Any suggestions on how to ensure that I take a proper breakfast?

Jennifer F.
Plan the night before what you are going to do in the morning. The planning includes more than what you are going to eat and how you are going to make it. It includes how you are going to incorporate it into you morning routine. When will you take breakfast? Where am I going to eat – at home, at work? How long will it take you to prepare, eat, and clean up? Seems like a lot of time in the beginning but it quickly became just part of my evening and morning routines.
Fabio P.
Start by shopping and keeping healthy food items on hand. Then start by establishing a habit by setting the food items you plan on eating the night before. If the items you plan on eating need to be freshly cooked, set your clock to wake you up 5-10 minutes earlier . Watch a healthy breakfast video to help with visualization
Isidoro Q.
As a vegetarian I feel is quite sufficient to take the brake fast. Once I take it it is probably a healthy one. Bananas avocados sometimes eggs, yogurt and fruits etc
Barbie A.
Taking time for a proper breakfast doesn't mean breakfast has to be a big production. I block out a bit of time to pull together some fruit and Greek yogurt. Sometimes I make overnight oats, which is quick to do. So I have breakfast already made. I just grab and eat. I also make coffee using a French press. So I have four minutes while the coffee is steeping to get breakfast together.
Vidal F.
Make sure you plan your meals out. I plan my entire weeks meals based on my macro and calorie goals then I prep them for the week or the night before to make sure I meet those goals
Sophia J.
Do a big shop for the week to make sure you have everything for a balanced breakfast, eggs, veg, fruit, oat cereal or porridge and whole meal bread, nuts, probiotic yoghurt. This way you can mix it up and have some variety each day, I like to make sure I have a little bit of everything, makes it more fun and interesting!
Antonio L.
Keep what you need to make it in the fridge. And ensure a fat and protein based meal for lasting good and lasting energy throughout the day. Avoid carbs and sugar, they'll drain you soon after eating them. So beef/chicken, eggs, cheese, etc. They will sustain you. Just make sure you have what you need, obviously. I eat almost straight after I get up to ensure I minimise procrastination. Best of luck!
Leo Z.
I cook eggs and bacon on low while getting ready for work in the morning. Of course, I am mindful that I am cooking which makes me get ready quicker.
Carl P.
As long as it not process cereal you will be fine. Every morning, I have breakfast at 8am usually I'll have a glass of water, cup of tea with 2 sugars and bowl of cereals that fills me up untill about 11am.
Elias X.
Get good sleep. Drink a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning to open up your appetite. I usually am not ready for solids that early, so I just make a well balanced smoothie. It’s quick and I know I’ve got all the nutrients I need in one go!
Bobby E.
Planning is key. Most times I end up skipping breakfast because I don’t have time and I haven’t thought about what I want to eat or I don’t have it in my kitchen. It is better to prepare and buy groceries in advance and just decide the night before what you will eat. This saves precious time and energy/willpower in the morning.
Dwayne Q.
Set your alarm 30mins earlier than you would normally set it for, this allows you more time to get ready and actually have a healthier breakfast.
Tobias W.
Plan what you're going to have for breakfast before going to bed. Make sure everything you need (ingredients, pan, etc.) Is ready. That way when you wake up you can easily get it ready and since you already planned it out, all you have to do is follow through.
Josiele T.
I am not the best person to ask about eating because I have had for kidney failure about 6-8 years, that I know about! I have one kidney functioning at between 29 – 38% most of the time! At 15%, one is looking at Dialysis 3 times/week for 3-4 hours and/or looking for a new kidney!
Because I had a health issue involving the small intestine, whenever I went out of town, I always took the latest labratory report with me. One never knows about accidents or else which would put me in a hospital, so it was important that I carried it always,wherever I go!
A few years ago, I looked up to see when the kidney problem had first shown up! It took a long while to find it……..about 20 years back! My physician had done a full report and had found that my kidney function was 60%, this is time to tell a patient to watch what they eat! 60% – 30% is a definate watch! My Dr. Was in the process of going overseas to teach and practice medicine to help a needy country for a couple of years. He wrote on my report that his replacement was to call me and tell me what to do. He never told me for years. I moved to another city where my new doc never said a world, I had a Center Core Spinal fusion, then, a Total Hip rReplacemrnt, then a relatively minor abdominal surgery, after this I had a 2nd Total Hip Replacement followed by 2 years another Center Core Hip Replacement!
