Do you have breakfast before or after exercising a little bit?

Ester E.
Usually before I exercise I eat a Piece of fruit or have some water so that I have bit of energy but I usually wait a little while after so that I don't have an upset stomach after the workout. Then after the exercise I rest then eat a more fulfilling meal.
Dimitrios U.
Truth be told I haven’t exercise in a long time . But getting back into it would be a good idea. I generally eat breakfast but around 9-10 am
Jared C.
I usually exercise and then eat. I exercise because I have to maintain my body like I want and eat come after a good training like a gift for what I did.
Karina P.
If you eat eggs, I'd recommend boiling a dozen or so eggs for the week (over the weekend). Eggs are usually easy to transport, too; all you have to do is deshell them and put them in a ziplock bag. Meal prepping in general will decrease the amount of time you spend preparing the actual breakfast.
Karina P.
I usually have a small breakfast after a little exercise, but that’s just how I am personally. I prefer a light meal after a light workout because heavy meals and workouts usually make me tired, and that’s not too good for the beginning of the day.
Storm W.
Before, because i get dizzy pretty fast if I don‘t have esten in a while. Plus the body needs some sugars in the beginning of an exercise session before it can start using the bodies energy storages