What do y’all eat for breakfast?

Ella Q.
Most people think the English have a 'full English' every morning. Sadly that's not the case. Rather we'll have tea and toast or fruit
Sophie Z.
I do oatmeal with bananas, blueberries, and other fruits. I also do fruit smoothies. Thanks for the question have a nice day!
Derrick P.
I often make smoothies or prep healthy breakfast burritos ahead of time (mashed sweet potato, black beans, scrambled eggs, and a little cheese or avocado). They freeze well and you can just pop them into the microwave for a few minutes
Angelica O.
Lately, I’ve been eating a small bagel (110cal), light cream cheese chive and onion flavor (60cals), orange juice (110cals) and some rotisserie chicken lunch meat (60cals). It’s super tasty, satisfying and low calorie!
Adalbert J.
I eat oatmeal as it is rich in fiber. I also add many toppings such as banana and peanut butter which really add up to the nutritional value of it.
Milka F.
I ate French toast. You should make some all you need is eggs, bread, and if wanted some cinnamon. Hope you do good with your challenge.
Rose X.
Today I had half an apple but it varies sometimes I have toast with avo and egg sometimes I have porridge sometimes I have Cerial just depends on how hungry I am that morning witch usually I'm not. Good luck
Hans Rudolf J.
Well it all depends on how I feal for that day.
I sometimes have plain yogurt with nuts and a banana or I have oatmeal with two fried eggs but I use coconut oil to make my eggs. Then some days I’ll have a apple and nits and a tablespoon of peanut butter for protein. I work with children so my breakfast has to be a protein breakfast for energy.
Thanx for asking.
Mason O.
I love to eat a lot of carbs, to give me energy for the start of the day. Since I have a high metabolism, it seems to work for me. I eat any of Bananas, chocos/oatmeal with fried eggs and any other fruits, and lots of water
Justin S.
I usually don’t eat a whole lot for breakfast. I just make my breakfast shake and go on with my day! Though so I have been using this app I’ve decided to take the time to make food even if it’s just microwaved oatmeal!
Warren P.
I eat three slices of bread with chocolate paste and one with peanut butter. Also beside that i eat a few olives and drink 2 cups of tea and one cup of water. In the weekends I also eat some fruits
Mya Z.
It depends on What my body needs. One Day I could eat home made granola, another i could eat egs with bread and vegetables or sandwiches.
Gustav A.
I don't usually have a lot. I'll have a small portion of whatever looks best in the kitchen. We're not exactly the ones to go out of our way for breakfast food since Jerm is the bread winner yanno and he doesnt eat breakfast. He doesnt make time for it in the morning because he works. So most morning I eat lunch food or cereal 🙂
Princetta N.
Sometimes I eat avocado toast with whole grain bread and eggs or I eat oatmeal and yogurt. I always have a cup green every morning as well (I’m not a coffee person)