Easy breakfasts to meal prep?

Nefeli F.
Scrabbled eggs! You just hit two eggs together and poor them in the pan(healthierwithout using oil or butter) and it takes only a moment.

Vero A.
I really enjoy making hard boiled eggs! If you have an instapot, you can do the 5-5-5 method to get them perfect! Cook them for 5 minutes at high pressure, let them sit for 5 minutes and then release pressure and then put in an ice bath for 5 minutes! They are perfect!
I’m a teacher so this is a perfect on the go option!
I also have bought the small things of guacamole (I think it’s a 6 pack of 2 oz containers) Wholly Guacamole brand and I put that on my bagel for a boost of protein! All of this paired with a over easy egg and OJ makes my day a good one!

Alexandra Z.
I usually don’t meal prep because I usually eat fruit of granola. You could cut up some fruit- bananas, strawberries, etc. and freeze them. That makes you morning smoothie effortless.

Josephine J.
I live in Colombia, so having fresh fruit every day is easy. So I make natural orange juice to start, then some eggs (sometimes with bacon) and a hot sugar cane water with yerba buena. It settled great with the stomach and gives you energy

Ugo Q.
Overnight oats, I love this recipe! I use soy milk for more protein https://reciperunner.com/cinnamon-honey-peach-overnight-oats/

Maxime T.
I won't cook for myself so breakfast has to have as few steps as possible. I keep frozen sandwiches on hand, but I also like to mix it up with toast. My favorite toasts are: avocado with just a sheen of mayo, S&P, and bacon crumbles; the other is almond butter with mashed banana on top.