It was after the last surgery, that a weird thing happened! Into my room comes a beautiful lady with a name tag on her gorgeous Sari gown. She introduces herself to me … a NEPHROLOGIST! A kidney specialist! I suggest that she is in the wrong patient's room. She ask my name, I told her, she names my two neurosurgeons, I agree. She then tells me that she is in the right room.
She, then tells me that the lab results show that I have a kidney problem that requires at, least , monthly checkups! She graciously offers to take me on as a patient, knowing that they are hard to find. Unfortunately, I lived too far from the city to see her. And I do not panic about anything, so I told them that I would get one as soon as I recovered from the surgery.
And I forgot! A year later, I was frustrated with my current doctor. For three years I had complained to her of several complaints. She asked how I felt and I told her heavy fatigue, loss of appitite and mostly , I felt "toxic" , a word I never use. I do not have a reputation as a complainer, I usually wait too long to complain,but she never listened to me. It is the quiet patients the docs must listen to. They must have something bothering them. I decided to go to the Cleveland Clinic in one of their satellite cities. I got a full workup, xrays, full labratory workup, psych and nutritional workup, a kaniesthologist(sp?) workup, a full discussion with a physian, a physiotherapist, plus! By the end of the day, I got a full report on what was bothering me. I had Kidney failure! My GFR (kidney function rate) was 21%
It took 3-4 mos. to get a Kidney Specialist, I have to follow a special renal (kidney) diet which is almost opposite of a normal diet.
I am allowed 5 ounces of Protein a day I love beef, chicken and fish, my fruits and vegetables, which I love, are greatly limited because of phosphorus and potassium Breads should be white instead of the 12 grain because of the size of the molecule that compromises a fragile kidney. Cream is better for me than 2% milk! I risk that because I Don't like cream. I was a chocohalic and a workaholic….can't have that. But I can drink Root Beer. I sort of follow the diet, I Don't eat often (which is my worst crime. The main reason is that I lost my sense of taste and appetite, therefore I forget to eat. I am never hungry.
However, what I do eat or may not eat, probably may not be good for you. What I tend to eat for breakfast is a slice of bread spread with a teaspoon of pure peanut butter and a teaspoon of unsweetened apricot and mango jam. Water, which is always with me in S'well thermos no glass, bottles. They keep very cold water, cold for 24 hours and hot water hot for 12 hours! I have a "Green …….?……". Apple
Sorry, I forget the name at the moment. I am 81 and have lots of very senior Senior moments! That is my breakfast! It has kept me healthy. You are probably young and n
Soren Y.
Find out what type of breakfast works best for you & your body. For me protein is excellent to help me feel fueled body-wise & brain-wise. Eggs are a good example for me. If you're struggling with what works for you talk to a nutritionist or look online for meal plans & try them out. Good luck!
Darciela W.
I like to make sure that I eat within one hour of waking up. If I know I will be in a rush I put some plain yogurt, berries, banana, granola, chia seeds, and shredded coconut in two containers, or one segmented container, the night before.
Joshua P.
Buy groceries with a plan on how I'll use them through the week. Plan for variety access the week last the time of grocery shopping and make it interesting to prepare breakfast daily. Also sleep early and on time so that mornings are fresh and less staining to make you less lazy just before heading to work.
Mikkel B.
Preparation ahead (like the night before) is very important because all of the hard part will be done before you even get up. Instant oatmeal with or without fruit just takes a minute to make and can be made while getting your tea or coffee heated. I'm going to try making oatmeal in my crockpot so it will be ready in the morning and can be used later in the week also. Eggs can be made on the stove but even easier is preparing enough hardboiled eggs for a few days on Sunday. I try to keep bananas and oranges available. We also keep berries which can be added to your cereal along with nuts
This means that you can have eggs, hot or cold cereal, fruit and a hot drink at the of your day.
Dejanira W.
I always have 3 levels of quickness for breakfast ready. The; Up with plenty of time, Up with just enough time and Oh S#&% im late. All previously selected to ensure I get the nutrients I need for my physical job.
Eli Y.
I like eating, so for me it's very easy, but when it gets hard I try to look at pictures of delicious food to remain motivated.
Aaron F.
I take a frozen shake..,. With
3 types of fruit, Greek yoghurt proper, coconut milk powder, greens powder , blu niacin,
L On O.
Check labels. NO SUGAR. Add a vegetable. No fruit juice (sugar).
Personally, I eat a bowl of Cheerios with a big blob of peanut butter and a banana.
Jonathan Z.
By having healthy food in the fridge and allowing myself enough time to make it (whether the night before or morning of) I am more likely to eat something. Having the app also helps because its a reminder that I'm making progress in continuing a healthy habit – so I don't want to stop!