Should you have breakfast before or after working out?

Ami G.
BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE BEFORE!!!! Your body WILL get overwhelmed if you try to work out while trying to digest food, which will result in stomach aches. Moreover, working out before eating will help you work up an appetite, and eating proteins after a workout will help build muscle and replenish resources lost to the workout. If you need more energy before the workout, I would suggest having a swig of water and/or a light snack, then having a larger breakfast afterward
Dan Y.
I've found the routine order that works best for me is to: wake up, drink water, exercise and then eat breakfast. I tried eating breakfast before but I either get distracted with household chores and skip exercise or visa versa. When I only drink water and exercise immediately after waking up, my day flows more according to plan.
Marius W.
I think it depends on the workout. If doing a cardio related workout, best to eat after the workout. If strength or low impact workouts, then before.