What’s the worst breakfast-related horror story you’ve ever had?

Cl Ment Q.
I found a recipe for a cinnamon almond milk quinoa bowl for breakfast. I never thought of quinoa as a breakfast food, but I had to try it to date my curiosity ( and my hunger). Plus, it was in the microwave. So, I popped it in the microwave and followed all the directions, I even had a bowl with a nice vent lid. I come back after the microwave beeps at me, open the door, and… lo and behold, I'm staring at a microwave covered mess of quinoa, milk and cinnamon. I tried the recipe a few more times with some changes because I really wanted to taste it, but I was always met with the same thing. Oh well.
Zada S.
All the eggs in the house had gone bad, the dogs were being crazy, the household members were cranky. Everything was bad. Had to eat school breakfast. A packaged donut
Dafne Z.
Waking up with a glucose level in orbit. I'd gone low in the night, and my body tends to over compensate. It happens a lot, it's a horrid feeling.
Eugen T.
I had breakfast at a pancake house. I went to the facilities to wash my hands. I suddenly became ill and vomited everything in my stomach all over the floor. No explanation.
Donald W.
When I was a kid, my favorite breakfast was sausage gravy and biscuits. My mom was away so my dad tried to make it. He couldn't get it to thicken so he just kept adding more and more flour. It was so bad the cat wouldn't even eat it.
Karl O.
When I was younger (maybe about five), my mom said I could choose my own breakfast. I was so excited because we were picking up my dog that day too! So I decided I would have two of my favorite foods: pickles and plums. Well, pickles and plums did not mix well on a long car ride to pick up my puppy, and I threw up all over the car. My mom had to ask the breeder for towels to clean me up. I’ll remember that day forever. At least we got a great dog!
Olivia C.
My worst breakfast story would have to be,…
One time me and my family were having our breakfast and then my mom said something that they made sausages with pork and all kinds of animals and that the eggs had been injected. Everyone knew it was a bluff but I fell for it🙅
Angie E.
Everytime I have latte or hot chocolate for breakfast I have to mix it with different types of bread to finish it, I can't just drink it so I end up eating so much bread and carbs I feel bloated and terrible about myself.
Lily S.
I don’t really have one! I’ve never been much of a breakfast eater. I usually grab a pre-made shake and head out for the day. I guess if I had to describe a breakfast gone wrong, it would be when I’ve ordered eggs out at a restaurant and they come back runny – yuuuuck!
Ser F.
Nobody likes a bad breakfast. But what if you had no choice but to eat it? Coming from a Latin family, I experienced the worst guilt from eating the worst food from grandma. Bland, mushy, cold, and with nothing to wash it down with but water. You cannot tell grandma her food is bad. So I eat it! And struggle to finish. Breakfast lasted until lunch and grandma noticed that the breakfast she made me was still on my plate. Sorry grandma
Jon X.
Eating too much of dried cranberries on an empty stomach was the breakfast related story as far as I remember. It caused me too much discomfort as in bloating, dizziness, and nausea. I recently doubt that I have irritable bowl syndrome
Beverly E.
I don't eat breakfast. And I went to this math competition, my stomach started growling in front of everybody. It was pretty embarrassing.
Martin W.
I've never heard of a breakfast related horror story! I imagine Freddie Kruger has at some point dropped his eggs on the floor and burnt his toast. But not me.
Katherine O.
I couldn't come up with anything from my own life but have spent the last ten minutes imagining what it could have been, and am having a strangely fun time. Wish I knew what yours was, but wanted to thank you for the question anyway – made my afternoon more fun 😁 Hope that might make you smile as well 😊
Jakob S.
when i was in kindergarten i went to breakfast in school and i threw up and then after that i thought that the breakfast in school made me sick but i was just sick