Could you still have things like waffles and pancakes for breakfast if you limit the syrup?

Arron J.
I think so, but not everyday. The most important is the balance, so once in a while you can eat pancakes and waffles, but don’t make it a every day thing.
Ruperto A.
You could probably still have pancakes or waffles if you use a healthy recipe with low sugar, and you could top them with fresh fruit and/or cream or yoghurt.
Jar A.
My man adores home sweets, so I cook them 😏 But it's always an option to eat them for lunch 😂😂 I like healthy breakfasts., for example, nuts with an apple. And I am really shocked that it works – I don't feel hungry for 4 hours after that..
Emily Z.
Definitely. You could make up the batter using white flour alternatives and sweeten using fruit. Or just enjoy the subtle flavour of a naturally sweet pancake without syrup.
Emilie G.
If I did, I would do it sparingly. I'm on Weight Watchers and due to the high fat and sugar counts it would be to many points.
Benjamin E.
Well to be honest, I try to have a balance diet. So in my culture we don't really eat waffles or pancakes for breakfast. Usually I eat fruit tea whole whet bread with butter. I don't drink milk only the vegetables ones. If I eat waffles for breakfast I try to do it as healthiest As possible.

a bit of butter. Another times I make my own spelt bread with some smoothie.

Abigail P.
Syrup is a sugar but pancakes & waffles are carbs that are also converted into sugars by your body. Eating these will cause you to crash & become hungry again before lunch. Your breakfast should contain fiber, fruit, & be high protien to avoid a sugar crash & keep you satiated until lunch.
Aziz S.
The app has some great alternatives, sugary things aren't great at keeping you full all morning which is the goal. Try to avoid them, or if you really love your pancakes try a recipe that includes protein powder to keep you full. They often have less sugar then, you can use Greek yoghurt as a tasty topping or some berries, they're nice put of season frozen too.
George E.
I believe you can have anything for breakfast. As long as it fills your body and if you make sure you have some form of protein to help you til lunch. Eggs, bacon, protein shake, etc
Naomi Z.
Yes, I would say that it’s important to eat foods you really like. That being said I wouldn’t consider pancakes to be healthy – there’s not much nutritional value. Limiting the syrup is a good start though!
Troy S.
I try to go for a protein waffle/pancake mix and substitute local honey for syrup in order to reduce some of the sugar and still get some protein
Alex J.
I think you can have it once in a while without limit nothing. Everything in small doses and eated sometimes is not bad for us but a cuddle for our soul.
Louis E.
Of course you can. Use fruit and honey or a little cream. It’s nice. Its not for every morning breakfast though. It’s what we call in our house… “sometimes food”
Just have small portions.
Rodney Z.
I started making my own pancakes and waffles using almond flour instead of white flour. They are much more filling and keep me full longer. I also use 100% organic maple syrup. It doesnt have the refined sugars, its naturally sweeter. A little goes a long way
Marzena F.
If I am going to have a sweeter breakfast I usually try to have a healthier option. This could be as simple as going lighter on the syrup, but you may even think to try a healthier version. This does not mean you need to spend all morning trying to figure out how to make two ingredient gluten-free, low carb, sugarless waffles. It can be just as beneficial to pick up some healthier frozen options.
Hilda S.
It’s very rare that I have pancakes or waffles-and because of that I opt to enjoy high quality syrup (or whatever goodie such as lemon curd etc) and cut out something later in the day
Klaus Dieter U.
Sure – any breakfast is better than no breakfast. However – when you're ready for the next step than I would recommend a different breakfast choice; one that will make you feel fuller for longer (not just carbs)
Sophia A.
It depends on what type of syrup it is. If you have no sigar syrup then you could probably still be able to eat as much much pancakes and waffles you want. Now if you regular syrup then you might not want to eat that much sense waffles and pancake because they are basically known as bread and iif you add bread with syrup then that's not really the most healthiest you can be.
Brad F.
I think it's the carbs that you should avoid. That is what makes you have a crash and causes you to be hungry again quicker. I do love my pancakes and waffles though. It should be a once in a blue moon treat, not an every day breakfast.
Amy O.
No. This is because Pancakes and Waffles still have High Sugar and man made products on. If you want to have that sometimes, look up some natural recipes online because there are plenty.
Bob C.
You could and you should. Just not everl day. You should also make sure they're whole grain and you use real maple syrup, not the fake kind. Having your favorite things for breakfast,as long ad you fi but overindulge is fine.
Angelita A.
Yes! Don’t ever try to restrict your favorite foods. I would recommend homemade waffles and/or wheat waffles. You can find lots of healthier versions online and make a bunch and freeze them. Then just pop them into the toaster. I would recommend adding fruit on your waffle and only a little bit of syrup so it’s still sweet but not as unhealthy.
Jean U.
Absolutely! This morning I made pancakes from cream cheese, honey, egg, and cinnamon, and I topped them with just a bit more cream cheese. They were absolutely delicious! I realised that the reason I used syrup wasn’t the sugar; it was actually just the moisture.
Laura U.
Of course. You should have a positive relationship with food, don't restrict yourself to the extreme. It is all about moderation and enjoying the food
Aaron A.
Not daily. However once a week or twice without the syrup or any other sweetener should be okay. Since you may eat carbs (rarely sugar) during the first half of the day to burn it out by the end of day.
Salazar Q.
Of course! You add up some blackberrys while cooking and add some homemade jam instead of syrup… I used pineaple last time! No sugar added, instead I added some stevia!
Silje N.
No! Waffles and pancakes are for special occasions, I can’t believe someone would eat it as a healthy breakfast… o_0 Try some fruit and muesli and a boiled egg.
Melinda X.
I think yu should try not To but it’s not terrible either you can try to use something like honey instead off syrup and make maybe blueberry pancakes and have fruit on it. You can also have at least one cheat day a week so it helps you stay motivated as long as yu dont completely overeat and fall back into bad habits