How do you get your veggies in at breakfast?

Anton U.
If I'm having veggies with breakfast I usually include them by making tuna salad with celery and onions in it. Sometimes I will then serve it over a bed of lettuce and rice.
I also like peanut butter on carrots or celery. : )
Holly Q.
There are several ways to get veggies in at breakfast. Bean tacos, with or without fried egg, then add onion, cilantro, avocado, tomato. Or making a scramble, or quiche. Another way is putting them in smoothies, or juicers. Many veggies can be used in either. I don't tend to like vegetable juice,but spinach or kale in a fruit based smoothie is really good.
Niamh N.
One way to incorporate veggies is to veggies is to have omelets. In an omelet, you can put fresh green lettuce, tomatoes, garlic, and make something that is tasty and super nutritious.
Petra Z.
I would say if you wanted to get some veggies in you could have a bowl with your favorite fruits and some of your veggies mixed in as either a side or a whole meal for your breakfast. I hoped that helped have a great day