What is better, eating breakfast before or after exercise?

Abdalla N.
Definitely after, since food takes quite some time to be digested and converted into energy for your body, eating food before working out will only make you feel heavier and slow down your workout

Adalgisa F.
I think that getting exercise before breakfast is better because it gives your morning a better start. You can also look forward to eating breakfast. If you exercise after breakfast you might feel more weighed down.

Marvin F.
I prefer to workout on an empty stomach, before breakfast. I have breakfast straight after though to fuel up.
If I was to go on a long run ar do a workout for longer than an hour I may eat a banana early on to give my body something to work with. But working out after eating makes me sluggish and I don't put in quite so much energy

Pam H.
Exercise is better after breakfast, be sure to wait 1 hour before attempting any physical activity to prevent stomach cramps.

Christiaan P.
Depends on de exercise, I will never have a lot of food before going to the gym in de morning. It takes to much blood for processing the food. You can eat 1 or 2 bananas to give you a little boost. Easy to process for your body. If you do a little bit of Yoga,dance a bit of stomach exercise etc you can eat before or after it doesn't really matter. Also some people like to eat before some after. Listen to your body, for the right way. Hope it helps! Keep up the good work!

Vili Q.
After. It takes me a while to feel really awake after a good or bad sleep. By exercising first I wake up my body and mind then breakfast becomes a more enjoyable meal

Ma Ly N.
Exercise will move your body and should kickstart your day
Firstly, hydrate; get yourself ready for the day replenishing the fuel of your body, if you slept more than 6 hours then yourbody is thirsty. Secondly, make your body jerk with a routine of exercise to activate your muscles, this gives a start to your day with energy giving you the pace to continue moving through the day
Eat a good breakfast, to get you ready, the day may surprise you with challenging events, so better be prepared to have that ready state that you will need by adding a healthy breakfast containing fruits and your choice of protein. You will just be fine through the day either suprisingly challenging or peacefully paced

Jay W.
Diluted juice gives me a little energy beforehand, best to have breakfast afterwards. Unless just going für a shirt walk

Lilian C.
Honestly it depends on the exercise. If you are jump starting your day with a HIIT workout or some cardio no food is required just make sure to hydrate but if your hitting the weights you're better off powering up 30 min before.

Christopher Q.
That’s really up to you, but my suggestion is that if you eat first, wait at least a half hour before exercising to prevent cramps. Drink lots of water too!

El Na E.
Eating after exercise is better, as we do exercise it will increase more space for the abodeman and if we do exercise after eating it was cause damage to our internal oragans

Leana S.
Actually I prefer to do exercise befor eating breakfast because it makes me more thirsty to consume more vitamins and calories

Sara U.
I imagine that eating breakfast after exercise is better but I hope to find out. Right now the concept of exercise in the morning is very daunting.

Bella C.
I prefer to eat after my work outs. I find that they make me sluggish and less energetic if I eat before a workout. However I will have a small amount of almonds 6 or 7. Just so I have a small something in my system!

Dawn P.
It depends on how much exercise you do and how intensely. I usually don’t eat anything until my exercise if it’s low-to-moderate intensity. Anything higher, I would eat a little healthy snack for energy 30 minutes before a high intensity workout, then eat a meal with moderate amount of protein after the intense exercise.

Amanda E.
That's a great question. I've been told to eat protein an hour before I workout and an hour after. I try think never eat much before I workout because I worry I'll get sick. But if I don't eat anything than I am also sick and weak. So my short answer is I try to eat something small and light before I workout and a more substantial meal afterward.

Barbora I.
I prefer eating breakfast after, cause I exercise immediately after waking up, without thinking or finding excuses. Then I can enjoy my breakfast in a calm and with a good feeling of exercising before.

Liesa Q.
Usually I would say after for a couple of reasons.
1) you don’t want to have food in your belly when you’re jumping up and down
2) they say longer periods of fasting, not eating, is better to restore the body

Jimena Y.
I think is better eat breakfast after do exercise, I mean after do exercise you are hungry so that's why I think it's better

Crystal X.
Depending on your schedule, if you are top eat a hardy breakfast before working out… You would want to wait 3-4 hrs to digest the food. Your body would be fueled for better performances, however your body sugars would be higher. If you wait till after you workout… You would want to eat within 30 minutes of the workout. Be careful and listen to your body though, if dizzy or weak feeling during the workout. Your body functions may be compromised without fuel beforehand. Personally, I like to eat a snack like a protein bar or banana 30 min prior to working out. Then another light breakfast 30 min after

Marjolijn B.
Truly depends on the type of excersize and the type of breakfast ofcourse! Having a little bite before breakfast is usually a good idea as your body needs fuel to perform during your workout. Make sure you eat a proper breakfast after too, to refuel your body and give it all the building blocks to repair and build your body.

Zeineb B.
After! I always feels so much lighter that way around and it's much more comfortable. That, and you work up an appetite and can eat more consciously after stretching or working out.

Tobias A.
Après l’exercice je pense ,car j’ai entendu beaucoup de docteurs dire de faire les exercices à jeun . Et ça nous permet de prendre un meilleur petit déjeuner parce qu’on s’est plus dépensé .

Eleanor W.
Depends. If you eat well in the evening you may have enough energy left for a morning exercise, then if its not too long (30-40 mins) you are good. Anything longer and more draining may require at least a smoothie/bananas or pre workout kind of meals

Rebecca P.
I try to make sure I havent eaten an hour before exercise, regardless of the time of day, as I get a stitch a few minutes into the workout…. I'll always eat afterwards.

