What is your go to when you’re super busy? Mine is trial mix but I find myself snacking more

Charletta G.
Normally, I would reach for chips or cookies but I have been trying to watch what I eat so I've switched to fruit and vegetables. I love peaches, pineapple, and mandarin fruit cups!
Natasha Z.
Trail mix I would imagine is like having a bag of nuts very moreish so constantly grazing fom the bag, hence snacking more. I would opt for something more substantial to snack on I pick apples, bananas or strawberries, it makes me fuller so I wouldn't want to snack on anything else.
Daisy W.
My go to is a rice cracker with peanut or almond butter and an apple. I like to combine fats, carbs and proteins to feel satiated for longer.

If I am on the go I will take a sachet of protein powder that I can mix with water and drink to feel fuller.

If I have more time during the week I will make some protein flapjacks with low sugar as a treat!

Domna M.
I always prepare a small container with yogurt in the fridge, when I know I will have a busy day, and when I need to go, I grab the yogurt and add some musli on top and I am ready!
Another alternative is a mix of dried fruit and nuts!
Hope it helps!
Laura P.
When I get busy I am more likely to forget altogether. I bought an assortment of protein bars as my buffer for that. Otherwise it's definitely a small handful of cashews. I absolutely love them and I tend to think of drinking water if I'm nibbling on them.
Austin J.
A protein bar or protein drink. When I'm super busy I'm also usually stressed so I'm grateful for the flavor of the bar or drink and how they are portable and I can keep moving. 🙂
Elmer Z.
If I am being honest during quarantine I have never been super busy so I have had time to plan out and make my own meals for every single one! Before quarantine however, I was always tight on time. This is because I was a full time student, full time competitive athlete, school athlete on four teams, in band, going to physical therapy 5 times a week, and going to the speech pathologist due to my breathing problem! During this time I usually would have to eat after my school team practice but before soccer, so I would just have a handful of almonds and a banana!
Ella E.
Snacks for sure. Anything that is quick and easy and probably not that healthy. Trying to be mindful in what I fuel my body with.
Long G.
Water first! Then a small pack of snacks or cookies would help. Sometimes I prefer a little apple to eat on the go. I know it’s not good for stomach, but passion is bigger than hunger.
Jacqui P.
My grocer does this amazing combination of cranberries, almonds and almonds!

If not, carrot, celery sticks with hummus!

I also carry a delicious pink lady apple as well – which is a staple in my bag

Nicola P.
I have grown a lot of tomatoes so I snack on these or on 2 ricecakes with a little bit of peanut butter and 1/2 a banana. I find I get hungrier if I don't eat in a regular routine and remember to drink too.
Property Of Pheonix N.
Anything I can get my hands on. It's not a greedy thing, just I like food, I am trying to get better and I am lucky to have someone in my life who is helping me.