On the weekends when you wake up later than normal (10am), it is worth to wait to have a brunch?

Lo S E.
I think it’s good to wake up closer to the weekday time. Regardless, have your three meals that day. I would guess if you waited until brunch you might be inclined to overeat.
Arron T.
I think that waiting for brunch alone is foolish. Have something small for breakfast, then you’ll be ready for brunch, without the need to overeat.
Susanna P.
One the first place why you should wake up later than normal this not a good practice if you are in a routine.
Maurice P.
I would never wake up as late as 10am, so I always have an early breakfast and if I am meeting people out for brunch then I eat something to suit how I feel. Something light like a fruit salad if I feel satisfied from breakfast, or somethung more substantial if I know that I probably won't eat again until much later in the day.
Emily B.
It is tempting but I would say you are better to eat something, even something small, within an hour of getting up to kickstart your metabalism. Also lots of water if you've been out the night before 😊
David E.
Well everyone is different with eating habits sometimes. I am different myself. I can not eat as soon as I get up no matter what time it is. So I eat when I'm hungry and because I work at lot of evening shifts, I eat my dinner at 1 or 2 am sometimes. Breakfast is always around the lunch time for me. For yourself, If you feel like you want to wait then that should be ok. Without starving yourself. As long as you are eating healthy, all good. Thank you and Enjoy
Loretta Y.
Waiting for brunch is worth it, providing it’s not every weekend once in awhile it is a nice treat. If it’s every weekend I would have a small something to eat, even if it is toast or a boiled egg
Emma W.
On the weekends if I wake up late I'd get ready for the day and decide if I want to eat at home or out. If you want to go out probably wait for brunch but if you're eating at home then I would just have breakfast.
Hon Rio Q.
If I wake up later than usual I still make sure to eat breakfast normally. After all, it's the first meal if the day and supposed to give you energy. After that I'll listen to my body to decide whether or not I'll eat lunch or just something small to try and keep the day as it usually goes.
Sebastian P.
I would say so, I have been intermittent fasting so I haven't dealt with this. However, I used to eat breakfast every morning and I think it was not much different (brunch VS breakfast).
Cathy U.
Not really. The breakfast shoukd be within one hour after waking uo. Instead you could have a lighter breakfast, or replace your lunch with the brunch
Nicholas U.
Yes it is worth it, most especially because you need the energy and support that a breakfast gives you on any day including weekends, secondly you’re likely to go out visiting meaning you’ll be less prone to eating all sorts of strange food you come across which would be the case if you’re hungry as you move around and finally is that weekends also tend to end later than normal and so a later start doesn’t mean your day routine should change.
Signe W.
I do, I just make sure I track what I eat
Lee O.
I like to eat a banana in the morning, then do my morning exercise and have a healthy breakfast after I’ve finished; is that too late to be considered a ‘healthy breakfast’?
Terrence Q.
Why “wait to have brunch” when you can have a simple and light breakfast. I would listen to my body and if I feel peckish will have a snack, something light and healthy. Or even a full continental breakfast that I will incorporate as lunch and then wait for dinner rather. Personal choice and physiological needs.
Ma Lys E.
I work weekends too but on days off I'd eat breakfast when I get up and have a mid afternoon snack and a large evening meal
Mille G.
I suppose it would be but I don't wait I usually eat right away when I get up no matter what time.
Stella Q.
I do…but I don't think one should! I live in a hostel and am at the mercy of timings of the food places near me! If you have you kitchen, it's best to eat within an hour of waking up! And maybe you can delay your lunch. Or have a smaller meal for lunch. But NEVER skip breakfast. Golden rule. 😀
Athanasios U.
It's totally up to you. Its okay to be more relaxed on weekends about timing. As long as you have a healthy breakfast/brunch and start your day with a glass of water.
Dorico Q.
I am not sure, I have the same question.
I believe that since we are trying to have a routine is better to stick with the breakfast. (Maybe smaller one)
Pat P.
You should eat within an hour of waking up no matter the time. If you want to have an egg or some fruits and veggies and then do a brunch later, that's fine, but don't deny your body food; it's been processing all night and it needs new energy and nutrients. It's not worth it to wake up andbwait two or three hours to eat
Russell E.
That would depend on you. I choose to have a smaller lighter breakfast to stick with routine to power my morning. Then have a slightly bigger lunch.