Do you get up early to make breakfast?

Dane Z.
Sometimes. Although, sometimes I prep it in advance. Get a Tupperware container. Crack in 3 raw eggs, add chopped peppered and onion, spinach and chorizo. I make 4 of these and then microwave it when I need it! 🙂
Tori N.
I get up early, and just happen to make breakfast. I don’t get up early for the breakfast, but I do enjoy making it early in the morning.
Aphiwe Z.
Yes definitely, reason being I live a busy lifestyle of being at school most of the day and don’t have time to make food. I would wake up at 4:30-5:00am so that I have enough time to prepare the meals I will be eating though out the day. It will be difficult and irritating at first but you start to see that it’s not that bad.
Tilde A.
Yes, I eake up early for my breakfast. It became kind of a pleasant routine, great atart for a great day. I also need extra time for my breakfast because I like to make it not only tasty but also visually appealing.
Jito N.
Yes I do, I usually get up at 6:00 AM to make breakfast. However, in times of hurry, I make it the night before to save time. It’s a good choice to always have breakfast.
Proc Pio Z.
I will prepare the breakfast the night before so it will be ready to make as fast as possible. I take 10 minutes max to make it
Ina F.
Yes, but not always. Sometimes I prepare it a day ahead. A nice salad, wrap, even yoghurt with fruits and muesli or porridge!
C Me Y.
Yes, I do! I have children and so I make sure my breakfast is quick but nutritious. A protein shake, yogurt and fruit, egg and avocado etc..
Enzo T.
no, during school I just eat something small such as croissant or whatever, but during summer or weekends or during aby other brake I don't wake Up early but I take my time to make me something food, wheter it's eggs or whatever
M Ria C.
No i don’t. I usually just pack my self something the night before and put it in fridge. Than i just take it with me to school.
Catherine Q.
Yes and no, I find if I motivate myself to get up with food I overeat during the day and my mood becomes dependant on having nice meals. I woke up early to be productive and making myself a nice breakfast was just a part of it.
Maja F.
Daily, I wake up at 6, but I don't make breakfast until later. I perfer carrying out my daily routine then chamging it up a bit. I'm not a licensed therapist or psychologist but I do recommend that you always eat and make breakfast, but don't do it exactly when you wake up. If you have a daily routine, carry that out, but always make sure to eat something. You can eat breakfast at different times a day, but make sure you eat something that's the most important. I care for you <3
Emily Y.
No, I keep my breakfast relatively simple. I eat a quick and easy breakfast usually. This is because it takes less time to prepare and because I’m not hungry enough to make a big meal in the morning.

I usually eat a bowl of muesli or two eggs and a paratha. And ofcourse, a cup of coffee to go along with it.

Teresa J.
No i dont I get uup early to get in the shower and have chnage to look after myself and my mental hygiene before I start getting ready for my busy day such as eating and preparing food for the day
Annette N.
I wake up earl-ish but not specifically to prepare breakfast, I try to always eat smg simple that doesn't really need preparing otherwise it's too mentally tiring
Laila E.
During holidays i don't get up early but on work days I do get up early to make breakfast. I can't even imagine spending a day without breakfast. I get headaches throughout the day if i don't have breakfast. Having breakfast is a must in our family.
Jhanna S.
No, I don't wake earlier than usual to make breakfast. I opt for quick but nutritious breakfast options that I can incorporate into my existing routine.