What is an easy breakfast that’s good for busy mornings?

Charlotte P.
I like making scrambled eggs it takes less than 10 minutes. For on the go i will eat a protein bar with fruit or yogurt.
Isaiah E.
overnight oats! Throw some frozen blueberries and strawberries in there, some honey. The next morning serve them with honey and nuts. Yum!
Andre U.
Omlette with crispy onions, roasted garic, and ham. All cooked with the eggs. Drop in some pepper or mushrooms if you like them. Create your oen omlette, get a slice of bread- preferably baguette, and it will give you taste & energy like never before.
Harper Y.
For busy mornings I like hard boiled eggs with fruit. Stuff you can take right out of your fridge and it's ready to eat. Also if you know you're going to have a busy morning, you can make an extra portion of dinner the night before if it's something you'd eat for breakfast.
Tahirah Y.
fruits, oatmeal (scratch or ready made), good old fashioned cereal, toast w/ cream cheese/avocado/hummus- anything is better than nothing even if u can’t eat it bring it with u
Castro N.
Overnight oats!! Grab a mason jar, do 3oz of oatmeal, 1 scoop of protein, add a banana and some nuts, pour milk just a little bit overflowing the rest of the ingredients and put it in the fridge over night.
In the morning, grab a spoon and mix it well. It’s delicious packed with energy!
Phyllis S.
An easy breakfast can be a simple toast with paste, if made with the right ingredients, it can be practical and nutritious.
Eddie P.
It's better if you do meal prep when you have a busy morning, these ideas may help you… Avocado toast with egg, instant oatmeal and berries, fruit and yogurt smoothie, greek yogurt and granola, protein, banana egg pancakes.
Rafael O.
I try to buy just in case items for days i run late. Like healthy breakfast shakes or healthy microwave eggs. You can also put eggs in a coffe mug and mocrowave them for 60 sec and take it to go.
Layla F.
An easy breakfast for busy morning is roasting two breads putting peanut butter and slicing bananas then putting them on top of the bread. It’s so yummy.
Miriam F.
I do a cup of milk coffee and toast with jam. It takes 15 minutes maybe or even less. It's not the best, but it's better than nothing
Gisela Q.
I think an easy breakfast would be some boiled eggs, toast with some peanut butter and a cup of coffee or tea. That's something that provides with the necessary energy to begin the day. I hope it helps 😉
Jonathan F.
Typically, a healthy breakfast. Of course, we have plenty of options, but let’s list things that are great for breakfast!

Black Coffee (Black or W/ Daory or Plant Based Creamer), Eggs are a great option, along with Greek Yogurt, Oatmeal, Chia Seeds, Nuts, Berries, and even Toast on the side (not buttered)! Simple items can go a long way for a healthy variety. Some days you can make oatmeal
With berries and nuts, or Eggs with berries and toast on the side! These are just some options 🙂

Rodney J.
Overnight oats with fruit, nuts, seeds. Bagel with peanut butter and a banana. Breakfast burritos. Fruit and veggie (spinach) smoothie made with Greek yogurt, along with possibly a handful of almonds to go with it.
Leigh X.
I believe that first, it must be something you are familiar with making. You shouldn't have to look at instructions. Second, if you run late, you should be able to take it in the car. And it should be healthy. For me, that meal is a scrambled egg sandwich. I can make it quickly, it is healthy, and if you wrap a paper towel along the bottom, you could take it in the car/ on the go. This meal could also be oatmeal, just don't over sugar it.
Diego Q.
I think easy breakfast for busy mornings are avocado toast or banana spilt what I mean by that is it is a banana cut in slices and then I would put yogurt and blue berries and my favorite granola and sometime I would put freeze dried strawberries and then the avocado toast i toast white bread and take avocado already mashed and spread it on the toast then with everything bagel seasoning
Victoria X.
Chia seed pudding with just chia seeds, milk, and honey left overnight. Or maybe French toast, or scrambled eggs with spinach.
Tracey E.
Microwave Oats or some healthy jam toast, these will still give you energy buy are so easy and quick. They also taste good 😉
Bill G.
A good breakfast for busy mornings wouod be something simple. (Obviously) Try adding some almonds to packaged maple oatmeal!
David Y.
Jam on toast and some prepped pineapple and melon on the side with some orange or apple juice to top it off… I have this most mornings
Carolena N.
