What are your recipes for eggs? :D

Kayla N.
Scrambled: 2 eggs mixed in a bowl, coat pan with butter, pour eggs in, mix around until fully cooked, add salt, pepper, hot sauce, green onion as needed
Sachin X.
I normally boil my eggs, but I used to scramble them and omelette too. So, for scrambled eggs, beat 2 eggs add some milk to it ( take your call on that) whisk them after adding some salt, take a pan add some butter to it, pour the eggs onto it and after 40 seconds to 1 minute, that is on medium heat, start scrambling from the outside to the inside and keep doing it till it becomes a lump and it is fluffy.
For an omelette, just add onions and chillies to the beaten eggs, and instead of scrambling let it cook for a minute and more and then flip until both sides are whitish brown.
Maria S.
I put some oil in a pan, I scramble two eggs and pour them into the pan when the oil is very hot. I add some crystals of Maldon salt and whisk, be careful to stop when the eggs are still moist and not completely cooked, they taste better and you will feel the salt while chewing. Garnish with parsley and pepper, i cant use pepper cause of health condition but it's amazing.
Kiera N.
I rarely cook eggs because I don't have a lot of time in the morning. But on the weekends, I do enjoy making scrambled eggs with some vegetables (bell peppers, carrots, etc.)and some cheese on top. If I'm feeling extra I'll put some hot sauce on it or put the eggs into a tortilla to make a breakfast burrito 😀
Gordana S.
I don't know, I usually just make scrambled eggs. First I take out the milk egg salt pepper and bread. Then I beat the eggs in a bowl and add a tablespoon of milk. Next I put it in the pan for it to cook, I add the salt and pepper into the pan when the egg is still liquid. Lastly I butter the bread and eat the eggs

Thanx for asking ☺

Sarah C.
I rarely eat eggs because I am allergic I can have eggs every once in awhile but more than that will make me not feel well
Julyana N.
I have several recipes actually because I like a lot doing desserts which contains every time eegs. Maybe that’s an issue I got to work on, I eat to much sweet and dessert but also I complain a lot about my weight
David U.
My favourite way is to fry eggs sunny side up on coconut oil. I leave the coconut oil to heat up for a minute and then crack the eggs onto it, salt and pepper. When the bottom gets crispy, I turn off the gas and flip em for few seconds so its not too runny.
Aurora O.
I dont have a particular recipe for eggs but I like to make scrambled eggs with cheese and rosemary. It's great for the winter or fall! I tend to put eggs on everything haha, my go-tos for eggs as ingredients are blt sandwiches and ramen.
Andreas X.
Mostly boiled. But somtimes fried or scrambled. I like them with vegetables, but I rarely do that myself because it's more work. I never use bacon because I try to eat less meat
Ana U.
You can make egg cupcakes just add some bacon or ham whatever you desire you can also make fried rice with eggs omelets I sometimes get some ideas off of Google I hope it her my friend 🙂
Anabel Y.
I like having omelettes – 2 eggs, a bit of cheese, ham if you want and some greens 🙂 also avocado on toast with eggs! It's amazing
Arianna M.
Just eggs or maybe a female chicken can gift you dome of her eggs(i tuoni they aren’t vero friendly but however try and you will see)
Rafael S.
To be honest I only like eggs 2 ways. Scrambled (well done) or pan fried in coconut oil with a little runny yolk. And if I fry them then I love putting hot pure maple syrup on them.
Ma Wenn A.
I like eggs two ways: hard-boiled, and omelette. For hard-boiled eggs, I just boil them in water for 8 minutes and they are good. Sprinkle some salt and pepper if you like or cut them and put them in some avocado toast. For omelettes, I usually beat the eggs with salt, onions, tomatoes, and coriander. Then, in a pan heated with oil (I use olive), I dump the beaten mixture. I let it cook for about two minutes and flip to the other side.
Alireza G.
Here's a recipe I love: slice green onions or shallots, heat oil in a pan and sear the onions in it. Then add slices cherry tomatoes, lightly sear, add some butter and as many eggs as you like! Season with salt and pepper and enjoy with a side of orange or avocado slices, and any kind of bread that you like. The key is keepijg the onions and tomatoes fresh and crunchy, not too cooked. I hope you enjoy it!
Ken Z.
I usually just make scrambled eggs. I first crack two eggs in a bowl, add salt, pepper and a little bit of milk and then stir with a whisk or a fork until it looks nice and smooth. Then I heat up a pan with some olive oil amd once its hot enough I pour in the eggs and stir well until it starts to not be a liquid anymore. Then, when its more solid, i stir again to make the eggs be scrambled amd not an omelet. Finally, i take the eggs out of the pan and on to a plate where you can add some more salt or pepper if you like. And after I've done that, I enjoy a delicious meal! (Could also have some salad to make it more of a meal)
Zenira S.
I eat eggs with bread as in a French toast
Then,I make a scramble or omelette or a half fry
Sometimes even boiled egg is good enough
Vicki P.
In a spoon of butter I cut some colored pepper and mushrooms scrambling eggs and spread cheese on the surface 😋 you can eat it without bread
Floyd G.
I only have one recipe that is 3 eggs in a cup then you mix it till it's all orange then put black pepper. Then you put it in the pan add more black pepper if you would like. You put it at 5 on the oven before you do anything. You put in tomatoes and mix it like your makeing scrambled eggs. You mix it till it's to your liking. I'm 10 so I don't know how to explain the way I make eggs.
Akatsuki F.
First i sauté the onions and garlic. Then i add the canned tuna flakes in oil. In a separate container crack 5 eggs and batter it. Add seasonings like salt and pepper. Add the egg mixture to the sautéd tuna.
You now have a tuna omelette
June Y.
I love eggs with vegetables. Lots of almost raw veggies. I cut and fry the veggies (Onion, peppers, carrots, mushrooms etc) for at least a minute or less then I beat the eggs and pour them into the veggies on the pan. While they cooking I grate cheese then I add it on top and put the pan in the oven to finish off cooking for 2, 3 minutes. Season then enjoy 😊
Leslie T.
My favorite way to eat an egg is over easy, but made into a sandwich with Pop-Tarts as the bread (preferably strawberry) and a slice of American cheese.
Jaclyn Z.
I like to do tornado eggs over a cup of rice. Add tomatoes, basil, and a vinaigrette on the side for decor. Salt and pepper sprinkled over the tornado eggs for taste.
Renato F.
Cut a hole in a piece of bread and place it in a skillet. Crack an egg directly into the hole. Lightly season with salt, pepper, paprika and garlic powder. Let the bottom side cook just enough to be solid then flip over. Repeat with second side and boom! Egg in a Hole.
Ida N.
I usually boil my eggs for like 6-7 min to keep the yolk quite runny. Then I slice it up and put it on top of bread spread with cream cheese. Maybe some veggies and salt.
Tiredsushiroll N.
For fluffy eggs I add milk! That’s about it though, my family has never been to big on putting spices on eggs. I used to (and sometimes do still but it is rare) make eggs and put red pepper flakes dusted with basely to give the eggs a spicy yet sweet taste!
Emy N.
I like to chop tomatoes and onions and then add a little salt and pepper, put all that in the pan and then add scramble eggs. Delicious 🤤
Rachael E.
I don't usually eat egg but I prefer eating scramble egg but in Indian style. Scramble egg with vegetables like tomatoes, onions and corridor . You can also try scramble cottage cheese it really good it's less fat compare to other cheese products.
Taliyah Z.
I put cheese in the egg mixture before I cook them to get a cheesy taste and then I add some butter to the pan to get a more milkyer taste and for the egg to not stick and then I add more cheese when my eggs are done and there u go and it's really simple to and also u can add any season u want to so u can get more flavor 🙂
Alex Y.
you must eat eggs whenever you feel tired and it is also good for your skin as well.for me,i think i can eat 3 eggs per day and ofc it’s not good to eat more than 3 eggs
Fernando G.
I don't know if you mean recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner so I'll leave you some mixed ones 🙂

