How long do you give yourself in the morning to make and eat breakfast?

Ina J.
About 15 minutes is totally fine! A simple yogurt is what I actually eat i can prepare a big meal but that is not necessary! Thank for asking

Joshua Z.
I don’t really give myself a time frame. I don’t have anything really to do because it’s summer right now so i don’t have to be anywhere. I let my self wake up then i get some water and decide what i want for breakfast then make it.

Karla Z.
I am not a morning person, so I try to sleep as long as I can. I wake up at 7am and have to leave my house by 8:10am for work. By the time I get to eat breakfast, its usually around 7:35ish. To answer your question, I usually give myself like 5 minutes to make breakfast and then I use the rest of the time that I have to sit down and eat it. I hope this helps!😅

Hadrien Z.
I usually try to eat breakfast pretty fast to get to school on time, but when I have the time I'll take around 45 minutes to cook my own breakfast then eat it at a good pace. I think anything is better than nothing though, so if that means just grabbing a banana and taking off that's what I do 🙂

Name F.
Well, my morning routine lasts for 1 to 1:30 hours depends on which day it is, but in this time I give my self around 15 minutes to prepare and eat breakfast, I like to eat lightly in the morning so I make foods that need little to no preparation, e.g. hardboiled eggs, fruits, vegetables etc.

Karina N.
Usually 15minutes on weekdays (but sometimes I prepare the breakfast the day before) and I have unlimited time on weekends

Brayden P.
About 30-40 minutes☺️ Today i made a spinach and apple smoothie with some water and bread. It took about 20 minutes to eat and 10 minutes to make!

Sofie W.
45 mins long if I'll be the one to prepare our breakfast. But usually I'm grateful to have a loving mother who prepares breakfast always and I spent only 20mins to finish my breakfast just by eating alone.

Jeanette B.
I think it depends on what you prefer. Usually it will take me a few minutes depends on what I am making. Don't eat in a rush. Give yourself enough time – as long as it doesn't affect your whole day. I think it's important to not only eat comfortably, but to enjoy your food. So do whatever feels best for you. ❤️

Elsie P.
I am a pretty slow cook, so I give me all the time I need. I know that I would choose easy options like cookies if I didn't give myself at least one hour to make healtier ones. I am lucky enough to be self-employed and have that kind of flexibility.

Zara N.
In the morning my routine is to drink water so that it will help regulate the food intake. and then I exercise after that I will prepare breakfast it will take me 25- 30 minutes to finish my breakfast. Then I will proceed to work after that or take shower

Jezabel P.
I’d say about 45 minutes to an hour, depending of course on what you’re making. This is so you’re not in a rush for prepping and cooking, then really getting time to eat and enjoy the food. It’s better to eat slowly, especially in the morning. You could prep things the day or night before to reduce that time as well!