When is the best time to have breakfast?

Madi G.
the best time to have breakfast is in between 8-9 am. i try not to eat breakfast right after i wake up because it makes me feel kinda bad. so i try to wake up around 8-8:30 & eat breakfast about 20 minutes after i wake up. hope this helps!
Sabrina J.
Around 8:30, that's usually the time I eat when I make breakfast myself rather then just pouring cereal into a bowl. When I make homemade pancakes and cook bacon and eggs, it will usually take about an hour and a half because I'm taking my time and I'm actually enjoying make the breakfast at the same time.
Lynne F.
Good question. The best time to have breakfast is in my opintion at least 30 min after you wake up. Im not hungry right when i wake up so after i do my morning routine i have time to plan and eat a healthy breakfast.
Javier Y.
I think the best time to have breakfast in the morning is after I take out all my dogs, and watch the sunrise. I like to have breakfast before I start getting ready (putting on my clothes or planning my day.)
Axelle O.
I guess it depends… I like having breakfast first thing in the morning… but I teach very early a couple days a week, so I usually just grab a fruit and then leave my full breakfast for after the class. That's cuz I enjoy so much having breakfast i don't want to do it fast !
Noemie F.
I think it depends on the person but I like to take vitamins in the morning so the effects start sweeping into the day and I feel more energized, relaxed, etc. So I try to eat in the morning around 8 so I can take my vitamins.
Kylian G.
I like to have breakfast after I drink water because the water fills me up and while I watch TV. Usually a Disney movie that makes me smile an cry an laugh. Because I like to remember I'm human and have all those feelings especially after being a addict in recovery.
Roxi G.
The best time for breakfast, is completely up to you. No one can tell you. The best advice anyone can give you is figure out what works for you. For instance, I practice 16/8 fasting. So my schedule has me not eating after 6 pm or before 10 am.
Sarah F.
Best time for breakfast is best when everyone is asleep, everything is quite and I'm alone at peace. It's my own time, Sara's time. Beautiful time to enrich my body with healthy nutrients and in a clean andpeaceful environment
Alexandre Q.
it all depends on the routine and the start of your day.right now I have a piece of fruit before going to work out, then come home to a proper meal. so I eat at 8:30am!
Bianca R.
Right after you wake up. This way your food has time to digest before you exercise. If you wait until late morning to eat, you won’t be able to exercise until around noon. Also getting out of bed and having breakfast right away makes your body feel more motivated to complete your daily goals. I hope this helps!! Good luck!
Anurag F.
A breakfast should be done between 8:00 to 9:30 a.m. Because I assume everyone will have lunch time around 1:00 p.m. One should have a proper gap between breakfast and lunch.
Abigail U.
I have breakfast as soon as I wake. I put the coffee on then make 3 eggs and a smoothie with blueberries, spinach, chia, honey, aloe & collagen.
I fast in the evening so the breakfast tastes so good!
M Lton Q.
I tend to eat breakfast around 10am and usually have scrambled eggs, it keeps me fuller for longer and I tend to excercise around 12pm, so it means I have more energy for that.
Rain331 N.
The best time to have breakfast is within an hour upon waking up. But if my stomach is not right I will skip it bc I feel queezy and unwell. So best not to force something that my body is saying to wait or skip.
Teresa C.
I personally like eating after I work out, not right when I get up. For me that means 8 or 9 AM when getting up at 7 or so. I personally like a protein with some veggies.