I’ve been sick and feeling sleepy all day, even when I drink water and have a good breakfast. How do I feel fresh in the morning?

Jennifer L.
It’s normal to feel tired throughout the day if you’re sick, because your body is telling you to rest so that it heals. Therefore, it’s okay not to feel refreshed after completing your habits. So, try to get as much rest as possible throughout the day.

Also, if possible, you should get some medicine from a doctor or a pharmacy as this could help to relieve your symptoms.

Dylan C.
Get up from bed when you wake up (do not spend too much time in bed) and go to washroom and get fresh (you can pee, brush your teeth and wash your face in cold water). Drink as much water your body needs and do some warm-ups or some exercise and bath in the cold water. This will make you more energetic.