Cheap breakfast ideas?

Luna J.
A bag of trail mix. It has fruit from the raisins, protein from the nuts, and energy from the chocolate. However, if you are allergic to these listed ingredients, I have no suggestions. 🤷‍♀️

Savvina X.
Getting eggs in bulk from supermarket (if you know that you're going to use them by the 'use by date') and make a quick omelette every morning w 1-2 eggs. Alternatively a big box of healthy cereal or some fruit eg. a banana (of course after by getting them as a group of bananas). Depends also on your country, what is cheaper there. Hope this helps:)

Zenira E.
We love having hard boiled eggs readily available to us in the morning for quick, healthy eats. Smoothies are also a great budget-friendly way to pack in a lot of nutrients with very little work. (Try “Kale Me Maybe” – 3 stalks kale, stems removed; 12 oz orange juice; 8 oz coconut water; 6 strawberries; 1 banana; 1 avocado). 🙂

Eli Ka E.
well, eggs really aren't expensive in my country, so probably just two eggs and two slices of bread? Very yummy and nutritious but still definitely under 1$ here.

Katherine E.
Eggs! Easy and affordable to get in bulk so you're never stuck with an empty fridge, but also so many different ways to prepare them so you're not trapped in eating the same thing every day. Also a small amount fills you up for the morning.

Naomi O.
Oats with milk and some honey lemon green tea and dried nuts …. Or you can have toasted bread with egg or peanut butter

Rene U.
Some cheap breakfast ideas are to buy fruit with some protein maybe make a smoothie and make eggs or yogurt or something pretty simple

Nienke G.
I don't know what's cheap in your country, but yoghurt is cheap here. I mix it with fruit and nuts and some honey. But bread (wholemeal) is also cheap here. So sometimes I Just make a sandwich, with some cucumber and tomato.

Rachel O.
Oats are usually very cheap! They're also very versatile eg. Can be used in oatmeal, flapjacks, smoothies. I like to pair them with banana, peanut butter and some honey which is quite a cheap but very filling breakfast!

Kelya O.
Anything with eggs! Then invest in good dried spices and herbs to make them interesting. Fried, boiled, poached, scrambled, just egg white—and easy to add anything to them, like cheese, cheap sandwich ham, even frozen vegetables like broccoli for more vegetarian options. You can have on toast too. Set up time to collect 3 completely different but very simple egg meal ideas (search or ones you already know) and make them every day and see if this is feasible for you!

Deidre X.
Eggs milk oatmeal- eggs are on of the cheapest foods that exist. Oil and water are the cheapest resources to cook eggs too. Milk – I prefer skim because it won't clog your heart later on. Oatmeal because is sustain you longer. You can up to 4 hours afterwards.

Fabien T.
If you like oatmeal, oatmeal with some fruit makes for an easy to make and relatively cheap breakfast. I also enjoy a morning omelette every now and then

Kristal C.
I like an apple with peanut butter for breakfast. Sometimes I will make breakfast (like oatmeal or fruit with yogurt) the night before so it's ready when I get up. If it's pretty much ready to eat when I get up, I'm more likely to actually eat.