Hello friendly stranger! Do you know some fast breakfast options that are whole foods and won’t spike blood sugar?

Allen S.
Bagel, bread, or English muffin with cream cheese, basil pesto, avocado, bacon and a fried egg. It is a relatively fast breakfast. Bacon and eggs has lots of protein and the avocado adds a great source of vitamins. Pesto and avocado are good for your heart. Cream Cheese has a great source of antioxidants and vitamin A.
Willow O.
As a wise person I once new always said, anything that has only one ingredient. For example, the ingredients of an apple? Only one: Apple. I wish you luck on your quest.
Frank F.
I would suggest cottage cheese and fruit, Greek yogurt and berries, oatmeal, eggs, avocado on multigrain toast have all been good options for me
Current M.
Yeah, In my opinion, the best and fast breakfast that cover the whole foods are omelet with bread, roti, fruits with a glass of milk can't spike your blood pressure
Sue U.
Hey there! This was a big issue of mine too, 'til I found this recipe:
Protein bread + peanut butter + banana slices + honey
It tastes wonderful, it's sweet but doesn't contain sugar. And you can prepare it fast or make it the previous night for tomorrow. You cab complete this with a cup of your favorite coffee to save an energy Bomb for your day 😉
M Rlon Z.
The best option I can think of is eggs. Meat, eggs, and spinach or other vegetables is as much as I’d be willing to make for a breakfast. It’s hard to know how your body reacts to foods without using a continuous glucose monitor, but bacon, eggs, and spinach would be unlikely to cause a glucose spike. Unless you are trying to gain weight, stay away from bread/pasta, or added sugars. Fruit is ok as long as it’s solid because the fiber content will make you feel full before you eat too much.
Austin Z.
Personally I enjoy eating scrambled eggs with some seasoning or extra vegetables for example basilicum, eggplant or mushrooms.
Niamh O.
Whole grain bread banana and almond butter fruit and nut porridge egg and avocado on whole meal toast scrambled eggs and potatoes waffle with spinach and relish
Milana J.
Hi friendly person 🙂 Im clinically dumb and don’t really know what would be good for your blood sugar so I’ll just list all of my breakfast ideas and hope it helps: yogurt parfait, oatmeal (and overnight oats) smoothies, healthy cereal, toast/waffles (topping ideas: honey, peanut butter, natural jam, avocado,etc) eggs( scrambled or sunny side up) I tried my best, I also recommend looking on Pinterest 👍
Tatiana X.
Myślę, że może to być np museli z pełnego ziarna (np. Crunchy) z mlekiem, które dodatkowo zwiększa czas trawienia. Pełne ziarno przedewszystkim, cukry złożone i dużo błonnika
Hana N.
Yes, you could make yourself a yoghurt breakfast bowl, there are many different recipes to search, or a smoothie bowl, make something that has some protein in it or something with good nutritional foods that you need for yourself to be energised for the day to come, as everyone says breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy.
Grace J.
Eggs, smoothie bowls are a good two but you know your body so don’t eat anything you shouldn’t just to try and eat ‘healthy’ everyone has their own definition of healthy.
Eden C.
Thank you! I'm no expert, but there are portable cereal cups if you have to eat on-the-go. Wheat bran cereal is good. I didn't use to like it, but I'm in to a heart-healthy diet these days. A cup of non-fat Greek yogurt with blueberries/smoothies. Cottage cheese with nuts. Also, this app suggested chia seeds to me for part of my breakfast routine. I would also consult your doctor for a blood sugar diet and get tested for food allergies as well. Alot of people have nut and avocado and seafood allergies. Hope this helps.
Carl B.
Toast with avocado or toast with scrambled egg are my favourites , I love smoothie bowls as well with ingredients like mango or pineapple
Rebridgerator N.
If you have a slow cooker, you can put brown rice and water the night before to make congee and add vegetables and meat as well. You can make overnight oats with fruit as well. If you don’t have much time to eat, you can put some vegetables and fruits together in the blender to make a breakfast smoothie to drink. Happy eating!
Axel E.
Hello friendly stranger! I think you can try to prepare some oatmeal with banana topping or maybe an avocado toast with apple slices and some nuts
Diva Z.
hello stranger!! I am not very sure if any of these can make your blood sugar rise but i don't think they do:
•Mixed nuts with natural greek yogurt,
•french toasts (you can search for the recipe on the internet it only takes around 6 minutes to prepare),
•scrambled eggs (i like to use a lot of spices so they won't taste so monotonous),
i hope my ideas were helpful [sorry for bad english]
Victor Z.
Eggs are an excellent choice that I would suggest because they don’t spike blood sugar and they are also able to be cooked in a fast time, also they are tasty and they have protein, so if thinking about it, I would try them, but if you have any allergies then you might want to check what eggs have in them, otherwise, I would totally recommend eggs!
Elijah O.
Hey Stranger!
I'm not sure if it spikes blood sugar or nor. But I follow having some oats with milk every morning. It's easy for me to make because of my schedule.
Oliver W.
Anything eggs. Additional options are nuts, fruits, fruit juices, oats which should be taken in combination of at least two.
Vivian T.
Hmmmm…. I think that some good breakfast options are bananas, oatmeal, and maybe a whole wheat cereal with almond milk.
Ananya C.
You can try toast and omelette or boiled egg.
Drink milk or coffee. But if you’re a vegetarian, you can have an apple or banana or fruitchat. Quick vegetable salad is also beneficial. Or you can just have a protein bar.
Morris X.
Some oatmeal is always a great option, since you can add whatever you want. For example you can add some blueberries or instead of milk you can add yogurt to get some interesting texture in your meal.
Bader X.
Oatmeal with some fruits or honey is perfect, there are a lot of recipes online but mine is :
1 cup of milk = 1 cup of oats
On low heat put them together, and stir continuously, then add your apple cubes, cinnamon, and your honey. And enjoy!
Jeff E.
A pretty good chice for breakfast is my opinion is fried eggs with some light salad. You can eat 2 or 3 of them, it's a valuable source of protein and I think it's filling enough to resist to dinner.
Laurie F.
Eggs and avocados and really good. I do 2 fried eggs because it's more satiating and half to 1 avocado depending on the day.

