Do you consider the calorie content of breakfast items such as muesli which might appear healthy but in fact are not?

Oliver C.
usually I would eat higher calorie intake in the morning. But, I don’t really mind which type of food, it’s really just the amount you eat. Eating too much of anything is bad but in moderation, it’ll be okay.
Marjorie O.
I don't look at my calorie intake because I would start to obese over it. I'd rather consume as many calories as I can than not have any at all since I have struggled with eating I'm the past.
Ava W.
Yes we will consider the calories contents. Because calories are as much bad for us as good. So if u intake good calories from fruits will be much beneficial rather than these packed one
Victor N.
Yes. I think transparency in what you eat is important but it should be an opt in option because it could affect people with eating disorders