Good, healthy, QUICK TO PREPARE low calorie breakfast

Sheri I.
I love Butterball, ready to eat turkey bacon. Well, I don t actually LOVE it but if you get it crispy enough, it s not so different from pork bacon. I love fruit so it s easy to throw some blueberries in my mouth to give myself a carb.
Ms B N.
I am a regular subscriber to Daily Harvest so I get frozen smoothies delivered to my home every week. I hate eating my greens, so by starting my day with a blueberry kale smoothie, it’s a quick and delicious way to make sure I eat something green. Another quick breakfast option is overnight oats – there are lots of recipes for those online. I often have those for lunch, actually, or a late afternoon snack.
Rafael N.
A good breakfast bar. When you go shopping next, find a low calorie, healthy one and pick that for the week. So, you won't feel guilty when you need a quick breakfast and it will fuel you quickly. Personally, because I am from the UK, I have this breakfast: 1 Actimel Drink, 1 Yoghurt Breakfast bar and some blueberries. This is just a suggestion but you can also choose something different.
Bob J.
Overnight oats. I can have them almost everyday. The exceptions are always weekends. My go to ingredients: full fat milk (skim milk is robbing you😛) raisins oats, Chia seeds, strawberries, cinnamon clove cardamom powder.( I add lots of spices because 🇮🇳)
Nylah E.
For quick breakfasts, I like to do overnight oats. It’s a bit higher in calories than say egg white muffin cups BUT it keeps me more full for way longer because of the high fiber content in the oats. I dress it up with different fruits and spices every few days. And making it the night before means I have more time in the morning to do other things!
Camila F.
I find that meal prepping is my key to a successful breakfast. I hard boil eggs once a week, and it allows me to have both a healthy breakfast and a healthy snack!
Deann E.
I blend a mix of fruits/berries and a touch of spinach. Then I add a spoon of muesli to give it a bit of thickness. It works for me. Gives me a lot of energy. Or you can prepare a salad a night before. Or cut your omlete ready the night before. :). Buckwheat or oat porridge is great as well. You can make it in bulk and have it heated each morning.
Megan W.
Oatmeal. I put the oatmeal in a bowl season with ginger, salt, cinnamon add trail mix and peanut butter, fill with water microwave for two minutes and then add chocolate almond milk.
Aliciya E.
For me, I usually prepare only the egg whites and a banana or apple. I do this because this is a quick simple way to get your day started! I hope this is the answer to your amazing question 🙏! If you can answer my question, why did you choose me to answer your question? Have a nice day!
Gertrude Z.
Two spoons of dry oatmeal, two spoons of chia seeds, an apple, some cinnamon, a cup of milk, mix and let it stay in the fridge for several hours
Kim N.
I like to smear a little bit of almond or peanut butter on a carmel rice cake for a very quick breakfast. If time permits I’ll slice half a banana to top it off.
Logan U.
One pan breakfast: Sunnyside up egg, handful of frozen veg mix, mushrooms/avocado and a slice of hearty whole grain bread. I add kimchi (to my plate) but that's just a personal preference. It takes about 10mins all said.
Farah N.
2 Hard Boiled Eggs, Some Strips Of Carrots, Bell Pepper And Tomato Rings, Alongside Some Labneh & A Small Quarter Of Pita Bread
Leo A.
A quick, nice breakfast I’ve gotten used to, even though I don’t eat breakfast normally, is granola, kefir/yogurt and fruits.
Darlene S.
What I like to do is take a piece of honey wheat toast, fold it in half to take a piece of the center out. Then I take my own and warm it up between 7 and 8, put some butter inside. Once that melts I put my bread in the pan and I pour egg whites in the center, let that cook and flip sides. And once that’s done I put some avocado on and some salt and pepper then enjoy! It’s pretty filling I can’t even finish 2 of them