How do you reduce cellphone use at night?

Eli J.
Leave it at (or further from) the foot of my bed! That way, if you use it as your alarm clock, you have to get out of bed to silence it.
Adam Q.
I am trying to not have my cellphone in the dining area so I don't use it while eating and then turn it off 2 hours before bed time. Easier said then done.
Carsten F.
I struggle with this too, but what I do is remind myself in the evening that I shouldn't use my phone too much. Then just finish up what you're doing on your phone, and occupy yourself in another way. So by nighttime, especially before sleeping, you would have gotten used to not being on your phone all the time, instead doing something like tidying your room or stretching! 🙂 you can do it!
Irene J.
I have the same problem, and I am pretty sure its a nervous habit. When i cant quiet my mind before bed I grab my phone to avoid getting nervous or anxious. The phone serves as a stress reliever. Its just like any other addictive habit. It therefore should be dealt with by finding out the root cause first, then seeking help with relieving stress cause by the root of the problem. For example, in my case I have to deal with the nervousness/anxiety and the negative thoughts/feelings that are causing it. Then my phone use will quickly resolve itself, once i become more peaceful and mentally healthy.
Francesca G.
Surprisingly, I turn off my phone….
I do have a house phone that only emergency contacts have. If it isn’t life or death, it can wait until the morning.
Remy A.
I shut off my Wi-Fi, so I'll have to use my data and I don't want to waste that because I have limited GB. That stops my from mindlessly going on social media or YouTube.
Anton Z.
Rub lavender oil onto the soles of your feet and go to bed. Read and go to bed when you are tired. I use mostly at night because I have time. Just set boundaries on people who want to chat.
Jizelle Y.
I have a switch off time on my phone. So each night at 8:30 pm, regardless of what I'm doing on my phone, it will turn off by itself. Granted there are nights when I got out of the phone being turned off but more often than not, when the prompt comes, I allow it to do it's job.
Surendra T.
I first observed my right sleep time. Then before 1 hr of sleep time, I try to avoid using cellphone & instead of that I read a book or read some entertainment stuff from magazine or newspaper.