Is fruit enough for you? Or are you starving as I am?

Santiago W.
Fruit is not enough for me and it’s not my go to snack. I’m a cheese and crackers or yogurt lover so adding fruit to the yogurt works for me. Also love nuts which pair nice with fruit. I never throw out leftovers lol even a tiny piece of chicken because that is great protein for a snack- with cheese and crackers😂. Fruit is a great dessert for me or when I’m looking for some sugar but definitely not a meal lol. Hope that helps

Sara G.
If you mean as a meal like breakfast then nope! You need some healthy fats, protein, and carbohydrates to feel satisfied and full until your next meal! Maybe try the fruit on top of a bowl of oatmeal with some crushed pecans and honey! (:

Minna U.
I feel like I’m the moment it’s totally filling and hits the spot but then as I get moving and more productive/active, I start feeling less satiated and like I need to snack. Shortly after this point, I go in for some veggies or something light, and definitely keep hydrated by drinking water, as to not over do it. I honestly thought maybe I wasn’t the only one but I usually don’t get to relate to someone about it either lol

Mariko F.
Yes it enough. I love fruits so much and i eat them everyday cause when i receive them i feel full of power and vitamins

Tablo N.
No, I think I need more food as a fuel foundation of my day. There are other healthy options such as eggs and bread in the morning, only fruit is too little to stay energised trough the day.

Bill P.
Fruit can keep me full for a short time! That is why I consume it as a snack! I aslo eat fruit as a part of a meal, when it's combined with other types of food!

Michael F.
It really depends on the fruit that I'm eating. For example I could eat 2 bananas and be full but when i eat apples it's never enough.

Katka U.
Althought fruit is good for you, it is not enough on its own. You still need slowcarbs to get through the day! Get some healthy bread (whole grain, rye) with your fruits.

Gabrielle F.
Fruit serves my eating/snacking cravings but it doesn't give me the energy that an actual meal would. I usually use fruit, like strawberries as a side for a meal. Or I'll have strawberries, bananas or mandarins as a snack/dessert /quick breakfast.

Pablo T.
I think that the question isn’t quite…correctly mended. Like…what does eating fruits and being as starved as the person who wrote the question have to do with each other? I eat vegan anyway, so fruit is quite alright for me, even if I eat more vegetables. Like…can this question please be rearranged to be clear?

Rotraut X.
Fruit is plenty because it is filled with water and makes it complex to digest in your body. Fruit is filled with with vitamins, minerals, water and fibre

Gabriel Z.
Why are you only eating fruit? Is that part of the program? You need a variety of foods and macronutrients to stay healthy, including protein and healthy fats.

Angela C.
Fruit is definitely not enough for me as a “meal”… I’d consider it a snack in between meals or as a “dessert” after dinner