Do you think it is best to eat breakfast outside?

Christoffer C.
Yes,if it's healthy breakfast then sure I will eat healthy breakfast after I jog or run till the restaurant/place to eat
Lucienne R.
Personally, I think eating outside is great. It’s extremely relaxing for your mind and you’re getting a good meal in. Of course, you don’t have to eat outside all the time. Just remember to have sunscreen on!
Heinz Willi F.
Yes I think it helps my brain become clearer and I can fully relax in the landscape and the nature, it’s especially beautiful if I wake up at sunrise.
Milana J.
Totally!!! If you live somewhere where you can even consider eating outside, you should definitely do it. Where I live, I can only wish of doing that. Trust me, You’re so lucky to have that option. Obviously the weather won’t always let you do this no matter where you live, but please get out whenever you can. The morning sun, and the noises of people and animals waking up is super relaxing and calming. Besides, the suns rays are proven to help you wake up. When you do eat outside, I suggest keeping your phone inside so you can ponder natures beauty and practice mindfulness. Perhaps planning your day while you eat can increase efficiency and kickstart your day 🙂
Alejandra Y.
No, I think it’s best for you to have complete freedom over what you consume. To eat and prepare your food to your liking. To eat and know that you’re nourishing yourself.
Laura S.
I love to create my own cozy place and eat my breakfast as I want. I could crack some eggs, grab some fruits and make myself some exotic tea at home, all by myself. Eating outside in a restaurant or cafe destroys my daily routine and my cozy place. But i could grab my breakfast in picnic basket and go to woods, though it's hard to do at my surroundings and conditions.
Ronnie O.
It just depends. Personally I believe anything better is outside as long as you have the time and you won't have to change your whole routine to do it
Robert Z.
No, because eating breakfast in a home give you more time to enjoy the meal and talk with family which make you feel fresh through the day.
Alexander W.
No, it may be good for lunch or dinner but not for breakfast.
I mean, sometimes it's alright to eat breakfast outside, but not all the time.
At home you can make healthy stuff or ur culture breakfast that's happens not to be outside,
Katy U.
Sounds like a great idea if you stand under a tree you’ll feel more uplifted being connected to nature and appreciate the nourishment that breakfast gives you can start your day in a positive uplifting mood.
Tali J.
I think that if the weathers nice, eating outside can give you a rush of endorphins! It always makes me feel nice to eat outside in the quiet morning