How do you stay motivated to keep on plan and keep eating great food?

Elizabeth T.
I feel good and see increased energy during the day. I'm more positive for the change that will be visible in the coming weeks.
Alexis F.
To be honest, I never feel motivated to plan and keep eating great food. I always eat to live, so for me, food is not special. But when I tend to skip meals because I am busy or don't have an appetite, I keep in mind that I have to eat, because my body, exactly like the battery on my phone or laptop, cannot go on without charging. So I must eat in order to achieve my targets each day.
Ren T.
I always remember why did I started. Are you jelous of smeone, wanna have beautiful summer body, working on your health… It doesn't matter. You can do anything, just be sure that you are trying! I hope that you will keep trying, have a great day! 😊
Falviana I.
I read about many celebrities and successful individuals who started with small steps and now the gained success..i truly see myself as a special person and i realize that how good it will be when i become my best…and i rely on Fabulous and take look at it as a schedule