can also try adding a fruit or greens smoothie along with your toast to make it more exciting. Try out avocado toast with thin sliced radish on top!
Fradique A.
Something I love is a smoothie.You can change it up add protein, fruit whatever you want and it’s hard to sick of it. You can also make a smoothie bowl. I hope this helped 🙂
Sabine O.
Homemade granola (easy to make a batch and then use it with fruits, beries, yoghurt, and/or milk, etc); oat porridge is also great (with pimpkin puree, peanut butter and/or banana).
Tha S T.
you can meal prep before hand and make things like overnight oats or banana bread. other options are avo toast, oatmeal, smoothies, gronola with yogurt and fruit
Dusan Q.
I mostly have breakfast with acai bowls. You can use all sorts of toppings, so you can make a lot of variants and change it up now and then.
Melainie X.
I grab a high protein Greek yogurt, because I am personally always after protein and it gets in probiotics before I forget. One poached egg will not give you too much protein. Our body can absorb on average 20 grams of protein at a time, and an egg has only 6grams. With my yogurt every day, my nails have gotten stronger and my tummy is happy all day. Good quality instant oatmeal is good for me. I also like a slice of toast with about an oz of turkey or roast beef. Finally, one home-made muffin, or half of a big muffin, or a bowl of granola or higher protein cereal with milk also gets me going —though I need to be careful when eating in the car. Finally- in a pinch, I eat an apple with a handful of nuts. The fiber, fat, and just enough carbs is just enough to get me to lunch.
Nnaz N.
I am consume Herbalife nutritional shake every morning since 15 years now …and it fulfils the protein requirement according to the body needs and also its low glycemic index, so it’s super healthy and it comes in different flavors so you don’t get bored :)it tastes delicious
Hugo F.
easy breakfast, nuts fruit oat vegetables bread, eggs should not be eaten always try to eat two to three times a week. to make things more interesting you can have a salad for breakfast no one will judge you 🤭.Another piece of advice that I can give and that works for me is to cut the fruits and vegetables carrots for example with different shapes, like stars circles cubes triangles etc looking like it doesn't make everything more fun.
Delfi F.
-Oatmeal with blueberries/raspberries, honey & cinnamon
-Chia pudding with strawberries & peanut butter
-2 toasts: 1 with avocado & 1 with peanut butter & sliced bananas
-Oatmeal pancakes with strawberries & honey
-Smoothie bowls (my favorite is frozen banana, blueberries, strawberries & half avocado) with different toppings
Nada A.
I usually eat oatmeal in the morning with milk, honey, nuts, and some fruits.

On other days I eat a boiled egg and toast, I love making them into a sandwich, adding some cheese, slices of cucumber, tomato, and yellow pepper

And finally, sometimes I make healthy pancakes.

Jacob Z.
porridge is great especially with added cinnamon, cardamon and dried fruits. I also love mixing mashed banana and yoghurt with a little bit of peanut butter for the protein.
Eloise N.
I personally love porridge, especially as it’s quite flexible in that you can swap out the milk, oats and toppings to suit your needs, plus it’s really nutritious and filling for a morning 🙂
Friedemann O.
Having the same breakfast everyday can be a bit monotonous, but if your used to poached egg and toast, and find it easy to make, you could always add some flare with some crushed avocado, sweet chilli sauce, bacon etc! I also love thick berry smoothies and warm porridge!
Caroline Q.
Instant oats have a decent but not huge amount of protein and are full of fiber, and you can top them with whatever you want so they won’t get boring quickly.
Beate X.
I usually go for yoghurt, fruits, nuts and seeds and honey. If you prefere a more savory easy breakfast I'd recommend a simple sandwich. Maybe with peanutbutter, cheese or hummus. You could top them off with some veggies like cucumber or bellpepper. A piece of fruit on the side works well. A handfull of nuts and seeds too. A cheap way of adding good fats are crushed flax seeds (some other nuts can be pricy). I wouldnt worry too much about getting too much proteine.
Margarete J.
First of all I would try altering your "base meals"(toast, egg, etc.) by adding something extra(avocado, butter, cheese, use your imagination and the internet). Then you could expand your number of base meals. I would start by researching. Find
Aakansha O.
You can have
1) fruit salad 🥗
2) Fruit smoothie or juice 🧃
3) Greek yogurt with a handful of nuts , berries and a touch of honey ( honey optional )
Suvidya L.
A vegetable salad is the best option and you can never get bored if you keep adding a twist to it, like chop some veggies and add chat masala or lemon juice on top. Masala foxnuts are also a great option.
Laura G.
An easy and accessible breakfast for me whould be a bowl of cereal but I don't feel good eating them while soggy because they make me sick, other than that I eat eggs, usually without the yolk and sometimes toast with some cream cheese.
Sierra N.
Protein bars and fruit. A handful of nuts for some good fat and a scrambled eggs with some veggies. Toast with avocado, salt, and lemon juice. Toast with mozzarella, tomato, basil, and a sweet vinegar.
Felinta Q.
I try and crest a smoothie on days I exercise. I usually will combine liquid base such as water or oat milk (whatever I have on hand really), a carb like oats, one package serving of a frozen fruit (I.e. strawberries, blueberries), a serving of frozen spinach, some peanut butter, and then a scoop or two of protein powder.