Your favorite kind of bagel with peanut butter or avocado, any fresh fruit, and your favorite fruit juice. Or, scrambled eggs with chopped tomato and avocado and a smoothie. An great way to save time is to make a smoothie the night before and keep it in the fridge. I love smoothies with frozen berries, banana, spinach, peanut butter, chia seeds, and orange juice. For a sweeter version, try frozen strawberries, mangos, or peaches blended with milk and a drizzle of honey. Hope this helps!
Haider N.
Corn flakes with any fruit can do you fine to midday ….. Greek yogurt is a good choice of a snack it makes you feel lighter and can help push you through the midday.

Hope this helped


Lino A.
I like to keep it simple with a berry smoothie, it’s easy to make and you can take it to work with you. It also helps with being energised through out your day!
Cemil F.
A banana with peanut butter. Super quick and easy. The banana has great fiber for digestion and the peanut butter has great protein for energy. A filling and fast breakfast 🙂
Helen F.
Overnight oats. You can prepare them for the next 3 days. You can add whey protein and almond milk for added protein . You can add blue berries. Very fast and easy to make and it’s filling with everything you need for a nice a morning quick breakfast.
Asta W.
I like yogurt with museli, it’s quick and easy to customise, you can take the time to make a museli mix you like or grab one from the shops premade
Susan E.
I love eating the yogurt with granola in the morning with and apple and a Jimmy Dean plant base sandwich. Its has an egg white with spinach cheese and plant base sausage on a English muffin
Mathilde Z.
I'd say a fruit salad and a handful of almonds and walnuts is good filling and healthy breakfast. If you don't have that many fruits lying around, cut two bananas and add some choped up some nuts like almonds, pistachio,walnuts and drizzle with some honey. That'll keep you energised till the next meal
Josefine E.
when there are mornings that are too busy to make a huge breakfast i usually turn to making a bowl of oat meal. i also like to add fruits to my breakfast so i add a small bowl of fruit on the side. I find that this is the perfect small and fast breakfast to make when i’m in a bit of a rush. plus it keeps me full until i eat my lunch later on in the day.
Adam W.
That Night before hard boil some eggs! And in the morning you can just grab some hard-boiled eggs and maybe fruit and you’re on your way!!
Eleonore Y.
Toast is always my go to. I can put it in the toaster while I get other things ready and come back to it when I have time. I can make it as healthy as I’d like as well. If you need to run out the door, it’s not hard to carry toast or slip it in a baggy for later
Giulia W.
Sometimes when I'm in a rush, I eat a protein smoothie. But I think you can try to make french toasts, it won't take long and it's an amazing breakfast
Christopher P.
When I'm really busy I just stick with a simple bread with honey or jam.
Sometimes I even just grab an apple or a banana.
Courtney T.
Oh, definitely Avocado Toast with Eggs, or Last night’s leftovers. As long as the avocados are made the previous night and the leftovers are packed properly, you can have a nice start to your day with a nice breakfast! All it really takes is preparaction, which is also something I’m improving on!
Jaques Q.
A banana, 3 tbsp granola with milk (100ml), 2 small fruits e.g. apple slices and satsuma. Mixed fruit smoothies aswell which you can make homemade (add banana, blueberries or fruits you like, then add protein powder – watch a tutorial on this!). You can also buy smoothies from tesco in big bottles!
Vivian I.
I love to eat granola and a banana! It’s easy to grab and there is no prep. If you want something to drink with it I usually just drink water but milk or a nondairy milk can also be an option.
Melvin U.
The goal is to make it simple and yet healthy. An apple and a cup of coffee works well for me. A toast with a spread of peanut butter and an apple or any other fruit keeps me energetic till lunch time.
Gryt E.
If you are running late it is way better to grab a fruit (banana, an apple, a pear) than a (sweet) jogurt, cereal, chocolate bar or even skip your breakfast. But I recommend to always prepare or atleast think earlier (the day before or make weekly meniu) what are you going to have for breakfast in the morning.
S Nziana C.
Overnight oatmeal! Is a grab&go for me, sometimes I also add chia seeds and I play along with fruits, cinnamon, mint, ginger, cocoa, nut butters
Janis Q.
An easy breakfast that is good for busy mornings is either a smoothie or a protein bar. Grabbing a protein bar in the morning is the easiest thing there is. It is something you can eat while doing something else at the same time. But if you have enough time in the morning to quickly throw some fruits or veggies, or even add-ins like peanut butter or chia seeds, into a blender then a smoothie is a good option as well.
Villads Y.
Oatmeal. I bring the dry ingredients in a container with me to work and add hot milk and an apple. But it has different ways to bring and eat it for a busy workday
Eline A.
