What you do if there is no time for breakfast?

Lovepreet F.
In case I don't have time to get my breakfast. I will make sure to prepare some food a night before and pack it, to take it with myself to work. I can grab some nuts, some protein shake, juice, dried fruits or chicken to eat. That will be good for me.
Elianna U.
Well in my pantry we have intasnt breakfast essentials packs, those are powders and you put them in milk or water (preferably milk) and mix it up and drink it. It has a chocolate flavor to it and it takes about 30 seconds to make and drink. It super easy and I drink it when I wake up late!
Derrick P.
I would like to have cheese and vegetables and nuts
It doesn't need much time and sure it will be such a delicious breakfast 💚 enjoy!
Jana N.
I drink water first then try eating any little fast snack on the way and try eating breakfast once u have the time to 👍🏼
Aquil G.
Sette en tidsramme for hva som gjelds som frokost, jeg skal som oftest klare å spise før 11 for eksempel. Jeg kan prøve å alltid ha liggende knekkebrød eller noe liknende så jeg får noe energi
Sumana D.
It's better to prepare your breakfast things one night before cuz it will help if u r in a rush ….. and if there's still no time grab up anything one munch or at least something any snack to kick start your internal system…. cuz taking care of ourself is also our job and must be one of our major priority… take care of yourself cuz you matter alot…
Jeannette F.
I always find time for breakfast. Anyways, if I consider I'll be short of time in the morning, then I wake up a little bit earlier to have some breakfast because its my favorite meal of the day, I never skip it.
Alexia S.
Normally I dont eat one. I usually have 30 min to spare in the am once I'm at work. So. I need to start packing a breakfast and lunch.
Andreas C.
Granola bars and fruit always work for me, but if you have time the day before i recommend trying overnight oats, it’s delicious.
Nia G.
Lately, been grabbing a breakfast shake. Due to the pandemic, I’ve been getting groceries delivered. So if anyone needs it, you can order food from Amazon (pantry) with an EBT card & it’ll get to your home in a day or 2, FREE shipping.

I get the Carnation Breakfast Essential packets… I prefer to mix with almond milk (I’m lactose intolerant) or water. It’s better than nothing, has protein and tons of vitamins & minerals to start the day & jump start your metabolism

Angelina O.
I'm usually in a rush every morning and I don't make time for breakfast. I bought a bag of frozen fruits, a personal blender, almond milk and protein powder and it takes me 5mins to make my morning breakfast shake. The personal blenders allow me to blend in a "to go cup", so after I make my shake I just drink it in the car on my way to work.
I have the nutrients and vitamins I need to start the day and because it's a shake, I don't feel heavy or with a full stomach. I feel healthy, lean and satisfied.
I C.
If I don’t have time for breakfast I make sure I at least pick up Ann Apple or a granola/breakfast bar instead something unhealthy that’s will give me something energy but then make me crash
Pascoal Q.
If I know that the next morning is going to be a rush, I prepare a breakfast the night before that I can eat quickly or on the go. Otherwise, I keep small snack items around—fruit, Babybel cheese bites, etc—that I can grab in a hurry and eat for breakfast in a pinch.
Julie O.
I have protein bars and fruit handy incase I’m in a situation that prevents me from eating a full meal. I also make breakfast burritos or wraps ahead of time, then freeze so I can grab one, heat and go!
Leonard Y.
I usually skip eating breakfast if I have no time for it. I then end up eating a bigger meal for lunch or a regular lunch and a big diner to make up the calories that I missed.
Jeremy O.
That depends why I don't have time. If I go to work, where I can have breakfast, I just take it with me. If I go to classes (before quarantine time), where I can't eat, I just eat something on the way (mostly energy bar).
Nicholas B.
Usually I bring something to eat with me or I stop in a cafè. It’s reassuring to have something to eat with you if you’re late or simply didn’t feel like eating early in the morning.
Dennis C.
I haven't tried it yet, since I'm under corona lock down. But I'll recommend to grab some fruit and nuts on the way. Have a small stash you can count on to have in a timr of need:)
Travis B.
Well if there's no time for breakfast, I usually grab an apple or a banana, or maybe you can buy energy bars, or get a handful of any kind of nuts you like, sometimes you can even make healthy smoothies and prepare them before you wake up in the morning.. I hope this helped you 💙
Safia Q.
If you know there is no time for breakfast the next morning, prepare something the night before so you can just grab and go.