The great thing about this process is you can tweak it to your preferences. You noted you’re worried about protein intake, so you can create the exact same smoothie but with less protein powder (or none at all!) and still get a smoothie with fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and carbs. The total caloric intake is small and it keeps me going for a few hours until lunch time. I feel light and usually pair it with a hot beverage like coffee or tea.

I find other breakfasts such as a yogurt bowl easy to do as well. A yogurt bowl could be an unsweetened yogurt, plus some peanut butter or other healthy fat nut butter, with granola and fruit. Takes roughly 1 minute to put together but again hits great macro nutrient targets for me.

If this sounds daunting, don’t fret! The only thing I recommend is a kitchen scale that you can weigh ingredient items. For example, you want one serving of frozen fruit in your smoothie which typically is around 140g. Having a kitchen scale means that you keep targeted amounts of food in your meal without overdoing any one item. Just put the blender container on the scale and start adding ingredients. Again, this is just my preference but it is an excellent way to get nutrients and healthy foods into your morning routine.

Monika P.
In my case I need 20g of protein a meal, you can calculate yours. Eggs in all forms are a great breakfast. I love porridge (overnight oats) and smoothies too. They take no time to prepare.
Julia P.
For me I go for oatmeal, cream of wheat, eggs and spinach/veggies, and sometimes even a simple protein shake.
Also if you're worried about having to much protein, just add some other stuff to help balance it off. Stuff like fruits, nuts, and veggies can give a nice balance to your meal.
Laura Z.
My favorite is overnight oats. Super easy. It must have chia seeds, I love the texture that it creates. I usually add cacao and maple syrup. In the morning I slice up a banana or throw in some berries and I'm good to go. So tasty!
Jessica S.
You can have apples, banana, nuts, smoked salmon, oats, peanut butter and banana smoothie. Also greens like Kate, spinach
A Shawnti G.
Cereal because it’s a quick and easy thing to fuel your body when you aren’t in the mood or don’t have the time to make you a healthy hearty breakfast
Eva E.
I always like a cereal (the less sugar the better). Something like WeetBix with sultanas sprinkled over them is always filling. Ultimately anything covered in fruits is super helpful. Or porridge. Or overnight oats are extremely filling! There are so many tasty options.
Alexis N.
over night oats/ oatmeal! you can find different recipes for overnight oats online almost anywhere, and with the eggs you could always turn it into an omelette and add veggies. like peppers, mushrooms, spinach, etc.
Nice G.
I usually have eggs and some sort of bread. Some days I’ll prepare chicken the night before and then have them with rice
Gabby O.
something that I have started having more is avocado toast with everything seasoning on it, it’s great and leaves me full. you could also make smoothie bowls/açaí bowls which are very delicious and healthy! 🙂
Helena E.
Switch it up a little. Still have the poached eggs and toast, but may add some fruits in. You can add something new, but there’s also nothing wrong with keeping the old as well.
Cl Ment C.
I guess it's rice, fish, chicken, vegetables, beef, Rameon with vegetables.These foods are common for me.. And i really find myself energetic as i eat them…
Sudharsana C.
Carbs are essential for workout. Have idli the best breakfast before workout and a small serving of rice. You should match your carb and protein intake. Do some research on it
Rafferty R.
If I’m being honest I’ve always struggled with eating breakfast and I try to be consistent but it isn’t always easy. Most mornings I have the exact same thing and I’m not a dietician or doctor but unless you are having protein powder and mass amount of protein in each meal I think you will be okay. Other things you can add are smoothies, overnight oats and things you can make the night before. That way when you wake up it’s all ready if you aren’t a morning person (like me). You can also google easy breakfast or night before breakfasts for some recipes. I hopped that helped!
Elaine Q.
First of all, it is very hard to eat more protein than you can process. It is true that you can only use 20-30g of protein per meal for muscle building, but the rest is converted into energy! Protein is one of the best sources of energy as it breaks down even slower than carbohydrates. I don't mind mundane, so I have a shake every morning with:
1 banana+(any berries I might have)
30g whey protein
30g peanutbutter
30g oats
2 glasses of water/milk
It is really tasty and easy to make and drink!
Anna Z.
I like to have yogurt, granola/muesli, some nuts, maybe some frozen fruit and some fresh fruit. I think it’s better than cereal and less effort than eggs and toast. Hope this helps.
Gildo S.
I have mixed cabbage, lettuce, carrot and wheat bread, avocado, banana, and baked beans. Sometimes, I add egg or other animal protein source such as chicken or fish
Mohamed M.
I prefer Oatmeal
Ingredients –
Oats,milk,nuts,dried berries, sliced banana,sliced apple,date&milk
Mix and nut butter (peanut butter)

