What breakfast are you having?

Marlene Q.
I live in Village and belongs to a complete vegan family. This tradition is carrying on since immemorial. We have 1 full glass milk just after waking up. Here we usually have full meal at the time of breakfast that includes daal, 4 roti, rice, saag, and salad.

Joris Q.
Today I had low fat greek yogurt with a honey and tumeric drizzle, I added a blueberry and nut mix with a 1/2 of a banna.

Lotus N.
I’m vegan. What I normally eat in a day and changing by weeks.
Day1 : salad: lettuce, avocado , apple, olive
Day 2: Taco Bell
Day 3: yogurt, oat meal, fruits.
Day 4: rice, tofu, miso soup
Day5: bread, vegan sausages
Day 6: vegan burger.
Day 7: porridge , corn milk.