What are quick breakfast ideas?

Ella P.
Fruit bowls, they help to also get into the habit of preparing the night before or you can buy one from somewhere in the way to work.

Ashley U.
Overnight porridge…a banana comes in it's own wrapper !… meal prepping boiled eggs or tray baked Spanish type omletes cut and prepped for the week

Brooke P.
Guac and egg on toast, mushrooms and goats cheese on toast, hash browns, fruit, coconut yoghurt and muesli, breakfast burrito

Ji Won X.
Overnight oatmeal soaked in almond milk with granola and cacao nips, greek yoghurt with granola and cacao nips and coconut flakes with a bit of cinnamon powder

Theresa N.
Try fixing something ahead of time, perhaps on the weekend. There are several recipes for an easy Breakfast Casserole that you can cut it into several microwaveable pieces after it's cooked.

Paul T.
If available, try Quaker Plain 1 Minute or Quick Oats. Put in water to your desired consistency. Take a snack-sized fruit cup (like Del Monte Diced Peaches) and pour into the oatmeal. Mix it up and enjoy!

Nicklas W.
I know this will sound strange, however my favorite quick and healthy breakfast is porridge with peanut butter, cinnamon and syrup in it.

Dolores U.
It’s always good to have options like protein bars to have on the go if you’re in a rush. One thing I am particularly enjoying at the moment is half an apple with a spoonful of peanut butter. It’s quick and small, I’m not a huge fan of eating a lot at breakfast and struggle to eat it at all so this is a perfect size portion. Alternatively if you have a bit more time poaching an egg takes less than 5 mins (1 min in the microwave) and this with a toasted bread muffin or even just bread not toasted is really nice.

Ben F.
-A quick smoothie from any fruits
-egg on a toast
-avocado on toast
-oatmeal, sweet or savory
-a salad
-some eggs
-banana pancakes
-a smoothie bowl
-a protein bar

Beatriz Z.
I love it for breakfast: scrambled eggs with ham and a slice of wholemeal bread, or it can also be: a good plate of oatmeal with fiber and pieces of apple are quite nutritious, always accompanied by a cup of coffee