How do I get more veggies for breakfast?

Felix T.
Veggies can be hard to eat for breakfast! Try incorporating fruit into your meal instead. Try oats, apple, banana and chia seeds for a fresh start to the day 🙂
Jackie C.
Throw them in your eggs! Seriously, just take whatever leftover veggies you have in your fridge—green onions, peppers, potatoes, spinach, tomatoes,etc.—and make a scramble. Don’t forget some fresh herbs for flavor. I’ve found its a super easy (and delicious) way to get veggies in the morning and make sure I eat everything in my fridge before it goes bad.
Frida F.
I like to eat tomatoes and spinach in an omelet. I also like greens when I eat a fruit salad. I can eat spinach as the bed for my vegetables and that would be a great addition to my breakfast. I can incorporate tomatoes by simply cutting them into cubes or even dicing them.
Ava N.
What I like to do is make a smoothie ( fruity or more consistent of vegetables)

Or, start of your day with a more watery fruit, such as watermelon.

And of course you can chop up some vegetables and cook them with eggs.

Willy X.
The way that I can put more veggies in my breakfast is by incorporating them in the food that I cook. Peppers onions spinach zucchini are all great options for me when I am cooking breakfast for myself
Norman Z.
Breakfast veggies need to be prepped ahead of time. I like to shred iceburg lettuce in one container, and have a different container of already sautéed veggies like onions & peppers or onions & mushrooms. I also hard boil eggs and keep them in the shell in the fridge.

Then the night before or early morning all I have to do is smear some Boursin cheese on a tortilla, drop some lettuce & veggies on it; then peel, chop, n’ drop the egg. Wrap it and usually eat it either in the car or once I get to where I’m going. I don’t use sauce on this as it easily gets messy. Wrapping it up in Aluminum foil is great for preparing the whole thing the night before.

Annette U.
Add them on toast, for example avocado, baby spinach, basil, or cherry tomatoes!
Sautéed mushrooms to eat scrambled eggs are great!
And you can add some cucumber on a refreshing lemonade or smoothie
Daniel Z.
You can incorporate it in a veggie omelet or put some kale , spinach into a delicious smoothie. I eat beyond veggie burgers when I feel I dont eat enough