Is having cold pizza acceptable for breakfast?

Claudia T.
You are breaking your fast, so yes, it's a breakfast. I'm not sure if it is a good breakfast, considering it might not keep you full for very long

Malak Z.
could be but not the best option. your breakfast deserves freshly made like eggs, some nuts and fruit. give yourself the meal that you deserve. have a great day! 🦋

Morgan C.
Why yes of course. If it will bring you happiness, do it. My only reservation would be that it would give me a sugar crash mid morning. I personally love cold pizza 🙂

Ava U.
Yes for sure, I have spent years eating cold pizza the next day. Two days later it gets quite tough though. One alternative I have come up with recently is to fold the pizza from the tip to the crust and then put it into the sandwich press for a couple of minutes. It turns out pizza into a little pizza pocket

Rosa Z.
I have eaten cold pizza for breakfast before! Although it’s probably not the healthiest option, I’d say it would be better for you than not eating breakfast at all!

Jeanette Z.
It really depends. For me, I can no longer do it for health reasons but I say, if you love the taste, there is nothing wrong with doing it. Is it the only thing you eat for breakfast? If so, I would personally try to get some variety into your morning.

Carlos U.
Yes as long as you are conscientious about it and enjoying it if it is just to jump the hurdle you are damaging yourself

Emily C.
I personally do not think that having a cold pizza slice is acceptable for breakfast. It is a lazy man’s option. It suggests you don’t have the time to sit with yourself. Also, cold pizza? That is never acceptable. Heat it up!

Zen Bia Z.
As much as I like pizza, it is not a good thing for breakfast. Need some veggies, fruits abd prteins to start the day off right. Not greasy fatty foods.

Waltraud F.
Personally, I don't like cold pizza, or at least not for breakfast. Heavy food in the morning gives me nausea. I usually opt for a light and simple breakfast.

Louka W.
In my opinion, it is not not good to have pizza for breakfast. Beacause pizza is a junk food and it does not have all the nutrition we need.

Allison X.
No, not at all. Pizza and breakfast don't go well together, plus why would you want COLD pizza for breakfast when you can have healthier and tastier. If you don't have time you can always grab an apple, a banana or a healthy bar

Sanskruti O.
Definitely not. Pizza is made of refined flour which should be avoided in the morning. Try and include fresh items as much as possible. Otherwise make items like pancakes, or flat bread, etc.,if you do crave baked items.

Amanda F.
It’s certainly better than nothing. Obviously it’s not the best option, but I think as long as it’s not a habit, you’re good

Marloes F.
No it is definitely not. First off there is nutritious value to pizza. Of course if you put vegetables on it is might be some kind of healthy choice but that amount of dough, cheese and oil is not good for a breakfast ( even less if it is a frozen pizza where to put additives in it that are highly unhealthy).

Anurag F.
You probably have slept for 6 to 8 hours during night. While you sleep your body works on detoxification that is It removes all the waste from your body as well as digest all the food. So when you wake up you feel fresh and energetic but also your fuel tank is empty. So yes cold pizza will work but it will be better if have some thing like milk, eggs, fruits etc. Happy to help you.