How do you keep up your energy when you’re sick and can’t catch a break?

Everett F.
think about the positives. don’t think about the fact you’re sick, try to think motivational thoughts like “i can do this” or “i believe in myself” <3

Amber J.
I focus primarily on my intake. Because at times when I'm sick it is accompanied by a loss of appetite but when I need energy for work at the same time I make sure I'm eating more calories than I regularly do to keep the body going. Since it's difficult to eat with little or no appetite I stick to things with high protien content to make it easier.

Neila I.
Dont force yourself, if you need a break take one, no one is perfect just do your best and be proud of yourself even if you dont get a everything done as long as your trying and doing the best you can thats what matters

L A S.
wind down and spend some time to yourself. prepare a small snack (maybe a piece of fruit or chocolate) and watch your favourite show or read a book or write down your thoughts. tea, raw honey and vaporub are also good ways to temporarily feel better and eventually make you feel 100% good. if it’s serious, make sure to see a doctor and get proper medical advice 💕

Inas X.
You don't, if you're sick i think the best thing to do is rest, take your time so your body could heal properly. But if you feel a bit better then you should find some motivation so you can immediately restart your habit when you fully recovered

S L Ne Y.
I do something that I’m passionate about like baking, or I just take rest. Whereas if i don't have a break then I try to motivate myself

Diana N.
Make sure your maintaining a diet full of foods that give you long lasting energy. For example instead of eating fast food that will give you energy that doesnt last long, swap the burger for a quick and easy healthy recipe. Also make sure you have a regulated sleeping routine so that your body gets the rest it needs to recover from being sick.

Colleen G.
it depends on what kind of sick i am. if i am physically sick, then i make myself take a day off, that way i get better and get more stuff done in the long run. if my depression is kicking in, i try to finish things, or at least do enough to the point where it’s done but i’m not spent, and then i take some time to myself, whether that’s 20 minutes or 2 hours. the trick is to be gentle with yourself until you can get better, since there’s no sense in pushing through illness and getting even more sick.

Leah T.
I tell myself this too shall pass, and then I list all the wonderful and positive things in my life, it helps me to have an attitude of gratitude 😁