A good breakfast is for me just very simple its
bread with nuttela on it with a cup of milk it doesnt have to be special
Andrew Y.
I get some microwave omelets from the store, and they have so many nutrients and they have a lot of energy to use for the day.
L Rke B.
Egg on toast if your a fan of egg you'll love this trust me! Cook one egg and toast some bread once done place the egg on the toast, sprinkle some grated cheese or any cheese you like. Voila!
Petr O.
Usually its good to have something quick, but great nutrient, such as breakfast formula. But sometimes you have more time so why not to enjoy full meal of eggs, beans, ect.
Same T.
A bowl of oatmeal is very good with fresh fruits because oatmeal is healthy and so are the fruits so you will eat something yummy and healthy for breakfast and that is good!
Mia E.
I usually make a bagel or toast and get ready while it’s cooking then go back down when I’m ready and put peanut butter, cream cheese, butter, etc. and grab a granola bar or fruit on my way out
Britney J.
I find oatmeals to be the easiest. I prefer a light breakfast every morning that wouldn't leave me hungry all day and wouldn't make my body feel heavy. There are a lot of ways to make oatmeals so you can adjust which ingredients and flavors to add with it (even fruits). It also doesn't take a lot of time to consume which leaves me more time for other work.
Morgan G.
I usually go for an avocado on toast I use a French bread from the bakery it’s🔥 season with a tad of garlic salt and fresh cracked pepper 😄
Bertram U.

I have two easy options for you! As a person who wakes up at 5:20am and has to be out the door by 6am, fast breakfasts have become a thing for me.

1) pre made breakfast burritos. Take one afternoon on a day off and made a bunch of scrambled eggs, whatever meat you like , (if you are vegetarian you can add peppers, mushrooms ect) and get some small tortilla wraps and shredded cheese. Assemble your wrap how you want and then freeze them. All you have to do in the morning is microwave, or air fry and eat! ) depending on how much you put in your burrito, you should be able to have 2 with a table spoon of condiments sour cream or salsa and have eaten about 350-550 calories.

Second option is chia seed pudding. Now chia seeds are expensive , but a little goes a long way with them! I bought a bag about 5 months ago and they are still going strong . All you have to do is follow the directions on the back of the bag. (2tbsp and 1/4 cup of milk of your choice) I like vanilla soya. Add them together the night before in a container or a jar, wait 5 mins and then mix up. Put in the fridge and it’s ready to eat in the morning! I typically enjoy with raspberries, and a banana. But you can do anything! Coconut, almonds, peaches , other berries ect. Super quick in the morning because it’s already made, just add toppings. The pudding itself has very little calories, so most of those you would be getting from whatever you choose to eat with it. I suggest having a lot of toppings to make the breakfast more filling . Typically I eat this most mornings at around 5:30 am and do not feel hungry until about 10:30-11:00 am. So pretty filling !

Hope this helps

Eva B.
A macchiato coffee and some wholegrain biscuits. My faves are the Cioccograno with moka coffee, but if I'm late I get it done with the coffee machine. This is my go-to breakfast. Another idea is to grab a fruit or a cereal bar and eat it on the way to university.
Heriberto Y.
Scrambled Eggs, Turkey Bacon, Blueberries and Strawberries are my go to for breakfast. Eggs and bacon are simple to make within the same pan and take about 10 minutes from prep to plate. I prewash my strawberries and blueberries when I buy them so they are ready to eat out the fridge in the mornings. I also sometimes supplement with apples or bananas. For particularly busy mornings, low-fat yogurt can be a good substitute for the eggs and bacon as a good protein source.
Nina T.
Making breakfast the night before might be more efficient, since then you can already prepare a shake or a good meal for on the go. And win time in the morning to actually eat your food instead of making it.
R Is N R.
honestly, whenever I'm pushed for time I just go with eggs. I love them so much and they're full of protein, so I think they're a perfect quick, healthy breakfast
Shikha W.
You can have Sprout Salad with some chopped vegetables. Fruit Bowl with some protein of your choice. Look for dishes that you can prepare at night essentially and can assemble in the morning. Another thing you can try is Overnight Oats.
Olivia U.
An easy breakfast that’s good for busy mornings is an apple and a peanut butter sandwich. Many are opposed to sandwiches in the morning but it can taste delicious. It’s also perfect for on the go
Jasmine N.
Right now, I am having a nice smoked Turkey sandwich, some cherry tomatoes, some walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, and dried apricots. I think that’s a lovely breakfast! And barely took any time, the only preparation I made was making that sandwich in two minutes and washing my fruits 🙂 Ready in 5 minutes, and delicious!
