What do I do when I don’t have motivation to make a healthy breakfast so I eat chips and pizza cuz they’re easier?

Rahel F.
I would never eat chips or pizza for breakfast, im always motivated in the morning and even if im not, i would rather not eat than eat them at breakfast
Gabrielle E.
For me a healthy breakfast doesn’t Mean waking up at 6 and spending three hours in the kitchen. You can east toast w/ avocado or peanut butter or eggs or yogurt or a smoothie. And you don’t need to eat the most healthy thing every single day. Sometimes it’s good to splurge and eat pizza and chips. My splurge is having cake and ice cream for breakfast the day after my b day. But just remember that there can be healthy meals that don’t take forever to make.
Maya F.
First, don't blame you. You don't have to be ashamed of it. You might have some reason of acting like this.
But if you want to change you could start by laying out the things you'll need in the morning, for example a frying pan if you eat an egg, a plate, a cup…. It would be a great strat. You can also plan your breakfast menu on the Sundays so you'll know what to eat for breakfast every morning of the week. Well, I think if you start to do that it would be great and you'll stop eating chips and pizzas.
C Ndida C.
Try focusing on a goal, for example you want to lose weight, let that motivate you to get up and eat or drink something healthy
Signe W.
Think about how much better it’s going to make you feel when you eat a healthy breakfast that nourishes your body, rather than junk food which is going to make you feel worse. Think about the after math, how good you’ll feel after you make that healthy meal. And remember healthy meals can be simple and quick.
Jas N.
Start small always for example have a side salad with your pizza or replace the chips with protein/healthy chips. And the pizza for an easy make protein low cal pizza. (just as tasty)