How often do you vary your breakfast choices?

Eliot Y.
Not much. Usually I have eggs with a bit of something. Most of the time it's with spinach, cherry tomatoes, spicy sauce, and some tomatoe sauce on a sunny side up. Sometimes I like just spicy sauce and mayo and black pepper with dcarmabeled eggs. About once a week I eat hummus instead. I drink coffee often.
Monica P.
I do vary my breakfast choices daily although I have some favorites that I repeat every couple of weeks. I love variety in food and doing "food prep" as recently advertised is a challenge for me. I do not enjoy eating the same thing often so I am experimenting with my own version of food prep!
Auguste G.
Every other day, if I wake up feeling drained ill eat something more to treat myself. If I wake up refreshed, I'll eat something small but filling and get onto my exercise.
Dinh U.
I usually stick with the menu rather than change often because it make me easy to prepare and cook without thinking or consider between many options and then later want to eat something I like than something healthy.
Monique G.
I don't variate them much, I usually switch between two or three types of breakfast every week. When I have time for a special treat I take it though
John Vince Q.
I usually eat oats and eggs for breakfast. But when I do not have oats or eggs, i usually eat whatever I can get while still controlling the calories throughout the day.
Mila W.
I just think it's much better to give yourself good choices for breakfast because it will make you want to eat breakfast almost everyday and not skip it. I try to have choices almost every day so that I don't get bored of eating one dish for a long time. Another advantage is that you get different nutrients from different dishes and that will also fulfill the needs of the body in a better way than eating the same dish everyday.
Isabelle F.
I usually have something sweeter like fruits or oatmeal on week days when I eat alone, and have a heavier brunch like tofu scramble or vegan chicken sandwiches on weekends, when I eat with my family or friends. so it varies daily, but I still have a certain structure I follow 🙂
Sara E.
I have a 3 varieties of breakfasts which I eat. It's not much, so I think I will have to look for some other options and recipes
Roy O.
I change it up a lot. I sometimes have a hard time eating in the morning and don’t like certain textures do it helps to change it up a lot.
Magda X.
Everyday! I rather have my homecook brekafast that buy one. I'm a little bit picky about food, so it's nice to cook by myself depend on the stock at home.
Clara B.
I like routines and selten tire of them, so I like to eat more or less the same for breakfast everyday. If it varies it is often because that I might have other foods available. My preferred breakfast is oatmeal, but I do sometimes vary what I serve it with. Apples and cinnamon or cottage cheese and strawberries? Depends a bit on the day and the season and what I have available!
Enci P.
Fast each day. I like porridge for breakfast, but also cereal and eggs. I don’t eat meat anymore, but eggs are my guilty pleasure. When i meet my friends or when i am home at the weekend and we have time with my partner together to eating, than we do some scambled eggs or boiled eggs, i really like soft eggs and fried eggs! I always avoid the unneccessary sugar, and bread, instead i eat fruits and sometimes rice crispies!
Marie F.
Not often at all. For me it really depends on the season if I vary at all. Like in the colder winter months I may like a warm breakfast and make myself some porridge. Otherwise I'll just go for yoghurt with fruit and maybe some muesli.
Janet U.
I vary my breakfast choices every week or when I don't feel happy to be eating what I have. To me it's important to be excited to wake up and eat breakfast.
Nanna Z.
Not so often I either eat breakfast and lunch at the same time or I do some combination of avocado, eggs, caramelised onions, fired tomato and cheese
Storm E.
I would usually have the same breakfast every morning. I think it's a little less stressful knowing that it doesn't take too long making an egg sandwich.
Lina R.
not very often. i feel like i usually only eat oatmeal or toast for breakfast. however, when i do have more time than usual i sometimes make pancakes or egg.
Emma J.
i don’t really vary them quite often i just eat what i feel like on the day. i have oats, a few different cereals, a variety of coffee grains, occasionally something else. those are my choices
Arani O.
Not often, depends on the mood and conditions. if i was busy, i take whatever i have. If i was in a good mood, I will get the food that I wanted.
Lorival S.
It honestly just depends on what I wanna eat, really. If It's easier and quicker to eat a bowl of oats, I eat a bowl of oats. If I feel like making eggs and I have some time to do so, I'll make eggs. If you wanna change up what you eat, prepare it in the evening so that when you wake up it'll be right there waiting for you! 🙂
Justin Z.
I vary a little because I always like milk with coffee and some toast…but sometimes I like pancakes or chocolate cereals
Phoenix N.
Relatively often actually. I usually eat the things that I have time for or that are available at that moment. Say, I am in a rush and I only have 5 minutes to eat, I will most likely just eat bread with whatever I can find at that moment. On the other hand, if I have the time, I like to eat yogurt with oatmeal and honey. Or, if that isn’t available, I’ll just make something with the tools I got.
Ruth Y.
I usually just choose one option and stick with it until I get bored. Right now I'm driving a smoothie and eating a bagel, but I've thought about eating fruits (which I've done the past two days) or maybe eating Oatmeal or cold oats!
Tessa N.
That really depends.. sometimes I eat the same for 3 days straight, but other times I eat a different breakfast every day. I always make sure that I have different options. I try to always have bananas or other fruits, eggs, yoghurt & cereals etc. at home, that way I can choose what to do for each day. Today I ate wraps as leftovers from yesterdays dinner. So I don’t really have a schedule or a fixed scheme, I just make sure I have some options and then eat whatever I feel like 🙂
Jans Nio S.
I like to have 3 different choices that I can choose have each morning but they have to be healthy like Yogurt, Pancake and a banana. So hopefully that will help have a good day!
Lindsey G.
Not very often. I struggle with breakfast – not being hungry early in the morning. So for weekdays it’s usually yogurt with fruit or oatmeal to go. Weekends when I have time, I cook breakfast for the family. So more variety such as eggs and potatoes or Dutch babies.
Generosa C.
I typically vary my breakfast choices regularly because I never really continue with the same breakfast every day(in a row) I try to have a healthy breakfast each day but some days time slips away and I cant seem to find anything healthy enough.
Dogukan T.
As long as I am not in a hurry I try to do my breakfast every morning. I prefer healthy vegetables, walnut, dry fig, dried apricots. If you are trying to loose weight be aware. But be sure these are super start for the morning.
Joanna Q.
I normally don’t like having the same breakfast two days in a row, so i’ll have a 3-4 days each a different choice, then repeat again. So for example, i’d have toast, then the next day cereal or pancakes, then either a bowl of fruits or noodles (of course i tailor my breakfast to my taste so i don’t get tired of it)