Sophie S.
I like yogurt in the morning or cereal, it’s quick easy and not messy I’m always in a rush but having some yogurt is a good way to eat on the go even.
Mariouma R.
"Red eggs"
We call it so . It is a mixture of eggs and tomatopaste and some spices and plenty of sunflower oil . It's flavourful and makes you feel completely full and full of energy ,also some cheese oe labnah leaf and hot tea will be flavourful and adorable taste and you will feel more focused .🌸
Heidi U.
Even though everyone's life is quite busy nowadays it's better to eat breakfast, sometimes when I'm too busy I eat 2 toast with jam or boiled egg which is quite healthy.
Cherly F.
I'm always pretty busy in the mornings as I have to exercise, shower and get ready within about an hour, but I always find the time to make myself breakfast. The best thing in the morning, as well as one of the easiest is making a yougurt cup. Simple take a small glass fill with Greek yoghurt and berries of your choice, this is delicious and probiotic and can help kick off your day. Hope this helped.
Jacqueline O.
Personally, on my days off I like eating yoghurt with fresh fruits, but if I have to be somewhere, I drink what is sold here as 'Fruit Breakfast'. It's not the best, especially not by Fabulous standards, but it has fruit and fiber, and it's fairly light on the stomach, which is good, since I still struggle with a heavier breakfast, especially when I'm under pressure. Besides, to me, any breakfast is an improvement over my old habit of eating nothing at all.
Giulia V.
Secondo me la colazione ideale per chi ha poco tempo la mattina sarebbe prepararsi il porridge la sera prima e conservarlo in frigorifero per tutta la notte.
Birgitta X.
I usually boil a couple of eggs which take about 4-5 minutes and toast two corn tortillas to have with them. I take an apple or any fruit with it as well.
Estef Nia Q.
A banana is always good because it provides you with lots of energy until you get a chance to eat lunch, and there’s no prep time!
Elizabeth S.
Plain Greek yogurt with berries is a great breakfast for busy days. I also really like having toast with almond butter and banana. It's really quick and easy.
Shikira J.
Sourdough toast, slice of cheese, tomato and avocado.
Add a bit of salt and pepper on top and enjoy!
Can always add a slice of salmon, salami or chicken.
Julie X.
A good and easy breakfast that I personally enjoy is, an english muffin toasted with egg inside. (You can make the egg however you want and too it off with anything else) this is a super fast option.
Rylee T.
A really easy and yummy breakfast for quick mornings is a toasted bagel with your choice of cream cheese, your choice of fruit (I do raspberries) and to drink some orange juice.
Dositeu Q.
A good breakfast for me personally that's quick and easy is very similar to the ones recommend here. A banana or a protein bar are wonderful for getting your day going!
Anatole Z.
Breakfast in peace is a good time for reflection. It is important not to rush and enjoy this nice ritual. We have to eat anyway – why not celebrate it?
Yvette Q.
I like to have a cracker (knäckebröd) with peanut butter or marmite or strawberry jelly and some tea. Or I'll make yogurt with muesli and some nuts.
Ben F.
When I’m rushing I like something that doesn’t require chewing, or a lot of it. If I have left over soup, I’ll eat that. My go to is usually a quick smoothie with chia seeds to help keep me full. If I plan ahead I’ll make overnight oats and warm it up in the morning (I still don’t like cold oatmeal). There’s always toast with a boiled egg, I like to make avocado toast so I’ll cut up enough avocados for a few days and put lemon juice in it to slow down the oxidation.
Matilda X.
I really like to make scrambled eggs and also mixing in either turkey or ham and adding a little bit of cheese! And then topping it with some sriracha. I love spicy food hehe.
Or! A piece of toast with smashed avocado, a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper and some feta crumbled on top!
Ju Ara E.
I like having eggs, toast and some kind of fruit on hand because they’re all quick to make and eat. I’ll have my toast with a little bit of butter or perhaps almond butter for some healthy fats, scramble up my eggs with salt, pepper and herbs and slice up some fruit. Also, it’s good to have things like bagels, pita rounds, or granola bars on hand for a quick thing when you’re in a rush.
Villads P.
I usually buy frozen meals you can pop in the toaster oven or scrambled eggs because they don’t take much time to cook and if you buy some fruit you just grab some out of the fridge on your way out
Charmi N.
Basically,if 1 take a heavy breakfast during the morning it's the most beneficial because a heavy breakfast in the morning helps to control glucose in our body.So I recommend some heavy breakfast
Like Eggs,Milk, Cereals,Toast, porridge, brown rice,Some yogurt, and coffee
Hope it helps.
