What is a cheap and quick healthy breakfast?

Liron U.
Oatmeal / eggs / fruit with peanut butter are all cheap & great options❤️ Also try to include veggies / fruits in every meal 🙂 usually whole unprocessed foods are both cheap and healthy so don’t be intimidated by all those overpriced health products. Healthy can be cheap and simple 🙂 love and good luck❤️
Melika N.
I think it depends a lot on the region you live. Here in Iran, I would prefer bread and butter with honey and a cup of tea or some milk. I also enjoy my breakfast containing some nuts 😁. They are delicious and full of energy!
Miss N.
I have a few options for you.
-Try making oatmeal. Buy some rolled oats, and you can make this with water or a milk of your choice. All you’ll have to do is microwave it and it’s done. You can also add whatever add-ins you’d like.
-Breakfast Cookies. I made some of these the other day and it lasted for almost a week. Try looking up recipes by “Clean and Delicious” on YouTube and try to make one of her breakfast cookie recipes; They are quick and easy to make on an off day so you can have breakfast made for the whole week.
-Protein Bars. Make sure to look at the labels if you’re concerned about certain ingredients, and ta-da! You get to have a breakfast that is good on the go.
-Fruit with some nut butter. If you aren’t allergic to nuts, this is a refreshing breakfast that is easy and healthy!
I hope this helps, and I hope you have a lovely day.😄👋
Curtis S.
Low-fat or Greek yogurt, granola and fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries. It’s really fast all you have to do is cut the strawberries and throw it all in a cup together.
R O E N.
Nutella toast and bananas. It's relatively healthy, will keep you full, and tastes good. If you want more protein add peanut butter 🤍