How much time do you spend on preparing and eating your breakfast?

Erik U.
I try not to take to long making it so about 30 mins at the most.But for eating I eat very quick so that will take like 20 mins at the most
Katherine T.
I like to spend a bit of time at breakfast. I don't necessarily spend all the time making breakfast, but I enjoy eating slowly, doing a bit of reading, drinking some coffee, and taking time to wake up. I've found a slower wake-up routine makes me feel more relaxed throughout the entire day.
Julia O.
Not long, I don't give myself enough time in the morning to make or prepare a breakfast more than cereal, but I like cereal it's quick and no real mess
Julia O.
From 5-15 it really depends, I could just grab fruits, or have a bowl of cereal, but I could also have a sunny side up egg, all of these options are good options to start the day the right way
Cristine C.
For me, it usually is thinking about it a day ahead. From there, I will then check availability of food I can cook. If there's no time getting it on time, anything instant will get a twist so it'll be not too plain.