Anna Z.
The easiest quickest breakfast is eating what you already have (i.e leftovers, packaged things, fruits&veggies) or something you've prepared from yesterday (overnight oats, etc). I just made avocado toast(without the toasting part haha) and it's pretty great
Sara A.
I wish I knew, but my top choices would be cereal, or whole wheat bread with peanut butter. If you don’t like cereal, get sick of it after awhile, or don’t think it’s healthy, my recommendation would be to switch up the kind of cereal you eat every now and then, because I know that having the same food again and again gets repetitive, and certain brands contain healthier ingredients than others.
Hannah Z.
Honestly I love frozen breakfast pizzas. I get the Quest protein cauliflower crust pizzas- if I have extra time I'll add my own bacon or sausage and herbs/spices. But while it bakes is the perfect time to get ready.
Giulia N.
An easy breakfast could be greek yogurt. You just have to open it and put in the ingredients you like. I usually put almonds, hazelnuts, blueberries, dark chocolate, mixed seeds and a little bit of peanut butter.
Sally W.
An easy breakfast on busy mornings would be a whole grain bagel, fruit such as an apple, banana, etc, tea or coffee. Another option would be a fruit or green smoothie. I also make overnight oats before bed so in the morning, I can just grab and go.
Florian Z.
Leftovers Frittata. For two, heat leftovers in a cast iron pan with a little oil. Turn on oven to preheat. Make sure the leftovers are “fluffed” and not dense, then beat 4 eggs and pour over. Put in the oven 5 minutes, pop in the broiler to brown the top, then put the pan back in the oven, turn it off and eat whenever you’re ready.
Astrid X.
Tomato feta toast with a cup of tea or coffie! Toast or grill your bread (or don't :D), and drizzle with olive oil and a bit of salt. Top with sliced tomatoes, salt & pepper, feta, basil, and another drizzle of olive oil. You can also use any other kind of cheese instead of feta!
Gustav F.
Premade toast. Whether it be avocado toast, peanut butter an banana, or anything else you like to top it, you can make it in 5 to 10 minutes and take it to go somewhere. you can even prepare it the night before. very good fast breakfast option.
Elmer B.
Bagel with cream cheese, butter or jam. Not always the healthiest but can be filling. If there's time, try making a bagel sandwich and adding lunch meat, cheese and mustard (or other condiments). I don't like sweet foods in the morning, and bagels are very versatile.
Ria E.
Some options are: A juice that is packed with vitamins and protein, a yogurt with a granola bar, a pre made breakfast sandwich that you can heat up, a fruit bowl and protein shake, oatmeal with fruit and nuts
Julia N.
Maybe some sandwiches, oatmeal some milk, even banana. Milkshake with good stuff in it, I mean you just blend milk and some fruits and voilà
Sydney Z.
Oatmeal. It doesn’t take long to prepare, is filling, a you can customize it any way you want, and it’s not so messy you have to worry about spilling in the car. It stays with you for a long time, giving you energy to start your day on the right foot.
Laura W.
My mornings are typically super busy and I often run out of the house without breakfast. After I started using this app I have been trying really hard to eat something before leaving. I have found that cereal and protein shakes are honestly the fastest breakfasts. They are convenient and great options especially if you are working out in the morning too. But it does get boring so I try to switch it up on the not so busy days.
Lisa A.
Definitely cereal. Don’t choose the kind that’s high in sugar though. I usually go for Kellog’s cornflakes and oatmeal. I also eat some fruit alongside it. If you want a more nutrient dense meal for breakfast, then its better to prep them the night before.
Stephen T.
Yogurt + granola, cottage cheese, toast with peanut butter (and jam), piece of fruit can be added to any of these! It also helps when you decide you breakfast the night before, and set out ingredients for it (that can be at room temp).
Marija B.
I like to grab a banana or apple on my way out. Oatmeal is also a great choice and you can add some fruits, berries or chocolate chips. If you're not hungry, here's what my father used to do and then taught me: put the water in the kettle before you go to bathroom in the morning and when you come back it's ready for you to put tea in it or make coffee. I hope this helped at least a little. 🙂
Gabriella Q.
Diets aren’t a one size fits all. If you have dietary restrictions just make sure you are getting plenty of proteins and designing a valences diet that makes you feel good. If you just want to have a lower fat diet I would recommend still including some fats because we actually lack good fats in our diets a lot of the time (this depends on where you live) just remember balance is key.
