More vegan options for breakfast.

Emilie Y.
I’m not vegan, so I don’t know what options are best for vegans. I’m sorry I couldn’t help you! You can always search for a vegan breakfast on the web!

Irina S.
It would be nice as an option, but I'm not vegan so it's not really necessary for myself. However if I ever did decide to convert, it would be nice to have the same amount of options.

Heather F.
I like tofu scrambles with some veggies. There's also oatmeal with seeds and fruit or a dollop of peanut butter. One of my favorite quick breakfasts is a multigrain, seed-filled toast with peanut butter and a little cinnamon.

Anastasia Z.
I believe that having more vegan options for breakfast is beneficial to everyone even if they are not vegan myself. I do limit my meat intake and chose to mix in other healthy proteins into my diet; however, it is hard to do this without educating us of our options. We sould work together to teach all healthy options for individuals to chose from so they can explore what they like, their body's like, and what works best for them.

Rosie X.
Use vegan spread for example vitalite instead of butter or margarine you could make a smoothie with non dairy milk same with cereals and porridge

Kayla F.
Vegan breakfast options: baked sweet potato with fruit and almond butter, and english muffin with peanut butter, avocado toast with a side of nuts for protein, non-dairy yogurt and granola

Ben C.
My favorite breakfast is a smoothie or smoothie bowl. Frozen fruits can be really cheap at Costco or you can use fresh. I also like granola

Isha Z.
One I’ve been wanting to try out is overnight outs but using alpro yogurt instead, I also love making pancakes with soya milk and no eggs

R Mi S.
First of all thank you so much for your question. While I’m not a vegan a few of my closest friends who are say that I’m pretty open or even close to being one with the way I eat anything. For breakfast, blueberry oatmeal is one of my absolute favorites, tofu omelette or even avocado toast! Variety is always a good way to keep your body healthy while good proportions are too. I’m not a health expert but I do love food! I’m not a nutritionist but I do value the blessings of food – the nutrition, vitamins and sustenances that we need as humans to thrive in our bodies. Thank you so much for letting me share!

Mark C.
Fruit and nuts are my go to! If you want something more, add oats and a vegan milk or yogurt. Or make a smoothie with protein powdered too.

Liam U.
Kiwi fruit, oats, bananas, plant-based milk, raisins or grapes, dates and prunes, blueberry…
Basically, if you've got a sweet tooth, any fruit you can find to get a decent intake of fiber and antioxidants.
For savoury options, cucumbers, raisins and tabbouleh as they're refreshing, especially in summer!
Oh, and tea. Always. And NEVER heat the water in the microwave. Kettle's here for that.

Theo F.
Overnight oats with oatmilk or soya yoghurt with seeds topped with berries. Or soya yogurt with a wheatabix crushed up and mixed in with seeds and topped with berries. Home made granola made with maple syrup served with soya yoghurt or oat milk.

Asta C.
Im not vegan myself. So im not the best to offer a good vegan menu for your breakfast. However, I normally start my day with a breakfast thats considered vegan. I have a cup of smoothie that I dont add dairy milk into (im lactose intolerant). I also sometimes have a plate of fruit salad, with my fav arugula and some dressing option thats vegan :).

Erica N.
I love peanut butter with bananas on toast but I found it was not filling enough to last the morning. My typical day day have 3 or 4 meetings with little or no time to grab a snack in between so I like my breakfast to be high in protein; egg whites cheese and ham on an English muffin is my go to when I am at the office. I am sure there are ways to make that vegan but vegan cheese does not taste good. I’d rather have a vegan lunch or dinner instead of breakfast.

Beatrice T.
Well a healthy breakfast means ,if we could invole in eggs,or fruits or some kind veggies…well as I am a south indian all the breakfast here are the healthiest that any…So chapati is healthy,masala dosa,etc..The unhealthiest type are the breads,naans, just a cup of milk,just one omelette, so the main is try eating good and great breakfasts as some of the suggestions. . ALL THE BEST!

Heidi O.
I enjoy protein bagels with vegan butter. Also a will make a batch of banana bread oatmeal bake and have that for the week as a quick to go meal.

Clem Ncio B.
Fruits and veggies go a long way for me. A mixture of nuts. Sometimes a mixed baby greens salad with dried cranberries and cashews with a vinegarette. Smoothies (such variety of what you can do!). Check out Soup Peddler online for a list of what they do for smoothies. A few times I did veg broth with tofu and veggies, seaweed salad, and a cucumber roll. Oddly filling for being so light!


Marolo I.
I am not a vegan at this time, but I do eat vegan cereal often. I love pea protein milk. Also, a tofu scramble with turmeric and black salt added for color and flavor is a great scrambled egg alternative. And fruit is about as vegan as it gets!

Anna X.
The vegan diet is generally considered to be higher in fibre and lower in cholesterol, protein, calcium and salt than an omnivorous diet – but there are still misconceptions and concerns around cutting meat, fish, eggs and dairy completely from our diets.