Got any on-the-go breakfast that are easy to make and cheap??

Hana N.
I usually make overnight-oats when I know I’ll be in a rush the following morning! In the evening, pour roughly 1dl (~0,5 cup) of oatmeal (or however much you like) in a container, fill up with oat milk or water till the oats are covered, then finish with some toppings of choice. I love banana, frozen berries and peanut butter, even some plant based yoghurt if I have that at home. Just put it in the fridge overnight and grab it in the morning. Don’t forget a spoon! Energising, tastes great and easy to make! <3
Dawn G.
Fried egg and toast are pretty easy, or a breakfast burrito (Eggs, pepper, onion, cheese, ketchup). Dates and nuts aren’t bad either but they are more of a snack.