After drinking water in the morning, I do this and I'm good for the next 3 hours.

Ruby T.
I get it feeling like a chore, you just have to find a way to make it work for you, meditation doesn’t need to be sitting with your eyes closed and legs crossed, it can be anything you want that relaxes you. For me personally I light a candle and watch the wick burn while I focus on my breathing, and to me, it’s my favourite part of the day. Maybe try and create a relaxing happy place in your mind or listening to music. It can be boring when you don’t do something like that. Hope this helps 🙂
Heinfried T.
I like a toasted whole grain bread with an avocado, dripped with some lemone juice and salt an pepper. And seperatly some natto which i eat just like that.
Flenn U.
Hi! One of my favorites is cereal with yoghurt and fruits. It’s very healthy, delicious and quick to make! A traditional Dutch breakfast is bread (or toast) with butter if you like and cheese. You can take a glass of milk with it if you like milk! Hope this helps 🙂
Jenny N.
Banana? In my view “fast” is incompatible with “whole foods” and not spiking blood sugar!! So porridge would be best, or boiled egg on spinach, but neither is fast!
Malthe G.
Blending bananas and oats in a smoothie with some more flavourful fruit and then topping off with almond milk gives energy and a delicious start to the morning
Chris T.
Organic oats are probably the best bet for an energising breakfast, paired up with a little bit of fruit they're a great way to start the morning
Hannah A.
Well, I eat müsli, yogurt and banana when in don’t have a lot of time and drink some water. I also really like toast with some peanut butter and 6 slices of cucumber. I hope this helps
Lebogang X.
Banana are great as a starter or any fibre fruit in general followed by the a cereal like oatmeal and probably some peanut butter toasted bread
Laura Y.
I usually have one or two eggs for breakfast, two slices of cereal bread, almonds and fruit or vegetables at will. I don't drink milk, otherwise you could opt for a smoothie and two slices of bread with olive oil and a pinch of salt. I usually prepare all the ingredients the night before, when I clean up after dinner. You can also get a wholemeal sandwich with some veggies, healthy protein, no sauces. Only a little raw oil (olive oil would be healthier). I really liked making a wholemeal sandwich with sliced ​​tomato seasoned with olive oil, a little salt and pepper, some cheese and basil leaves.
Jeff J.
No not really, I just don’t really have any ideas of what to eat in the morning. That is why sometimes I just don’t eat at all.
Sot N.
A perfect breakfast is the one who is with no sugar and with proteins like banana who keeps you well for all the morning to pass by
Timoteo S.
Oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, toast with avocado and/or sardines, maybe a light salad if you can prep ahead of time to make it as easy for yourself as possible. Try to get some carbs, protein and fat in at the start of your day for long term fuel
Charly F.
Hi faboulus Stranger! One of my favorite recipes for quick yummy breakfast Is yogurt
Pur It into a glass or mug, add for example…honey, then put a few corn flakes or oat and fruit (Peach and blueberries are my favorites). You can make a lot of variations like chocolate or jam, other tipes or fruits, ecc…
Joyce F.
A couple really good ones are avocados, which are great on toast, fish and other vegetables and fruits. I would recommend having a glass of water with these to steady the blood sugar too and to help you feel refreshed and hydrated for your day ahead. Hope this helps!
Louise I.
Eggs cooked in any manner, plain greek yogurt, whole grain toast with nut or seed butter, vegetables with hummus. Any food that is high in protein and low in glycemic index. Also, pairing a high GI food with healthy fats and proteins can help maintain level blood sugar (ex. Fruit with cheese or plain greek yogurt, jam with nut/seed butter)
