Do you have same breakfast on weekends and weekdays?

Lily Z.
Yes, I always have my banana milkshake in the morning.
Recipe ( if you want ) :
– 2 bananas
– 1 tablespoon of maple syrup
– 30g of oats
– 200 ml of milk
Sally Z.
Well sometimes it differs , cause sometimes I'll go out on weekends to restaurants for breakfast or someone else will make breakfast, but usually if I'm making breakfast I'll have the same old eggs and toast
Marshall O.
I recently started eating oatmeal for my breakfast and it is quite appealing to my body. And i prefer to have it as my breakfast everyday although when my family prepares breakfast on days i crave something different i have alternative meals for my breakfast, ofcourse i’d be mindful eating them
Ivan O.
I never eat the same breakfast. Every day is different for me, because every day I have something different in the fridge. I also like to be creative and have a different breakfast every day.
Lenira P.
Before I started using this app, no. Now I am, but not for long. I just need to buy some stuff and my answers to this question will depend on the week and weekend.
Kylelyn F.
No I have different things depends on what I want and how I want it cause I may eat oatmeal for like three days but I may add different things to it
Dagmar X.
Yes, I do if I am on holiday and not going to school. Going to school makes it harder for me to have breakfast on a weekday.