You can try crunchy type by not adding milk

You can also use date and milk mixture as side drinks other than adding that in the Oatmeal

You won't needed to add all the ingredients
You can play with that
Selecting different 3 or 4
Daily and change the tastes daily and don't get boring

And eat also egg recipes 2 or 3
And so on…

Josue P.
The only thing I can think of right now is Oatmeal since its 1 of the 2 breakfasts I have every morning, the second being eggs. Its a really good carb so it’ll give you the energy you need to do things throughout the day. Personally I love oatmeal but this is just a recommendation. If you do decide to get some oatmeal, feel free to add some things to it to give it more taste. It could be a banana, some apples, blueberries, eggs, avocados, almond butter, etc. There’s quite a lot to experiment with here so feel free to make your own recipes so you can enjoy it.
Jojo U.
If you look up simple healthy recipes on Google or Safari, they have lots to work with. Eggs are always a good choice, but some cereals such as Cheerios and Life are good breakfasts as well.
Justin T.
As every good Italian would suggest, biscuits, rusks, cereals are perfect. Someone likes croissants or other types of pastries. Concerning what to drink, a cup of milk or coffee (or a mix of them) accompany those foods so well, but if you prefer something more “natural” even orange or ACE juice fit breakfast.
Jamaya W.
Try instant oat meal. I like the cinnamon and spice flavor but you can try any of them. What i do is take two packets and add the milk then microwave. After it’s done I thinly sliced fruit and add it to the top of the oatmeal, I spread some strawberry cream cheese, and then add a drizzle of honey. It’s filling and delicious. You can also change the fruits and oatmeal flavors which makes this breaks fast flexible.
Tom E.
Protein powder has been a life changer. If you have a blender and some frozen fruits stick some Protein powder and bam you got all you need. Also try cooking eggs another way. If you like spices and beef, try beef chorizo it's a Mexican food that combines so well with the eggs gives you more protein and hits the spot.
Charlotte Z.
I have a few different boxes of cereal that I pull out on the bench (I leave them there for the kids after me). Then I mix and match depending on how I feel. My favourite at the moment is mostly Special K, with a hint of CoCo Pops. Keeps it interesting.
Ma L U.
Eating protein is good for health. My suggestment is to eat healthy and diet food so that we can be fresh and healthy though out the day
Taylor Q.
I make protein waffles
Or protein pancakes I love them and I’ll make 2 slices sometimes 3 of turkey bacon or I’ll eat some fruit