Athanasios Z.
i would reccommend eggs and/or some avocado.These foods are really good for you if bought organically, and if you put them on toast can make a delicious breakfast!
Lucas Y.
Just a slice of bread with ham and cheese is always a good option that is fast and easy. If you have time to meal prep you can also precook rice and egg the night before and mix that with vegetables in the morning.
Thibault E.
In my opinion, oats are the best breakfast. Like you can switch it up by adding different types or fruits or using some other milk, there are so many options. It is filling, not highly sugary and equally healthy.
Hope this helped,
Happy eating :),
Love Akshita
Gabi N.
I have granola with soy milk and nuts, i add some rasberries and some other berries and some banana then i add a teaspoon of honey which is optional but i think it is very good
Miri E.
Poha(flattened rice)
Flattened rice is a type of rice dish made from raw, toasted, or parboiled rice grains pounded into flat flakes. They are eaten as is, toasted, fried, or used as ingredients or toppings for other dishes. Depending on their use, they can be crispy, crunchy, chewy, or soft in texture with a light nutty flavor.
Aaliyah Y.
For a long time I could stick to any habits but this time is different . I’ve really reflected on where I want to go on life and made an internal decision that I’m strong enough to be my best self. I have power over me and I control what I become. I added heavy prayer to my day first and it made me want to change my life
Dede N.
hi! im no medical expert but ive heard that avocado doesnt spike blood sugar. i have avocado toast basically everyday because of how easy it is to make! (i like to put egg or smoked salmon on top usually)
Terry N.
No I don't know sorry, but I guess I could find out? Initially I thought this would help somebody else, but I suppose it would help me too?
Jessie E.
Prepare the day before it’s always a must. Eggs are a delicious option and fast to cook. A super fast protein milkshake too. Hope you get to your goal. Good luck
Isolina E.
Foods are sooooo good and sometimes we can’t help ourselves. BUT fruit fruit fruit. Always the answer. (Apples and grapes)
Iwona N.
You need to put bread on beaten egg, then you put bread on a pan, fry until the egg on bread is cut, put the mozzarella and cocktail tomato, enjoy your meal ❤️
Erique S.
You need a good import of grams of carboidrates. Avoid them is a mistake. A slice of bread, eggs, natural home made orange juice is the best dish that you introduce into your body.
Flavedie K.
honestly I'm not sure but you can eat a sandwich with butter cheese and tomato it's easy to make and taste good, I hope I helped have a nice day!❤️
Shekeda N.
Hello ❤️
Yes! I love egg whites, oatmeal, and even Greek yogurt 😊 When I wake up early I don’t always have an appetite so sometimes just a spoonful of peanut butter gives me all the fuel I need til I ready to eat more later 😊
Aaron E.
If you need something to grab and go I would suggest a smoothie with more greens than fruits in it. Or even if there’s more fruits and veggies make sure you don’t add any extra sugar of any sort.
Maria N.
A green apple as soon as you wake up, and i know two options, 1. A sandwich with half of a can of tuna with 2 tbsp of avocado and some vegetables like broccoli, carrot, celery, your choice. 2. 2 eggs with 2 slices of whole wheat bread with 2 tbsp of avocado and vegetables.
Dwayne C.
I usually make a quick healthy breakfast such as getting a toast and cut some tomatoes, lettuce,with cheese and stir the chopped tomatoes with the lettuce with the cheese put some cumin and green pepper and black pepper with olive oil and mix put all of these on the toast. Have a great sandwich. You can make a salad or a fruit salad as you want and you can drink coffee, tea,green tea,milk,lemmon juice or any fresh juice I eat this to get it fast
Camellia Y.
Hi 👋yogurt with some nuts and olives .