Flenn W.
Take 2 slices of bread- preferably brown bread and just spread some peanut butter (natural preferably) for a quick and healthy breakfast with protein and carbs for those who don't like eating much. If you want some flavour, spread Nutella on one slice and PB on another, and sandwhich it
L Cio F.
I think a smoothie makes a wonderful breakfast if you need to make something quickly! If you put the correct foods in, you can be packed with nutrients for your morning.
Emory Y.
My go to is either instant oatmeal with peanut butter OR a smoothie with protein powder, spinach, fruits, and nut butter 🙂 both quick, easy, and delicious!
Misty O.
It depends how busy you mean – for 10mins or less then it’s good to make some quick scrambled eggs, vegetables or fruit, nuts and yogurt. If you have less time than that, then maybe pre-make a sandwich the night before or store some hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I also sometimes am partial to a can of baked beans or last nights leftovers which can be really quick and healthy.
Jaqueline Q.
Porridge since it’s easy to make, generally pretty healthy and fits well with adding fruits to make it sweeter. While it’s heating in the microwave, you can deal with other morning tasks.
Britney E.
I am lucky enough to work in a juice and smoothie place but there are plenty of smoothies you can make and prep ahead with frozen fruit, juice, yogurt, milk of your choice. I also tend to keep things like healthy granola bars amd fruit leathers handy too.
Shruthi Y.
An easy, quick and satisfying breakfast for either busy or lazy mornings to me would be something like scrambled eggs, banana, a toast and if there’s some time to boil a few veggies on the side while cooking the eggs would really make a great one. Otherwise, a tiny cup of plain yogurt and maybe a few nuts like almond flakes sprinkled on top really hits the spot.
Theresa S.
An easy breakfast in busy morning is Toast with butter, jam and one banana and one glass of milk with some dry fruits nut. It gives you energy for whole day.
Bernard U.
I love making scrambled eggs with microwaved bacon.Super easy to do and fills you up super well!I add a lot of seasonings to mine, but of course add whatever you like the most!
Cathy C.
Oatmeal and fruit it’s quick good and filling I normally have instant oatmeal with a banana…I stopped eating pork a few months ago so I jus tried chicken sausage and I have that with a boiled egg…And of course u can never go wrong with cereal! Nutragrain bars are great I personally like strawberry flavor…I sip on chicken bone broth
Marion Q.
Soft boiled eggs, halved and topped with olive oil, salt/pepper/seasoning, and fresh parsley. Drop a few olives and some pickled turnips on the plate (and/or chopped tomatoes and cucumber if you have time) with a dollop of labneh and half a piece of whole grain pita. You can boil the eggs ahead of time or, if you are cooking the eggs the same morning, The rest of the plate can be easily prepped before the water even boils, drop in your eggs, set your timer, and you have 7 minutes to do something else before it needs your attention again
Franco F.
Overnight oats are a great breakfast option. Make them the night before put them in the fridge and they're ready for you to eat the next morning. There are many ways to make them. A simple and easy way is 1 cup of oats, 1tbsp of chia seeds, milk of choice (I like to use Almond milk), chopped strawberries or any fruit of your choice and protein powder if u wish or any sweetener. In the morning you can drizzle some honey or sprinkle some nuts on top and enjoy. There areany recipes online and on Instagram. Another breakfast option is boiled eggs. You can prepare some booked eggs before hand and have in the fridge to eat whenever you wish. You can have them in the morning on top of toast, on their own, on a breakfast salad or as a sandwich. Hope this helps and good luck with your goals 🙂
Kenneth E.
There are many healthy and good tasting cereal that make quick options and paired with whole milk is good for you and your bones
Jamaica F.
A banana. One boiled egg. An apple. Any of these could be an easy fix for morning hunger but could also power through the morning madness.
Arios N.
Overnight oats| Healthy Cereals that just need some milk | Eggs | A quickhot sanwitch
I found that the key is to a) already have ingredients at home b) Have though of “recipies” beforehand. These help for fast/ effortless decision making that also have healthy impact on body and mind
Marlene Z.
Try to eat a banana with a peanut butter on it. It tastes really good but at the same time it's very nutritious. Also, I live in an Asian country and we usually have rice every morning. So when I have busy day, I would still try to eat one bowl. Rice really gives me the energy throughout the day so I make sure I have it.
Abigail E.
I believe protein bars or something you can quickly microwave and go is a good breakfast. A piece of fruit could also be it. Pop a piece of bread into the toaster, and head out once its done!
Awies Mp4 N.
