How do you manage to eat breakfast during a busy morning?

Est Fani F.
I am currently doing an intermittent fasting where I start to eat my first meal by 12NN. On a busy morning, my breakfast would be a glass of water and and a hot cup of coffee. That's it and I will wait until 12NN for my first heavy meal.
Alex F.
My mrng are rarely busy

As m still a student n travel frm home… Mom makes me breakfast.

I do breakfast usually after run, workout, yoga ….

Wieland F.
I make overnight oats! Before I go to bed, I put some rolled oats (quick oats don't work as well) in a small container and pour enough milk over them to get soaken up and soften them overnight. Lastly just put in anything that you would like to flavour the oats. Frozen berries are great, but also cinnamon and apples or nuts and syrup. Then just put it in de frigde and enjoye the next morning! Best thing, if you don't have enough time, you can take it with you. Good Luck, you can do IT!
Evan P.
Just try to find something that will fill you up or that gives you enough energy. You can take yoghurt with some fruit in it or just a banana with some crackers.
Brent U.
I make overnight oats in a container that closes so I can take it with me if I need to! You prepare it before you go to bed. Just some rolled oats, milk of any kind and any toppings that you want like fruits and nuts. Close it up, leave it in the frigde and enjoy your troublefree breakfast in the morning 😁 If this fails, I also always have apples on hand to take on the go.
Ιωαννιδη Φωτεινη N.
If i know that the next morning will be a busy one I prepare my breakfast the night before (ex. Overnight oats). However if I wake up to a busy morning, I make something simple (ex. yogurt with fruit) or I go out to bakeries, cafés etc.
Olivia E.
Generally I keep raw materials ready in the night so that in morning I can get the breakfast ready within time and don't have to go out empty stomach
Mary W.
I manage t eat breakfast by giving myself a 30 minute to 1 he break from the task that I've been doing. Or im going to bring my breakfast to my study table
Alvin B.
I make a food that’s quick to make, easy, and convenient to shovel in your mouth. I eat cream of wheat because it’s got good iron and is quick to make and eat
Lyna Y.
I kinda just remind my self not to snooze my alarm since if I woke up early I can have time to eat breakfast and not rushing it
Jamie P.
I wish I could have breakfast on a busy morning.

Usually I try to do this as the first task of the day.
So while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil I’ll pop a few slices of bread in the toaster on a 2 min setting (not how I like it as I like a crunch but it’s quicker on mornings I don’t have much time)

Lara O.
Mi alzo un attimo prima per non saltare la colazione, è impossibile per me pensare as una giornata che non inizi con del cibo. Mi serve per avere le forze di iniziare la giornata, perciò non ci sarà mai una giornata troppo impegnativa per saltare la colazione.
Lester Z.
Hy, Just wake up few minutes earlier than usual so that you will have enough time for your yummy breakfast, also help your mom ( whoever is making breakfast in your home)
Leaf Heart N.
I try to make it a priority and not a thing that will pass. I have a medicine that I need to take 30 minutes before I eat and that especially helps me, as it is required. Knowing this will effect my energy and my strength throughout the day helps, and I especially try and need to continue trying to wake up at a good early time. Also, it’s great to have good breakfast options.
Lrc N.
I always plan for my mornings to never be busy. It means that when I know that I need to leave early, or that I have a myriad of things to do, I plan an extra hour before to relax.
Elias U.
I start small. Even if I only have a handful of dry cereal or one banana, I’ve had more to fuel my day than nothing. Usually once I have a handful though, I grab a whole cup, or a banana leads to more. When I don’t have time though, I like to have something (no matter how small) compared to nothing.
Apolline E.
If I'm busy or in a hurry in the morning I tend to grab atleast 2 different fruits, usually and apple and banana, and eat th on the go.