Another option is to make eggs and cheese it is just some eggs and add some salt and pepper and cheese cook it a little and with slice of 🍞 enjoy 😉

Rose R.
Im a big fan of oatmeal, but once in a while I like to eat avocado toast with eggy tofu or scrambed tofu with lots of vegetables
Kenzie B.
Of course! Eggs and toast in the morning will get you motivated, are healthy, and very fast. If not you can always prep the night before, so you won’t have to worry much about time. These two Whole Foods are also very good for your blood sugar levels. Keeping them very stable!!
Amber N.
I always try to incorporate some kind of fruit into my breakfast for nutrients, and carbs for energy. (if that helps) Something like a banana, or strawberries, if I have time I usually make a smoothie: frozen strawberries blueberries spinach some water no ice and a little honey is a basic recipe( you can trade the fruits in or out for others).
Casey N.
When I’m looking to make sure I don’t have a lot of carb intake I usually go for protein. Nuts, no-sugar-added yogurt, peanut butter, and avocado are just some foods with a lot of protein. One of my favorites is yogurt with a bit of honey and fruit on it. Hope this helps!
Naomi N.
As a diabetic, I’d say red fruits are the best food to eat in a rush. They don’t spike your blood sugar and provide you with proper nutrients. Also oatmeal is a good option
Mariam A.
Of Course! A diabetes-friendly breakfast is one that includes a combination of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats in the right proportions, which helps balance blood sugar,” says Al Bochi. A simple diabetes-friendly breakfast she recommends is a plate of eggs and avocado on whole-grain toast.
Kurt P.
Egg muffins.. can make them ahead, and add whatever you like. I like spinach, tomato, bacon and feta cheese in mine.. can switch them up weekly.. also like cooked oats.. with cinnamon
Selma Z.
Oatmeal, bagel and cream cheese, avocado toast, whole grain cereal (special k) and almond milk, protein yogurt, apple/banana and pb, cottage cheese, eggs and English muffin
Maria S.
Hey wonderful stranger! Good, healthy foods that are also quick to make are definitely hard to find. It always helps to make something before hand so you can just grab it on the go. Also, salads are always a good idea – healthy, green, and they help lower blood sugar.
Fiona N.
I’ll tell you what i do since i usually need fast breakfast because most times i don’t have time so i eat a half boiled egg (or a boiled one i just like them half boiled) and grab any piece of fruit i want and my drink (coffee or juice whatever u want ) and maybe some nuts if you want !
Ana N.
I recommend eggs. They are a good source of proteins. It's one of the best options of foods with proteins and of course, they won't spike blood sugar.
Josef M.
Maybe eggs, cream or pure yogurt without sugar. I would recommend fruits with yogurt, but it raises blood sugar I think, doesn't it?
Rudolfo C.
This probably spikes blood sugar, but my default breakfast is whole milk Greek yogurt, homemade granola, and half a peach.
Isaiah S.
Yes. I typically have a smoothie with banana almond butter dates chia seeds and oat milk or strawberry peach! Or Avocado toast. No added sugar just fresh foods
Lea N.
yes maybe eat something with eggs? Or like with much of proteins because it hold you longer Full and you don’t need to eat some snacks in the time to Lunch
Mitali N.
Foods with low glycemic index like Green vegetables, most fruits, raw carrots, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils and bran breakfast cereals
Aribert N.
Hello Kind soul ,
I can try be to be of some assistance . Perhaps you can try some of these :

Multigrain avocado toast with a smoked paprika and onions

Greek yogurt with fruit


Make some baked oatmeal with fruits and cocoa it will last for the week !

