What meals can I prep ahead of time so that making breakfast doesn’t take as long? I find making breakfast takes up most of my time before classes which is why I tend to either grab something on the way or not eat at all.

Ingetraud F.
when you have enough time, prepare a bunch of salad (any veggies and fruits you have laying around; i do this every 4-5 days), boil lentils or beans with herbs and spices (and maybe some veggies like spinach or kale), and cook some things like quinoa or some other whole grains (you can so this with lentils if you would like). Prepare as much as you would like and store extra in the fridge (or freezer if you make a LOT). Heat using a microwave for quickness. You can make a sauce too for extra flavor. You can store all the things separately or as prepared meals in a few meal-sized boxes. Just do this one to two times a week and you are set 🙂
Larry U.
Honestly this question came to the wrong user since I struggle with a similar thing however I try to prep smoothies the night before and keep them in the fridge since they won't go bad and u can have them on the go or I pack some leftover pasta and microwave it (and put it in a thermal container/mug) with like a hardboiled egg (obv cook it the night b4). I know this isn't the best answer but I hope it somewhat helps 😅😅
Louna N.
I can get a breakfast wrap that I can pop in the microwave and then when I wake up I can turn it on, or I could prepare a fruit salad the night before.
Oldete A.
Personally, I make more dinner, so that I can have some left for breakfast.
And that really helps for me, in time saving & also resource saving too.
Plus having a full meal is a great day to start a day, if you’re as busy as I am, I have lunch, past lunch hours. So having a meal in the morning works perfectly in this case.
Sophie T.
Make a simple wheat porrage with berries or a smoothie. Both is healthy and quick to make. Proper cereal with either milk or yoghurt gives you slow carbs and will make your body function longer than taking som chocolate cereal.
Mathias F.
Breakfast muffins the day before can be a great option, I don’t recommend this one as much but going to like Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick breakfast in the go, or also protein drinks! Hope that helps!!! 😁😉🙃
Lili Q.
You can buy some instant oatmeal. It’s very easy to make and it’s done about 1-5 minutes. There are so many flavours and the taste is good. You’re not gonna get hungry till Lunch.
Freddie E.
If you like smoothies you can pre portion the fruit in the freezer, then I'm the morning you holust have to add that to the blender with protein powder, wanted and anything else you add. I've also seen people make their smoothies and freeze it in an ice cube tray then in the morning take add the ice cubes to the blender with a bit if water. Hope this helps
Adrian J.
Keep a large bag of your favorite nut (mine is cashews) or mixed nuts in your room to snack on while you get ready. Avoid the mixes with chocolate or sweets in them. I found that this little boost of fat and protein helps to improve the rest of my day.
Frida X.
You could make overnight oats and just grab them out of the fridge when you have time to eat. You could also make a smoothie the night before and put it in the fridge until the next morning. It what I find quite nice is toast because you can do things while eating it is is like a grab and go food. Hope that helped
Mareike N.
You could easily prepare some breakfast cookies or sandwiches the night before. Also yoghurt or over night oat meal. Or an omelette with tomatoes and spinach.