Scrambled eggs
Mix three eggs with three tablespoons of milk and a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook in a non-stick pan with a little butter, breaking the eggs with a wooden spoon as soon as they start to thicken. They must remain very creamy.

Avocado toast
Spread the mashed avocado pulp with a fork over a slice of toast and place a fried egg on top.

Baskets of bread rolls
Roll out some slices of bread with a rolling pin and then arrange them in a muffin mold to form baskets. Fill them with an egg each, a slice of bacon and a sub-understanding and bake in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 minutes.

Peppers flowers
cut a whole red pepper into circles, emptying it of the seeds. Cook the pepper slices in a pan with a little oil and place an egg inside each one. finish cooking and add a pinch of salt and chives.

I hope I was helpful <3

Jacob Y.
I usually like them boiled, not too hard, not too soft.. but that is only my way of doing it, You can do it however you please!
Carmine X.
Thanks for the question! I usually eat eggs as an evening snack or for a light lunch. I beat the eggs in a bowl, add milk, black and white pepper and salt. Then I chop some veggies like bell pepper, broccoli and tomatoes. Then I pour the egg thingie in the pan, stir for a short time and then just let it form under the pan lid on a low temperature. While the omelette is still wet on the top, I add the veggies. Enjoy!
Curtis J.
Scrambled eggs, whisk eggs, some milk and black pepper. Melt a little butter in a pot. Add the egg mixture and continuously scrape the bottom with a wooden spatula. Once the egg is starting to set, take it slightly before completely solid of the fire and divide over the plates. Due to the heat the eggs continue cooking, and if you cook them all the way through in the pot, they will be overcooked once they hit your plate.
Jewell N.
Well, I chop onions and tomatoes.
Then I crack my eggs open, add a little salt and pepper, then whisk it.

Heat a little oil in a pan, put the egg in it add the chopped onions and tomatoes let it fry for some minutes. Till it’s ready.

I don’t do a lot of cooking though.

Karl Otto E.
I enjoy eating different foods made by egg
Sometimes I love half fry egg🍳.
Sometimes I like to eat boiled egg🥚
😍❤️But my favorite is egg with a pinch of salt and green chili 🌶️🥚🍽️
Juliet S.
I don't eat eggs that often but when I do I just scrambble them and put some salt and pepper. It's simple and easy. Which is good for mornings.