Leafy greens smoothie with flax seed oil , bananas and yogurt .

Katina O.
I personally make oat meal, with berries in it. I’m fine without the sweetener. Whole wheat sandwiches is also a favourite. I make mine with eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and a lil light mayo. Hope this helps 🙂
Mary F.
The best option for me is eggs, but you can do them differently. Scrambled, cooked, in the pan, as an omelette etc. Avocados are also good.
F Nyes Y.
Hi stranger!
Great question. I know some fast breakfasts.
Maybe some toast and vegetables or fruit salad. If you want to be fancy cesar salad or greek salad.
Honorato Q.
Greek yogurt with berries. …
Overnight chia seed pudding. …
Oatmeal. …
Multigrain avocado toast. …
Low carb smoothies. …
Wheat bran cereal. …
Cottage cheese, fruit, and nut bowl.
Asha S.
Cinnamon tea or turmeric milk with some fruits like ovacado with whole wheat bread or weetabix at least that’s what I know
Ecrin L.
Hi ! When i don’t want to make a big breakfast i’m making toast. You can add into it anything you want. Like avocado,egg,cheese,tomato bon apetit ! :))
Harold P.
I would suggest maybe oatmeal, either the one you do over night or the one you can cook directly in the morning. Then would I recommend topping it with some berries or some jam that you like 🙂
Hailey E.
I can’t say i know anything about blood sugar levels, or what spikes them, but I like to start my day off with porridge and some fruit, or scrambled egg on toast, again with fruit, never too early to get started on your five a day 🙂
Vasco C.
Hello dear stranger!
There are plenty wholesome and delicious options that you can try and see if you like!
In general whole grains and beans are the best choice.
Personally I love oats with banana, a bit of peanut butter and some seeds, also whole grain bread can be a good option with some chicken ham or cheese, or both! Tastes amazing
As a trick to choose your bread, usually the darker the better!
I hope it was helpful to you! I wish you a great day and a delicious breakfast!!
Lia T.
Some eggs are a delicious way to start your day, they are filling, protein packed, and keep you going for hours. Fruits, yogurts and cereals are also really good but better when you have them in combinations. I absolutely love the idea of eating nuts and stuff like that but I don't have any. Just try your best and always appreciate yourself
Sara N.
Hello! For a good and healthy breakfast try eating some fruits and eggs, you will have energy as a drink try drinking water
Jess N.
I like to drink huel every morning. I find it's the only thing that keeps me full all the way until lunchtime so I don't snack.
Madalena S.
Hi stranger! I think a piece of toast with coffee or a smoothie won't spike blood pressure but I'm not 100%sure. Hope I could help
Shelby U.
Berries, nuts

Oatmeal with real add-ins like nuts, fruit, and maple syrup or honey. Overnight oats.

Egg bites- make them in a muffin tin and add-ins are veggies, cheese, and/or meat. Make ahead and pop in the microwave.

Starbucks egg bites: order ahead on the app. Smoothie king smoothie: order ahead in the app. Chick fil a breakfast bowl. Rudy’s breakfast bowl.

Yogurt with granola or fruit.

