Do you celebrate the fact that you’re taking care of your body?

Sue S.
Yes I do celebrate that fact. Actually, now that I think about it, I dont really celebrate it. I think "this is good". I want to make this a special thing. And really do things to celebrate this fact and acknowledge it.

Jesus F.
No I don't because if I were to celebrate it then I feel that it fills you with a sense of accomplishment that then will derails you. Because you feel like you've done it and stop trying so much. If that males sense?!

Mariola I.
I wouldn’t call it celebrating, but taking good care of my body makes me feel good and makes me proud of the progress I’m making. That feeling is a good reward.

Syafiqah M.
I do celebrate it. But since I'm sick today, I am unable to do things that excite me the most; Rearranging and organising my bedroom and stationeries. However, I will celebrate it in the form of my second favourite thing to do; playing games in phone and reading books at night. That's how I celebrated myself for achieving my goals.

Lea P.
Yes,it help me to be more energetic and take care of my body. This habits are perfect because i have more energy and in the morning i am more waked up when i drink water and eat some great breakfast. I like this app thank you so much❤

Amber F.
Yes I do
The celebration is what I look forwards to and this helps me to stick to my goal so I consciously knows I’m well worth it

Daisha T.
Yes, for so long I have treated my body with disregard but my body is an extension of my inner self. It is the one gift we have all been given to use and I am sooo glad that i have the opportunity to use and treat my body in the way it deserves.

Tiffany S.
now I don't know how to celebrate or what to do to celebrate but now that I'm thinking about it maybe I will because this app is working I feel like I'm on top of things doing things I wouldn't be normally during like starting new habits

Titouan Q.
I didn’t realize it. How important it is to do so, positive self talk is vital for us. These things I didn’t learn at school, parents too busy paying bills and I haven’t really have the time to reflect on my life and the choices I’ve made. Especially the ones directly effecting my mood everyday. Moving forward, from now on I’ll make a more conscious effort to celebrate the fact that I do take care of body. Rather than bashing myself for not being this image of what I’ve masked myself to be- for the sake of others. Thank you for asking. Namaste.

Heidi E.
Yes after each element of the morning routine and then on completing all three. It makes me acknowledge that I am meeting these challenges rather than doing them mindlessly.

June E.
Most certainly, usually with flowers at the end of the week and with a happy dance to a favorite song each day of success.

Caroline S.
Yes i do. I rarely remember to drink throughout the day so it really helps me to start my day and drink right after waking up. Healthy breakfast was always very important for my family so that step wasn't different to what I have already done until now. I also started journaling in the morning and and to take 5-minutes to meditate if I have the time. Even though I only got this challenge today I have been exercising regularly for a while now. I like to improve my body, I enjoy seeing the changes and in the end you only get one body so it makes sense to take care of it as much as you can.

T Bori X.
Yes, i find myself sometimes forgetting that how important it is to take the time everyday to appreciate yourself. I feel amazing even if i just exfoliate and moisturise my legs.