What is the hardest thing about being organized for a good breakfast? It always seems to take so much time. What would be some good tips to make it easier in the morning (before coffee)?

Natalie G.
For me, it’s about having everything within reach. My fridge is below my counter and my bowls and dry Ingredients are above it in cupboards. Having everything easily accessible and knowing what you want in the morning is always helpful. Listen to your body, figure out what you feel like and go from there. If you have a go-to Meal have everything easily in reach, and if you don’t and just feel like something different, then take whatever you need out of your fridge and just put it all together so you can make everything easily. And if necessary… If you haven’t got much time… Buy those pre-made breakfasts, Make something the night before or just make things easier for yourself in any way you can. I use porridge sachets that I just add milk to and heat up in the microwave for a minute. My friend gets muesli pots from the supermarket and has those when she’s not got much time. It really depends on what you want and need.
Jaaslyn S.
I believe the hardest thing about being organized for a good breakfast is finding the energy to do so. I’m either too tired, in a rush, or don’t want to take the time to make a good and healthy breakfast. It does take a lot of time but when you start believing in yourself and motivating yourself in your mind it will come to you naturally. The Fabulous app has helped me with my breakfast habit to include breakfast into my everyday morning routine no matter how much time it takes and no matter what time I decide to eat breakfast. Some tips to help you out in the morning is maybe listening to music or a podcast to get you going instead of heading straight for the coffee. Try to indulge in energy boosters that aren’t unhealthy like maybe light exercise, quick look at the news, etc!
Mette Y.
The easiest breakfast for me is a smoothie. I mix it with some spinach, blueberries, avocado and protein powder. It will keep me full for about 4 hours. It is fast to make it and gives a great feeling