Lucas F.
I think this is personal. If I’m just going for a walk or a run I eat after. But if I’m going for a workout I drink a protein shake just to get the energy and then have proper breakfast afterwards.

Eust Quio I.
Personally, I prefer eating breakfast before, so that way I’m energized and ready before exercising. It also gets really hot where I am, so I don’t want to low on energy and get overheated. It all depends on what works for you, so I’d try both, but this is what has been a positive experience for me.

Sara F.
For me I am doing exercises before breakfast. Because I don't have plenty of time in the morning before heading to work so I prefer to jump on empty stomach then fill it with delicious breakfast 😁

Lillian W.
I think eating breakfast before exercise is better because you need energy to workout. If you workout too hard on an empty stomach, you don’t want to pass out.

Darlene E.
Do what feels comfortable for you. Food you eat just before exercise won't be digested in time to give you any real kind of energy boost, so there's nothing to be gained, performance-wise.

Fluids are the most important thing to have before exercise – water or squash are proven to energise and hydrate just as much as energy drinks for exercise sessions lasting under 30 minites. Your breakfast can be before or afterwards to suit your routine.

Good luck!

Khadija N.
After exercise seems better to me as it's like a welcoming greeting to celebrate all the sweats we had to shed,it also helps you gain some strength after the tiring exercise

Simon T.
You can also eat some bananas before exercise if you want otherwise you can also eat after exercise that gives you energy.

Megan J.
Eat breakfast after exercising. When you exercise your body has to redirect blood flow from your digestive tract to your muscles, so it will make it difficult for your body to process any food in there if you start exercising. If you allow an hour or two (or however long your digestion needs) after eating, then you can do your exercise, so it depends how early you wake up.

If you exercise immediately after eating it can also be uncomfortable as you'll probably get a sensation if the food sloshing about inside as you move.

Diana U.
I normally eat a light breakfast like a toast and coffee for energy before I exercise. when I feel hungry after, I would eat a proper meal.

Shay X.
After. If you eat first, you're likely to feel full and not want to exercise. If you exercise first, you will more likely work through your hungry feelings, and treat a good, healthy breakfast as a reward. It will also refill your "tank" as it were, giving you fuel for the day that hasn't been used up by your morning workout.

Missglitz Y.
I always get hungry after exercise to be honest with you I go on the just dance game but wish I did other exercise but don't

Lilou Z.
There are benefits to both. Eating before exercising will increase energy and power you through the day. If trying to burn calories the not eating before exercising can burn off more calories.

Sofia Y.
I think it depends on the intensity of the ecxersise, like I go to theatre school and I have dance classes in the mornings, wouldn't like to go to one of them without eating first but I do like to get a quick cardio, a few strength exercises and some gentle stretching in before I start my day and I always find them easier before eating. I guess it's about how much you can pace yourself during the exercise, like don't push it to the point where you feel like your going to faint and if you feel like it's a risk maybe just eat breakfast first to be on the safe side x

Clifton E.
In my opinion, it can be either way. All depends on the type of workout you're going for. I'd prefer to eat breakfast before lifting weights but if I was going for cardio I'd eat breakfast after.

Lester N.
I think having something like a smoothie before exercise and then a more substantial breakfast after exercise would be best, since you can give yourself a boost of energy before exercising and replenish the energy afterwards.

Olivia U.
Personally I would say after exercise because you can refuel your body after a run or morning yoga. You can refuel for the day ahead with protein and water to hydrate.

Lo C Y.
Eating breakfast before doing exercise is definitely the best one. Studies suggest that eating or drinking carbohydrates before exercise can improve workout performance and may allow you to work out for a longer time or at a higher intensity.

Alenka E.
That depends. If you’re training to get stronger, I’d say have some food before so your muscles are properly fuelled to carry a lot of weight. Any cardio-style exercise would be perfectly fine before breakfast, though. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve!

Lorena S.
I usually don't have enough time to eat beforehand (with an adequate 2-3hrs before I exercise). Eating before usually upsets my stomach, so after is the way to go for me. It's a personal choice though and either has its benefits.

Pamela W.
I don't know the scientific answer to this question, but I work out at 6:15am for an hour, and I am usually back home eating by 7:15. Its still within the first hour and a half of waking up, so for me at least it seems to work.

Paula P.
I would prefer to exercise first and then have breakfast, but sometimes I need food immediately when I wake up and it would be unbearable to exercise when hungry. So for such case I would have a light, liquid yoghurt, exercise, and then have a proper breakfast.

Gaurav C.
Breakfast should ideally be taken after exercise. You build up an appetite after working out. It is healthier for the body. Digestion can be impeded if you eat before an exercise session. One can have a light snack or a fruit before a session though.

Mc Kenna Q.
BOTH! Both are very important for different reasons. First it depends on what your goals are, if you're lifting weights or exercising vigorously a pre workout breakfast that includes a complex carb thats high in fiber gives you energy to complete your workout to the best of your ability. Give your body atleast an hour to break down the food before you get going. Oatmeal is a great choice, dont over do it but abour half as much as you would normally eat.
Post workout meals are equally as important to replenish what you spent in your body, a good complex carb and protien to put that work into results. Protien shakes can be great for this but its good to get your nutrients from real food too! Try a piece of Ezekiel bread and a couple eggs.
Good luck with all that you do.