What is your go-to breakfast on a workday?

Maroua R.
I eat oat with milk or yogurt and some banana and strawberries , sometimes i add peanut butter or Nutella or just honey for a good tast , i like taking this breakfast because it's quick and healthy and also budget friendly.
William W.
I eat 4 Juice Plus gummies every morning, 2 fruit and 2 veg. I drink water or juice. I eat a granola bar or cheese and Crackers, maybe chips and guac.
Ir Nia C.
On a work day I have to leave quite early… I make two pieces of toast… While they are in the toaster i prepare a quick lunch for the day ahead. When the toast get out of the toaster I use peanut butter for the protein with a few chocolate sprinkles and a the other piece of toast has apple syrup/jam (i don't know the exact translation) this is to help with a bit of extra iron intake to boost hemoglobin levels in your blood. I take a piece of fruit, usually a banana and I am on my way.