An easy breakfast for my busy mornings would be bread and peanut butter. I can add or just eat oats with milk and banana.
Milton Z.
To me something light and heavy at the same time is a smoothie maybe cereal or a fruit to go with it maybe toast I have that
Nicole S.
My go to is oats. Soak them the night before in whatever liquid you use to cook them in, and in the morning you can just pop it in the microwave for a fast breakfast!
Abigael P.
Yogurt with toppings (such as berries, honey, or granola) is quick as is a cereal such as plain cheerios (not lots of sugar). When i’m in a huge rush i just make myself a breakfast essential (look them up, they come in all different flavors).
Rachel Y.
Hey friend, this is a great question, and one I’m still learning myself. 😬 What I’m considering doing is having boiled eggs ready for the week so on those extra busy mornings I can grab one along with a piece (or handful depending) of fruit! 🍎 🍌🍇🫐 yum! Hope this is helpful!
Liva Z.
I always stick to breakfast sandwiches/ burritos + yogurt on a busy morning because it only take 2 minutes to warm up. Other options you can always grab some fruit on the way out like an orange or apple, or smoothies are good for on the go, they just take more time to get ready.
Dominique Y.
Oatmeal with a scoop of peanut butter. You can do instant or overnight oats and head right out the door with your breakfast
Carol W.
My children are grown and I’m going to be a grandmother. When my kids were young, I was really distressed keeping up with housework. Looking back, it didn’t matter and I missed and opportunity to enjoy, not resent my children. As a grandmother, I’ll be full of grace for messes.
Vernon J.
Oatmeal because of how fast you can do it. Depending on your cravings and mood for the day you can top it with different fruits, berries or seeds. You can make oatmeal in many different ways which gives you an opportunity to choose your own favourite
Betina Z.
I like to make smoothies, just prepare the fruit you want in the evening, and in the morning add in the blender of Greek yogurt or water. otherwise, if I get tired or finish the ingredients, even some porridge with fruit and some seeds are perfect.
Rocxer C.
It’s simple, you can even start it the night before. A rich oatmeal bowl with toppings of your liking. The key is leaving the oatmeal overnight in milk with cinnamon and a pinch of salt. In the morning its ready for the stove and done in 3 minutes at low to medium heat. After its off the stove feel free to top it with whatever; bananas, berries, granola, coconuts flakes, you get the point. That’s all, enjoy!
Selma E.
in the mornings my dad takes me to school so we get mcdonald’s breakfast every day and i eat on the way to school. if it’s a busy morning for you you could stop by and get fast food breakfast or maybe eat a bowl of cereal or take something in the car with you if you plan on leaving like a granola bar or an apple
Maya N.
Overnight oats are great! You can prepare them the night before and just get them out of the fridge. There are many recepies online. Just make sure they are not packed with sugar and other unhealthy additives. For sweetness I recommened adding a mashed half banana or some protein powder with a taste. Enjoy!
Carl C.
Maybe some eggs (high in protein and mild calories). Maybe a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with eggs. Maybe some pancakes if there is some already made batter. Or Maybe Toast with that Uncured Turkey Kielbasa you put in the air fryer.
Jim P.
A good breakfast is rich of protein and has not many carbonhydrates or sugar. Hard boiled eggs for example are a very good option for a quick breakfast
Am Lie Q.
For me an easy breakfast I have most school mornings is granola with homemade yogurt from the cows I have milked with strawberry jam that my mother has made and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice
Angelica F.
I think the best thing to eat is a handful of fruits (fruit cup) and organic juices, tea, water, or milk! Have a great day!
Tanya H.
Eggs, Fruit and a Coffee are a great combo to go. The eggs provide slow digesting protein that keeps you full for longer. Similarly, the fibre in fruits, like an apple or a pear, is very filling. Fruits also provide enough glucose to power through the day. Coffee in the morning is something that I find essential for the morning wake-up jolt of energy.
Freya N.
Toast with banana. It’s simple but delicious and not unhealthy either! They compliment each other so well and is filling enough so you can go a while without eating.
Ross O.
A bowl of heritage flakes a
With a handful of raisins, and a banana. I can also go for a turkey burger roasted in the oven if I’m craving some protein.
Carla O.
A yogurt with blueberries and cinnamon, accompanied with one or two boiled eggs made the night before; high-protein toast with half an avo, egg, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar; or a fruit/veg smoothie with plain yogurt and protein powder
Setareh M.
Grind enough nuts and sugar-free chocolate bars. Put them in a jar for everyday use.