Eggs in the microwave

Make ahead breakfast burritos- freeze and reheat in microwave

Francesca Z.
boiled egg with bread and cheese. it fills you 0 sugar is good and if you don't have time for the egg you can do it the night before
Chloe Y.
Oatmeal with fruit,
Low-sugar yogurt with organic granola,
Whole wheat toast with peanut butter,
Whole wheat bagel with cream cheese
Shalini U.
Eggs for breakfast is a fast and great option! It’ll leave you quite filled and there’s no sugar involved either. If you like shakes, a protein shake is great for mornings.
Hope that helps 🙂
Eleana N.
I usually eat a bowl of (greek) yogurt with sliced banana oats And honey . You can also put other fruits for example strawberries cranberries etc. I sometimes add nuts too
Vanessa E.
Yogurt with oat cereal and add some nuts with any fruit you have to make it taste nicer. The tip is to put all of them in one place to make it easier to get ready in the morning.
Mads F.
Banana,apple,nuts will be a good choice they are easy to grab suitable for everyone and a healthy choice, also this may not be for everyone but a protein bar is a good option.
Anna X.
Avacado? Banana? Those types of fruits that have the ‘healthy fat’? I think…. Are frozen mixed berries I. The same catagory?
Inx E.
Hello back! A thin rye crisp bread or some other whole grain thin bread with cream cheese and/it avocado, tomato, salt and pepper, maybe fresh basil and definitely some lemon juice drizzled on Top of avocado. Delicious and fulfilling!
Chester S.
I like to stick with some kind of protein and a carb. That usually helps me stay full longer. I'll add a piece of fruit for energy, but the natural sugars in fruit may spike your blood pressure.
Thea X.
I personally love fruits like a quick banana in the morning, personally i have started having plant based protein bars and i am loving them
Maria F.
1) Oats and warm milk/water with cinnamon and walnuts/almonds
2) Boiled egg and bread and jam
3) cheese and bread and jam
4) fruit and nuts
Anton Z.
I love greek yogurt with granola. I eat Oikos mixed berry with 0 g added sugars, 0 artificial sweeteners, 0% fat and 15 g protein
Rose F.
Good day my breakfast is sometimes a toast with cheese and eggs ( the eggs are not raw) i add a little bit of salt pepper and MSG hope this was helpful 🙂
Lucy U.
Hey! So, some fast breakfast options I always have by my side are nut mixes (Almonds for example work miracles; they are very nutritive and they calm down hunger like nothing I’ve seen. They also help to reduce and regulate blood sugar levels. Especially after a meal.). Whole-grain bread also doesn’t spike blood sugar and it works the same as white bread, just that more nutritive. A toast of this, with avocado (that has good fats and no sugar) and pre-pepared boiled hard eggs (you make some Sunday night and leave tge refrigerated for the week, they’re always ready for a snack or quick meal). Those are my personal favourite options. So yeah. Some fruits with a lower sugar level are blueberries and blackberries and sour cherries are best. Also coffee (by itself) doesn’t spike and it gives you a good caffeine rush. Any whole-grain doesn’t spike blood sugar. You can look for some up.
Hope this helps you! =)
Trubby G.
We love a quick and easy breakfast to kickstart our morning, but it is still important to make sure that you have a combination of carbs, protein and healthy fats. My go-to is normally a plate of eggs and avocado on whole grain toast! Delicious and it does not take much of your time. Oatmeal (not the instant packet ones) with a side of fruits are a great option too!
Morgane T.
Sometimes I don't feel that hungry in the morning. However, I don't want to skip breakfast so as to feel energised. Do you guys have any light and healthy breakfast ideas? Also tell me if you feel the same sometimes!
Helen Z.
I like some porridge in a bottle. You can make it the day before and it will be ready in the morning. Have a nice breakfast!!!
Alexander C.
chia seeds are a good option to add to your breakfast, or avocado which u could have in toast or whatever you prefer. hope that helps.
Emily M.
Hello there! Some really healthy and delicious breakfast you can try, are smoothies, eggs and avocado, avocado toast, oatmeal with milk. I know it's a short answer but you can also search on Google for " Healthy and quick breakfast options " and you will find millions of options! Good bye, hopefully I helped! ❤
Cathy Z.
Veggies, rich fibre food, chappati, some amount of rice, avoiding fruits with high glycemic index would be of great help
Gyte N.
Im sorry i dont really know the answer to that question but I recommend going to internet!i know one!!! Its benedict- toast egg on it u can put pepper or stuff mayo and more if youd like like a tomato and done! A sandwich but its really full!
