How do you make sure you have enough time in the morning to have a great breakfast?

Lucy Y.
Personally I can’t function without breakfast so I always have time but if you are someone who doesn’t always have breakfast my advice is to create a routine or make a specific time where you ARE going to have breakfast, this is going to make it easier to have time for breakfast

Storm C.
It took time but I designed my life around my natural sleep cycle. I find I have more time for morning chores if I’m not fighting the alarm clock

Ambre Q.
I try to wake up earlier than I need to get ready for work/school to complete my morning routine. Which include making a decent breakfast, as it helps me greatly with the rest of my day.

Chichi X.
I don't really don't have anywhere to be in the morning. So, the amount of time i have to set a great breakfast is fully dependent on what time i wake up!