Take a fork and mash a banana. Sprinkle some of the ground nuts and chocolate. Mix them with the fork. Pour a little bit honey and that's it. Enjoy!
Viviana C.
I usuallyeat a yogurt mixed with nuts or marmelade. For an easy solution, I buy ready to mix packages, my favorite one is Muller Mix.
Nelson O.
There are several easy breakfast options available and I'm sure a quick search on Pinterest or YouTube will prove quite useful. I like muesli with yogurt and a fruit like an apple or grapefruit. If I have a bit more time I like to make a smoothy with any fruit of the season available, adding honey, water and lemon juice. If the morning is really rushed instant oats with honey is my best bet.
Alexander G.
A fruit smoothie. One apple, one orange, one banana, half a cup of plain non-fat Greek yogurt, a handful of spinach, and some organic super seeds.
Susan P.
Smoothies, yogurt with fruit, avocado toast, and/or anything meal prepped before hand like egg bites (make ahead of time in a cupcake tin with whatever ingredients you want with the eggs—so cheese, chives, bacon bits, bread, dill, etc)
Salwa N.
In busy mornings, I usually look at the time I have for breakfast. if I have 5 minutes, I'll take a nice apple maybe with biscuits and orange juice. If I have 10 mins, a fast sandwich of turkey slice with vegetables will be great. If 15 mins I'll go for a quick oat meal.
Cecilie F.
A bowl of hot oatmeal with a half cup of fresh fruit such as blueberries on top is my go to. However if I have hard boiled eggs around, I like to grab one of those and have fresh fruit also.
Kaitlyn O.
I do these super easy pancakes. All it takes is a banana and one egg. You mash them together and cook them like regular pancakes. The texture will be more soft than regular pancakes, but it takes little effort and only a few minutes to make. The other thing I do is keep a lot of fruit handy for a quick breakfast.
Olav U.
sunny side up 🍳 delicious protein you look forward to 🥓 toast 🍞 & a hot beverage ☕️

quicker – oats in milk 🥛🌾 + toppings of /side of fresh, seasonal fruit 🍇🍓🍉🍌🫐+ hot beverage ☕️

even quicker – ham cheese lettuce sandwich 🥪 + hot beverage ☕️

Beansprouts N.
Cereal is a good breakfast for when you’re in a hurry. All you need is cereal and milk and you’re good to go. Toast and eggs could be a good breakfast too, but the toast might take longer depending on how you make it.
Ece T.
Bananas and walnuts for a quick one.
If you had time a night before, you can put some oatmeal,walnuts,bananas,honey/molasses( or dried fruit) and add some milk or yoghurt on top, in a small jar. Mix them a little bit, keep it in the refrigerator, and for the next day your healthy&delicious meal is ready.
In S A.
I really enjoy a bowl of cereal, piece of fruit, and maybe some toast. Other times I prefer some yogurt with easy toppings (fruit, chocolate chips, etc.) that will get me refreshed and started for the day, without taking too much time.
Mille B.
i like to have frozen plain waffles, because you can pop them in the toaster while you get ready in the morning and then grab them before you leave, and if you want you can add toppings like honey, chocolate spread, syrup, strawberries, jam, cream cheese, really anything that you like.
Saramar N.
Majs- eller riskakor med avokado, ghee eller kokosolja och tahini på hela rostade sesamfrön. En enkel fruktsallad på äpple, banan & clementin 🥑🥥🍎🍌🍊
Erica D.
Natural fruits that’s ready to eat! Bananas, apples, handful of berries. Or something that’s prepared and ready last night and just needs to be heated up in the morning.
Dani N.
I love a sliced apple, some nuts, seeds and vegan yoghurt. It’s easily and quickly prepared, nourishing, healthy and so yummy!
Kunibert O.
I personally mix Banana and chocolate, white chocolate is also delicious, you can mix dark and white one as I do, and if you like add milk and nuts!😊
Ragnhild C.
I would rcommend making a smoothie of your choice, and maybe add some nuts or seeds to it. Then I love to eat avocato with lemon pepper on my whole grain bread.
Nasirudeen N.
An easy breakfast is the one you have prep a night before,if I want to have variety of meal in the morning
I will make preparations for it the night before….so I can make an easy balanced breakfast the next morning 😍😁
Ma Va A.
I have Avocado on sourdough toast with a boiled egg if I have time to cook an egg or natural yogurt with seeds and fruit
Kent C.
If you don't have time in the morning, prepare oatmeal the day before. It's really good mixed with frozen forest fruits and cocoa powder 😉