밥비빔 N.
Seaweed soup. It’s a Korean dish and once you’ve made it once, you’ll only have to heat it up the next morning. Seaweed is full of minerals and nutrients. It also didn’t make me sick because I often get sick after I eat breakfast.
Dietrich F.
Honestly I don't know but some harsh browns with toasted bread and bacon with a cup of coffee or tea sounds like a good idea for breakfast not so certain for the blood sugar levels
Angela A.
Hello! I hope you are having a great day! I am not sure if you are diabetic or simply prefer to keep your sugar levels low however I do have a family member who is and typically what I’ve seen works best for them is OATMEAL!! You can make it plain or add some fruits to sweeten it a little but of course you have to be cautious of what your add ons are and how your body responds. I’ve heard of boiled eggs, scrambled, sunny side or simply eating the yolk alone is amazing to eat as breakfast! Eggs definitely fill you up a lot so I’m sure 2-4 is plenty to keep you full! Also cooking scrambled eggs with string beans together is healthy and can be added into a sandwich, salad or with any other side. You can add Greek yogurt or something to accompany with those eggs and possibly add granola inside your yogurt. Avocado would be a great add on with eggs or any meal really throughout your day. However, if you aren’t very hungry in the mornings, bananas are great to give you energy without being harsh on your sugar levels. I’ve also seen another diabetic relative slice an apple and dip it on some peanut butter with granola on top. I hope that helps! Good luck!🥰
Antonina F.
Hi – hope you are doing well😀
You don’t say if you are trying to lose weight but if you are trying to reduce insulin response / not get high blood sugar then you could try eggs / scrambled egg on whole grain toast or boil some eggs the night before and eat them cold – there is science too day this will make you eat less later
If you have time – toasted soda bread with raw avocado instead of butter and an egg on top with pepper and salt is a real treat and will keep you full until lunch
Try a meat sandwich – stay away from cereals especially high sugar ones
Good luck and best wishes
Stella P.
I would go for Oatmeal (lots of protein) feel free to have nuts or peanut butter (lots of protein too), and instead of sugar, pick a fruit of your choice, ie. Banana, apple, Blackberry, and add it to the bowl. Lastly, some Chia Seeds, for Calcium will do hou great!
Line Z.
For breakfast grab something savoury rather than something sweet. If it's necessary to have something sweet, take it after your savoury meal. Ideas can be a good egg shakshouka with some sourdough bread.
Yomerly E.
I don't know about foods that have an affect on blood sugar, but I do that whole foods such as wheat bread , fruits, protein, and dairy could be good breakfast options.
Jade Y.
A smoothie with banana, frozen berries, spinach, protein powder, oat bran and a flax seeds mix. Top with water and refrigerate overnight.
Willard Y.
You can try oatmeal? Its really quick to make especially when you try overnight oats. There are also a lot of different toppings you can use like banana, apple, or even chocolate. And you can also eat fruit thats always a good option
Elizabeth Z.
If I have time, I like to make an omelet or scrambled eggs with garlic, green peppers and onions… And a little cheese 🙃
If not, Greek yogurt and fruit is my go to
Silas X.
I love to make a tosted bread and add half an avokado. You can top it with just salt and pepper, but you can add almoust everything like lemon jucie, onions and meat or chicken. It is so good. Belive me. Just try it you will NOT regrett.
C Lian O.
Hello there! Greek yogurt can improve blood sugar control, I would recommend that. If you want to have a little fun, you can make a smoothie including berries and greek yogurt. Oatmeal is also another option, and you can add anything you like into it!
Guy W.
Fasting in the month of Ramadan I found that I was doing pretty good with my breakfast with a lot of water intake and some curry or greens with whole wheat flat bread.
I felt a bit hungry at noon time but then the time to break my fast was near so it was all okay and the day went by really quickly.
Carl F.
I don’t know anything that follows your requirements, but I think avocado toast might be ok if on whole grain toast. Fruit is always a good option, and some of them are very filling. If you have to be quiet because others are sleeping i usually would pre-cut fruits and veggies the night before. I hope this helped a little
Gabe J.
I usually have an egg burrito in the morning to get some protein and grains then I would have some potato fries that I make